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Before you read this article I would like to mention that please read my previously contributed articles on luck and fortune, since they will give you some idea on how money is related to luck and fortune in different ways. I hope reading those of my previous articles you will understand of how money is linked to fortune and luck but here in this article we will talk about money in general. Hence keep reading to understand what is money, how it came into action.

It all started with ancient time, previously it was known as barter system, yes, in ancient times when people first realised that they need more things than what they have they started exchanging with each other, this was later on a civilised system came to be known as the barter system, the system was pretty easy, example: Mr X has lot of cows and gets lot of milk, but Mr. X also needs wheat and rice apart from milk, so Mr. X goes to Mr. Y who has wheat in excess production and might need milk and so Mr. X gives milk to Mr Y and takes wheat from Mr Y. this was a general system used to live and exchange things required, but as the world and community started developing some of the disadvantages came to the forefront related to barter system.

It was found that two different commodities might not hold the same value when exchanged, this led to confusions of whether litre milk should be exchanged for 1 pound of wheat or more or less, to come out of this confusion, what was introduced is what we call money today. During the initial stages people used metals like gold, silver, nickel and other precious or semi-precious metals to buy goods and products for their need. As the technology developed more the need of man grew and so grew the value of these metals used for transaction, moreover it was uncomfortable for people to carry these metals in bulk if required, and then the governments of different countries came to a conclusion, which was to print paper bills, which today we know as currency. Different countries had to keep a reserve of gold in order to print the same amount or value of paper bills which could be then circulated and used by the masses for transaction.

Prices or rather value of different goods, commodities, foods and all related stuffs where then fixed as per requirements of the manufacturer or producer of the same and then those where available to everyone in exchange of paper bills. Paper bills or money of different denomination where printed by government so as to make it more easy for people to transact any kind of transaction.

So you see money is something that is very much needed in our life, rather in our daily livelihood. We need money to survive, and we earn money from different methods to survive. If we do not have money it would be very tough for us to live in this world, but again a de facto which is linked to this money is the want and desire for money never ends, if we have a dime today we need a dollar and if we get a dollar tomorrow we needs thousands and hundreds of them and so on. Hence the need for money is ever increasing in our life.

It has been observed that most of the people face financial problems or problems with their money, this is where magic spells can come in handy, since black magic spells and white magic spells have the power which would help one to get out of money related problem. A good spell caster can cast a specific spell related to money known as money spell, which would help someone to acquire more money, or win a lottery or a sweepstake program and get more money, get out of debts and many other aspects related to money. Many such people approach learned spell casters and ask them to cast such spells to get more money.

So now we all know the value of money and how it came to our life and became the most important thing of our life. Hence save money for future use, do not spend recklessly, invest money to get more money out of your investment.

High-Priestess Doris

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