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The Aquarius man love personality

Learn how to attract and keep with you the Aquarius man you love

General love traits of the Aquarius man


The contradictions of the Aquarius man may become intractable. If he could get to know what he wants more often, his emotional life would be happier. He loves with sincerity, at least that’s what he believes. But he is so afraid to alienate his freedom that when it comes to commitment, he finds excuses to abscond miles away.

The Aquarius man will then have the choice between unserious affairs, adventures that won’t fulfill his need for love, or he will get into impossible relationships with beautiful and inaccessible women. Hence, he will know a full range of emotions to which he aspires, without fearing to be asked for commitment and faithfulness.

There is a reasonable solution that fits with the Aquarius man’s personality: a relationship based upon friendship and complicity, with a smart and funny girl, independent too, whom he will share the bed without ever requiring marital obligations, and in the most perfect respect of mutual freedom. In other words, the Aquarius man still prefers cohabitation to conservative and old-school marriage.

Of all the zodiac signs, the Aquarius man is probably the least misogynist, and he is ready to treat as his equal the girl who deserves esteem. But before finding his soul mate, he might go through many divorces and breakups!

My advices to seduce, date, and keep the Aquarius man

Even after several years of common life, you are still being surprised by some of the reactions of your Aquarius man because he has a multi-faceted personality and is often unpredictable. Original, anti-conformist, the Aquarius man rejects obligatory social rules and binding taboos. Do not ask him to lead a conventional life. On the other hand, do not take the risk to awake his provocative tendencies.

To retain this crazy freedom lover, help him to hassle-free his life. Do your best for your Aquarius man to stay away from material and household worries, and avoid complaining or criticizing his lifestyle. And then, pay attention to leave him space. If he feels you’re smothering him, your Aquarius man would seek to escape, sooner or later. This is where you need to show yourself the most vigilant if you want to keep your Aquarius man and save your marriage, because he will not tolerate any infringement to his freedom.