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Harvest Moon

The moon appears every night, every day, each looking the same but the truth is, there are different kinds of moon. Have you ever wondered why you sometimes see a full moon and why you sometimes look up at night and notice a half moon? Do you know that there are different kinds of full moon? Have you ever heard of the harvest moon? Well you are just about to know.

The harvest moon is a kind of full moon that lights up the sky whenever it appears. It has a bright orange glow that makes the night very beautiful and bright. The harvest moon usually occurs every September or sometimes October but it always aligns with the Autumnal Equinox, occurring at most two weeks before or after it. All full moon appear at sunset but the harvest moon has a peculiar character and that is the fact that there is no period of darkness the sunset and the rise of the harvest moon. It got its name not only for it brightness but majorly for it strategic arrival which falls exactly at the time the farmers harvest their summer crop hence the name "Harvest Moon"!

The harvest moon is larger, brighter and much more colorful that the usual moon we see every day. This unusual brightness is due to the fact the moon, because it is low in the sky, passes through a great amount of atmospheric particles. As the moon appears every night, it moves around the earth, this movement goes eastward towards the eclipse. The moon rises for about twenty five to seventy five minutes every night. By the month of September, the eclipse meets the horizon at a shallow angle just at the time of full moon. It then moves slightly towards the north. This movement strikes out the normal movement towards the east and this makes Septemberís full moon shallow. The harvest moon arises at times when we are beginning to get shorter days and longer nights; it lasts for about twenty minutes in a night and constantly reappearing for few days before disappearing again.

The harvest moon has some deep spiritual meaning as believed by lots of people. It was generally believed that the harvest moon signifies a change of season so when it comes, it cast some sort of light on the life of people and make them aware of their present, think of the past and plan for the future. The harvest moon somehow creates opportunity for people to do a lot of soul searching and reflections. It also signifies a transition from one stage in life to another. It is believed by astrologers that harvest moon also signifies life and work. The light the moon gives is also said to help people align themselves physically and mentally. Individuals can sit up during a harvest moon and set intentions or make decisions with clear mind and better perspectives.

Why donít you plan the harvest moon this time for a better activity than just watching? You might just make the best decision of your life.

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