Wicca – An Old and New Religion

Due to its ancient past, Wicca is considered an ancient religion. During the Middle age, a form of this religion existed in Europe. However, all forms of witchcraft were attacked by Christians at that point in time as they considered it to be pagan – that is a counter-effort to the works of Christians. Some examples of this include Spanish Inquisition and witch-hunting in Salem. Due to this, witchcraft suffered immense persecution leading to the suppression of this movement.

The rise of the Wiccan religion began once again in the 20th century when many scholars started studying the traditions and history of this religion. As a result, the laws that were against this practice were reviewed. This religion underwent an immense transformation and was interpreted by Gerald Gardner in a way that suited the present time. This modern interpretation of the Wiccan religion has also led to the revival of the underground connection. However, rejoining hallowed places such as England’s stone hedge gave the impression of their union with the ancient traditions.

Wicca is considered to be a novel religion due to the change in its form and the changes that it has undergone. For instance, women play a significant role in this religion; they are urged to lead and derive meaning and purpose from this Wiccan community. The present age Wiccan religion has witnessed active participation from women and focuses on women-related issues through books and other means. Due to this, the Wiccan religion gets a distinct image compared to the male-dominated version of the earlier times. Men were central forces in the Wiccan movement in medieval times. However, this situation has changed to a great extent.

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