Win a free spell cast by expert spell casters!

This is an easy competition, and anyone over 18 years old can participate. The winner will be announced in about one week and have the spell cast within two weeks.

1st place: A spell worth 750 USD cast to increase your life value! Love and money will be the reward of this spell cast!
2-5th place: 75% discount on one single purchase of spell services by one of the best spell casters.

How can you win? Please read the posts here on my blog and make a nice contribution to a single blog post of your choice. The comment you leave must be a minimum of 500 characters. Post something positive!

Don’t forget to write your email address (not in the post itself) when you post the comment so I know who to contact if you win! Posting a comment on this particular post is not counted in the contest.

What are you waiting for? Go and make your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

High-Priestess Doris

147 replies on “Win a free spell cast by expert spell casters!”

I believe in spells as well,And i wish for one to help fix my life due to my own reasons i won’t disclose here,I’d love to win a free spell,And good luck to all of you who commented here as well.

the occult is precious
so much can be divine
luck love protection vanquishing evil forces etc
with real life magical powers
you will have a major few active powers
darkest evil will ploy rid you out of the worlds
real life aliens planets next to earth magical planet called
the other world witches demons otherworldly beings
we are not alone were are protected & loved

i wona thank for been a part of my life n 4 caring about every body who believes in magic and lating them experiencing it 4 them self’s.
i believe in magic but i have not seen any changes in my life as such but i do believe that it takes faith 4 magic 2 work in ane ones life. n i knw that it will change my life one day 2 n i believe it. cos wat u believe if the through.
so i wona thank you 4 at lees giving me some hoop 2 anther beater day in ilfe 2 com.

Thank you for casting a spell for me though I did try hard to open my mind and soul for Gjoub to come and aid me. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the ceremonial ritual as I was unable to obtain the cinnamon incense sticks. Living on a small island just off the south coast of the UK the only incense sticks available were other fragrance’s. I did not want to use these in case I revoked the spell and did not know how to contact you to enquire if it would be OK to use an alternative.
Regretfully though the spell has not worked for me though it seemed to be trying as I seemed to make some progress only for it to disappear again, apart from my life being saved ( for which of course I am extremely grateful) I have never really had much good luck or fortune. In fact it seems for me and my family that our surname Street seems to be some sort of block with a dark cloud hanging over us. You say there may be a spell or curse interfering with the spell you cast me, if this is the case can this be broken?
With Christmas now approaching fast upon us I now find my financial situation really serious and do not have a penny to my name to buy my wife and family some seasonal gifts.. this makes me feel very depressed and I so wish there was something I could do.
When I say I am desperate I am not joking the situation is very very serious and I don’t like opening my mail or answering the phone….. I am very scared. I need to do something quick so I ask you again is there anything that can be done. PLEASE PLEASE if you can help I will be very grateful and as I said before, in turn I would like to spread the word and help others who find themselves in the same situation as me.
Finally I would like to say that I continue to have faith in you and and I pray and hope that there is a way that you can positively help me to change my life for me and my family in the future.
Kind Regards

I am very glad you are having this contest. Your site is helpful to begin with, it is not a service you see offered very much on the internet…ok, well, you can find plenty of spell casters, but rarely do you find anyone willing to let you have any bit of it for free. So the fact that this site even exists is wonderful.

I must admit, I was only made aware of the blog when I saw this contest arrive in my email. Even if I dont win, I am glad I was made aware of the blog. I had fun with the weather predictions yesterday, because its winter in Wisconsin (where I live) and the weather is a fun thing to watch here because it’s so random. A few days earlier I read the post about releasing energy towards a goal. I look forward to trying that out soon, I am working on deciding what needs focus first.

I can’t lie, I do hope I win, but even if I dont, I am happy that i was made aware of this blog. Lots of useful and fun information in each of the posts!

I have always loved the website spells for free because if you want something done; they can tell you how to get it. I especially love it when someone will do something or help you out with advice for no charge. For example, do you really need a spell for your situation? Sometimes, you don’t.
I get email updates from this website and have also been offered discount services which is really great. I would love to have a spell done, as my sister and I have just moved to a new city, left everything we knew, and came here to have a better life. I would like to ensure that we can make a good living and have a prosperous new year. Thank you.

I am still searching for that right spell to bring my real true love to me, it has been 22 years and my heart and mind long for him to be near me. I want him to share every breath i take, the good times, the sad times. I want to wake up and see him by myside and feel that feeling of my whole body tingling with happiness. I have longed to see his baby blue eyes look into mine. I want to know someone loves me as much as i love them. I wish i could find the right spell to have him come to me and be able to get out of his situation, so he can come to me. True love.

Well let me begin by saying that I am very great full for both this site and for this contest. I think anyone looking for help can surely find it here, and was very impressed with the tentativeness, kindness, compassion that I found at this site. In the beginning i was expecting this site to be like any other that I had came across, the ones that are just out for money, but let me say I was wrong, and am sorry that felt that way. Great concern was taken for my problem and a rapid response was made upon my initial contact. I also must say I feel that having me participate in the casting was great it made me feel like i was part of it. Now I know my case was very complicated but i did see improvement withing the first three days of the casting. I was also pleased with the one on one contact through emails b4, during and after the casting. This devotion to a single person show the compassion that one can find here, unlike all the other sites where they just want your money. Here we have a name and a problem where not just dollars. I think that giving people the ability to experience your work for free is absolutely amazing it is something that you cant find anywhere else. Some may say they will do a casting for free but in the end you need to buy this or subscribe to that etc. or it wont work right, so in the end its not free. Again let me say thank you for the help. I also appreciate the chance at the contest again it shows the individualism of this site reaching back out to those that have been helped. I really could the help right now, my problem w/ my ex has gotten worse again and could use your help. Things were getting better after u intervened and i understand how complicated my situation was, that why i was so impressed that things were getting better after your casting. I must say again how amazing this site is, Ive searched around to many pages and still have yet to come across one that even comes close to this site. No one else offers a free casting, such individualism, compassion, trying to get us to be part of the whole experience by participating in, offering a full explanation of what can be expected and how or why things may not turn out exactly how we want. All of the other sites I’ve come across leave me hanging with either no explanation on why things didn’t work or they seem to make a reason up and in some cases they disappear never to answer me again. This site was the opposite and I am so great-full to have come across this page. In addition I have learned much from the information on this site again thank you.

I asked for a spell back in August. At first I thought, oh no, it didnt work. But as I looked closer as all the events came to me, I realized it worked out better than I had dreamed it would. You see, I asked for something to happen for me, it didnt happen exactly like I thought, it all turned out for the better!! Thanks you!

Thanks for all the nice tips and truths about the weather. I am sure to remember some of it! Especially about the tent facing the East. It also goes for parking your car at a parking lot. Park it facing the East. Anyways, to go on about this site, Spells4free, I truly enjoy this site. Magic really does work. You really have to be a believer. Sometimes what you want is really already there and you get kind of greedy and want more and mess it up, you realise it when it’s happening, but figure, I will hopefully see more and better results and then you just lose it all!:( Of course these spells really do work! I have seen it firsthand in my life! Sometimes I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t waiting for one of mine to work! They uplift you! Put you in a better spirit. But when it comes to you, be careful not to let it go. Grab ahold of it and treasure it! It doesn’t matter if it was love, money or whatever your spell was for, just realise this is it, and don’t mess it up!:) Or, hey we can just do it again, get another Spell done 4 us!;)! Well take care everyone…I just had to get my word in about how I have seen it work! Wish for a better New Year ahead! I hope everyone who is reading this has a great life, very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year!!!:) thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am writing this comment not just to win the prize but also to share my experiences.Few months ago,I met someone that I like,I asked spells4free to make him fall for me..and after 2 days he asked me out and the rest was history! It changed my life completely and I am so happy now.We have been together for good 7 months and our love is stronger than ever! I am a fan of guys has helped millions of individuals all over the world. I can’t thank you enough for making my life more meaningful..and best part is,it is a free cast plus it is 100 percent guaranteed that it will work. Just have faith and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

have had no luck with love or money if i can get a spell cast for free this would be so greatly appreciated. i have loved people but no one has ever lovedd me back. i cannot seem to catch a break financially. so i am loveless and poor. i need all the help i can get. if i am choosen as a winner i will be forever grateful. thank u poor and loveless in chicago, illinois.

I want thank you high priestess Doris you are truly genuine & amazing i recieved my spell result im very very grateful for help you are an angel what you did for me is a life changing a miracle really finding your site is a true blessing Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the weather tips and facts! I want to say that I am going to try out the one for facing the tent towards the East. But, its not a tent, it will be my car in the parking lot at work! A few years ago a co-worker told me about facing a certain direction, he said the car would not be as bad in the winter time if faced in the opposite direction, I forgot which one it was, I bet it is the East! thank you so much for the tip! I will keep you posted if you want me to. Anyways, I love you guys! These spells are real, I have experienced them myself! I have also learned that if you get greedy and are not careful, it will be before your eyes and gone in a heartbeat! So, when you get a spell cast, pay attention and appreciate it! It can come and go just like a heartbeat! Love you all! xoxoxox To everyone who reads thisMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I, too have had spells4free cast spells, however, with no results that I could see. I am at the point where I don’t have much faith in anything or anyone, least of all myself. Perhaps I was greedy, or too anxious and it was gone in a heartbeat (as mentioned in previous comment). I believe there is plenty of prosperity and love in the universe for everyone. I just don’t know what I am doing wrong. I hope each of you reading this receives all the good the universe has to offer!!! Love to all and wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

I am glad I found this website I have faith in everything in this website and I am glad for the contest and wish everyone luck. I just hope everything goes well for all and may all awere problems solve and we be happy. Also that this site keep being a success.thank you for this website and for trying to help people. Thank you high priestess klara and doris.

I believe in magic and the occult, everyone needs help and if the right spells are performed the better the quality of life is lived. Everyone deserves the best life possible since we are here for a very short time. Spells bless ourselves and our family for generations to come, and i would do nothing less than the best for my friends and my family. Blessings to all and to you and yours High-Priestess Klara:)

I’m a strong believer in spells.Have had a few done for me by friends and by High Priestess Klara and Doris.We’ve found love now that we are a newly engaged couple .We’re planing our wedding with just one income.Which isn’t much cause he’s the only one working.There’s so many things we need to work on.Such as getting our own place.We live with my parents and I feel so bad cause he dose so much for us.All I’m asking for is a small paying job until my apprentice ship is over.I’ve looked high and low on my own.At times I feel like given up but I can’t.Sorry If my comment seems like an rant.

Thank you so much for everything

I would like to Thank the Lady Klara for her help in the past that she has given me. I myself am a High Priestess, as well as a Solitary Practitioner, and I love to read Tarot. For some reason I was having problems with my Magick and my Readings had been off. I felt as if there was a cloud over me. I tried to banish and/or bind it but it failed. The HPS Klara helped by adding a booster as well as a GOOD Spell for banishing. All I can say to that is it WORKED… Now my spells and readings are all acurate and they all work. I DID have cloud over me and by the Power of the Goddess, God and HPS Klara as well as myself, it was lifted. I am now hoping to start a small Tarot Business in the community I reside in now. Since Sam Hein I have attracted many positive responses and many people want me to continue reading for them. I have also been able to see Auras ALOT more clearly since the help from her. All I have to say is ANYONE that doubts, the Magick is real you just have to believe.

I turned to spells4free for help with a love. I am extremely anxious for this to work. I think I need heavy duty help to get the job done. I am new to using spells (this was my first) and I want to be the “poster child” of it having worked. My situation is very complicated. My love keeps talking to his exgirlfriend and that drives me nuts. He eludes to loving me but I’m not sure I believe him. In a nutshell, I have a Christmas wish I want from my love and the only way my wish will come true is the “heavy duty” spell.
Even if I am not the one chosen, good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!!!

I asked High Priestess Doris to cast a spell for my son in October. Within two week he received the compensation he had spent 4 months waiting for. I know Doris’ intercession was responsible for the successful resolution. What impressed me the most about this website is that help is offered with no strings attached.

I also asked High Priestess Doris to cast a spell for me. I lost my job at the end of June and asked for her assistance in getting my unemployement claim approved. My former employer first said that I abandoned my job. When I provided proof that I did contact them by phone and fax about my illness, they said that I did call off but my illness was unexcused.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery and soon will undergo radiation therapy. I live alone and have not had a income for 6 months. I have sold or pawned anything I had of value to get by and have had to borrow money from family members. I desperately need money by December 24th. I am hopeful that the spell that High Priestess Doris cast for me will be successful and my unemployement claim will finally be approved. To receive the 26 weeks of benefits would be a Blessing.

My thoughts and prayers to the other posters who are seeking help. Blessings to all for the New Year!

My brother that passed 10/29/2010 and I used to talk about how we were interested in magic spells and reincarnation. We used to talk for hours on top of hours about the spells he cast on angels. He put a spell to protect him and his home from outside danger and it worked because nothing bad happened until he got rid of the angels. I wish that he didn’t throw away the books because I would have loved to have them.

Well really I am here because of all the wonderful comments on here, and I would love to have a spell cast to reunite myself, and my ex-fiancee. I have been having bad luck with love, and I would really have that more than money. I believe in magic to where that is what I will turn to for help, and I need all that I can get. We were together for almost 3 years, and he was the only guy that really loved me. I felt good when I text him on Christmas day to wish him a Merry X-Mas because I still love him.

magic has been a part of my life for has long has I can remember. I started when I was about 14.. my best friend and I would read books and together try to learn has much as we can. All my life I had to hid behind closed doors, for I live in place were people are closed minded.. but I’ve never let that stop I’m 29 with 3 kids and one on the way.. I have not taught them much, I’m want them to chose for them self what beliefs they want to follow . Just like I did . I know they will find the right way to serve the goddess.
I have recently asked you to do one of your free spells, and lucky you said yes to doing it. The only thing is that I have absolutely no money ,to give you so you can call Gjoub to aid. And I can only get Apple cinnamon incense, from the dollar store .and me and my kids need and want so bad to have our spell work much is riding on it.. please help us. even though we have no money,money is not what we ask for.our hearts are broken,our home has been turned up side down and ripped apart. Please help us!!!!!! I don’t seem to have what it takes to do it on my own. Please find it in your heart to help my family to minded our broken hearts and souls… We have lost so much. My kids don’t deserve to fell such pain and down let. Thank you so very much for your help…..

Well let me begin by sayin i have been a huge fan of the spell 4 free site i have tried several times to peform a ritual but unfortunalty i failed!!! i really was disspointed becasuse i thought that it would be the time in my life were my DREAMS!!!!!!!!!! could finally be heard!!! i reall want to win this so bad because i can get the money to pay for my record deal and finally!!!! just finally!!!! become a singer i don’t think yall understand!!!!!!!!!! how badley i wanted this i pray every night for God to just guide and protect me, my family, and friends who really don’t even care for me, i just know if i get this chance i will firstly send altleast 10% to my church and that’s for my blessing!!! and finally live!!! get my family up and out of the cutters lol might sound crazy but i dream every single night of being on stage and just finally livin the life im desperate to live if i get this opportunity i will take full advantage of it.. why me??? becasue i waited all my life for a chance for someone to hear me out just to listen and maybe just maybe help me out im in love with this site, and ijust hopefull you make the right decision to help me!!!!!!! i know that there is a better life for me out there and maybe i can live i just had to repeat it im tired of begin a failure i want everyone to look up to me i just truly think that there is more to life and with the help of magic i can improve my life, for the better never would even fix my mouth to ask your site to help to do any kind of harm to someone that’s just wrong ill try my hardes to become a role model just watch and see it.. everone tell me im a very (Quote”Kind Sweet Generous loving obedient intelligent, selfmovated indivual person) i just want back that meanin to life and i really hope you understand and pick me i will not let you down… i know im a little late but that’s how i felt

This is really neat of you to do a free spell casting. I believe in magic and I really think it can work for people out there. There are a lot of people in the world who need some kind of miracle and no one does anything for free anymore. Even I myself is struggling with a relationship problem that I want to get fixed. I really don’t care if I get picked or not, as long as one lucky person’s wish comes true that’s enough to make me smile. I’m not selfish and I don’t think magic should be used for someone who wants no one else to have a chance at getting a spell cast on them. I read a lot of amazing comments on here and I love every story so blessed be everyone who wrote to you.

The reason why I’m here is because I’ve had a crush on this guy for over three years and he liked me back then too. Seven months ago we got together and things were going well with each other. Everything just feels so natural and so right when I talk to him or when I’m with him. As of late though there has been some distance between us and he has stopped talking to me and visiting me for the most part. He is the most special thing to me and I know it was meant to be. I am afraid to loose him so I came here hoping that you will help me cause I don’t know who else to turn to, to make this work anymore.

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in casting multiple candle spells with the same intent for a number of days with tea lights. Is this ok? Will it simply build on my first spell, do nothing, or negate the intent? There is a major issue in my life which I need to address. I cast one last night with more of a spoken meditation rather than a written incantation, but I blessed my tea light with jasmine and etched symbols in it. So…..would it be safe to repeat the spell?

I am paul and i am very please to visit this site, it’s wonderfull site i never ssen before, the tell all powerfull spell, my life changed 500% , all kind of spells very very powerfull, i encourage this site to continue,all my dreams come true after used those spells you are very kind intelligent, best service in the world i can’t find the word how to thank you you are really wonderfull, please continue your work to help poeple, and to help me, i don’t know what can i do without you, you are very strong my love cameback, i winn moneyy always, what i want arrived to me , you are wonderfull , please continue to help me and don’t forget my birthday it’as 24/06/1967 thanks thank you thank you

I never believed in casting spells, but I tried your spell for fun. Two weeks after I cast the Money Spells the supervisor of different branch called me up and offered me a job. This
was out of the blue – and a twenty percent raise! I’d been waiting for something more challenging, and now I have it.

I was out of work for months. As soon as I cast the Career Spell of I am so glad to testify that Abigail ( cast a great spell,my problem in my house hold has be come a history.A friend of mine introduce me to this great spell caster an to day i am realy happy in my family.Thanks so much!! I got two different job offers

within a week.

I want to thank I am so glad to testify to Arewa great spell,my problem in my house hold has be come a history.A friend of mine introduce me to this great spell caster an to day i am really happy in my family.Thanks to I went to my first bowling tournament. This was just for wheelchair bowlers. I have been bowling for 3 months and I did a spell before I left. I took 5th place out of several hundred and won $5000.00 thank you.

I recently saw a testimony about a spell caster of some sort in a blog I visit for relationship and dating counseling problems because i had been having serious issues with my boyfriend and we had been dating for six months,he just suddenly changed,he was returning my calls,he started cheating,he was hurting me in so many ways i never thought possible and I just thought I should try it*maybe out of desperation of some sort and I contacted them..At first everything felt dreamy and
consultations and solution was a little bit easy and strange and I was scared a little cos I heard read and heard lots of stories of fake spell casters,scams and i never really believed in magic..I played along with a little hope and and faith and I was sent some few stuff after everything and it worked like a miracle,everything went to a while new direction,it was and is amazing…I guess it was all good faith that made me read That particular post that faithful day..I hope
they could help other people too like they did me…I did a little and I got everything I wanted and wished for my husband,my family and my life is in good state now,thanks to Papa Solomon (

I love to be on your testimonial page to spread my happiness. Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated especially from me. My girl-friend is back home. We are back together. I’m picking her up from the station today. I haven’t saw her in 6 years. I wasted so much time with other spell casters and should have stuck with you originally. You are a truly gifted spell caster and I just wanted to take the time to show
how you and tell the world how grateful I am” thanks!

just a note to update you on what has been happening down here since you have begun the spell work for Jennifer and me. First of all Thursday night was a real eye-opener! Whatever you have been doing up to this point got Jennifer’s engine running because she was incredibly passionate and wonderful to me, more so than when we were dating the first time around! Lets just say it was the most fantastic night I’ve ever spent with her ever! Keep up the great work Doris! – Chris,

i wish for soul mate to come find me and lifted me off my feet on christmas eve night .
and i also want to win money lots of money owuld be nice to be able to get a new car and go to school and be able to get a better job and move out of my fathers house and maybe get married and have another child like i would like to have.
but with ouy help from a free spell that can’t happen you see i work money goes to day care and father and borken donw car.
and you do great work

I think that Wicca is like a world of mystery, love, and spirits. It’s like a place where you can relax, clam down, and focus. Whenever I get confused, I meditate. Wicca has brought so much mystery, amazement, and happiness into my life. Though I am ten, I still feel welcomed into this complicated religion. I liked a guy, but he liked someone else that was really mean on the inside, but nice to him on the out. I asked Doris to please cast show-true-colors spell of her, and a few days later, rumor had it that they didn’t like each other anymore. I couldn’t have felt more relieved. Now, a few days later, I look back at the day the rumors started spreading and I shiver from all the amazement I felt. But when I look back at who did it for me, I feel calm all over, as if a blanket is covering over me. Thanks you Doris. And please, I DON’T WANT TO WIN, I JUST WANTED TO COMMENT FOR FUN.

This spell will be completely customized for your situation and it guaranteed to work; even if your situation is complex or stubborn. Offering the best satisfaction policy is important. I am confident in my work which is why I will match any satisfaction policy or guarantee offered by any othim certified spell casters. 100% Guaranteed Results!

i truly believe in spells and wish, i believe in the power of our wonderful doris! keep up the wonderful work and shine…;)- tanya

miss Sylvester
My MUM was always the person I turned to when I needed something. It was her advice I counted on, and her that I talked to about my most needful things. She died 3 months ago, and at first I was so lost without her I did not think I could function. But then I found DR MOON He has filled that empty hole in my heart from the loss of my mother. I can turn to him for guidance and spiritual advice. He is always available and he always cares. Itโ€™s not about money for him. Even better, I finally asked him to perform a love spell on me, and it worked!! I met a man who had also experienced a great loss and we were able to become close friends and provide support to each other. We have fallen in love and my life could not be better. Thank you, Mr.Otto Van Grax for helping me through the worst times of my life, for being such a great spell caster, and for giving me a love spell that has brought me so much joy. If you doubt his ability, trust me. You should take a chance. It pays off in ways you could never even imagine.Email him (

am Anita from USA here to share my testimonies to the whole word,my love called smith wind left me before and told me that he is know longer interested in our relationship he left. after 1year i meant a spell caster who catered a spell for me and after 3dyas my love came back to me am very happy now.any body looking for help should contact him via

Hi everybody.
I recently saw a testimony about a spell caster of some sort in a blog I visit for relationship and dating counseling problems because i had been having problems with my husband and we had been married for 10yrs and had three kids.Our marriage wasn’t getting better and everything got extremely worse,he started hitting on me and the kids and was and was always drunk.We went for therapy but it would only get better for a few days and back again to the same routine,it got to a point that i had to move out and was about settling for a divorce and I just thought I should try it*maybe out of desperation of some sort*..and I contacted them..At first everything felt dreamy and unbelievable,their consultations and solution was a little bit easy and strange and I was scared a little cos I heard read and heard lots of stories of fake spell casters,scams and never really believed in magic..I played along with a little hope and and faith and I was sent some few stuffs after everything and it worked like a miracle,everything went to a while new direction,it was and is amazing….I did a little and I got everything I wanted and wished for*my husband,my family and my life back*their address is; or visit http://wwww,

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