Russian Witches Unite to Support Putin

Back in February 2019, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had spells cast by a coven of witches. Their goal was to banish all enemies and empower him, so he could keep leading the nation. Amid a mesmerizing twist of fate, a coven of witches from Russia have joined forces to offer their powerful magic in favor of their homeland and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Drawing inspiration from the ancient customs of folk sorcery, this unconventional approach to warfare has caught the world’s attention and demonstrated the impact of unpredictable sources of inspiration. In February 2019, witches were assembled in Moscow to conduct a public ritual using their collective energies to safeguard Russia and its president against all adversaries. Leading this extraordinary ritual was Alyona Polyn, the self-proclaimed “Tsarina of Witches,” who directed a complicated invoking of both male and female deities to bolster the strength of their nation. During the ritual, the witches revealed that their spells not only had the potential to safeguard Russia from hostile forces but also guaranteed that the nation would grow and thrive for many years. The efforts have borne fruit, and now he might stay as president for a long, long time. Be more like a powerful president and use magick to change your destiny/future. Take complete control of your life today! See which spell caster is best for you. Blessings, High-Priestess Doris