Here's the continuation of the previous post about the different magicks that you could use to cast your spells:


It is a type of magick that draws on malevolent powers and dark spirits. Black Magick would be invoked to cause spiritual or physical injuries, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others. People are usually afraid of backfires when it comes to black magick. Yet, experienced spell casters are able to avoid the spell to turn against the caster or against the spell's beneficiary.

As a result, black magick spells are particularly effective to cast revenge spells, money spells and break up spells.

White Magick is seen as the “light” side of black magick. Many people consider that those 2 magicks are the same type, one being the conjuring of evil spirits and the other being the summoning of good spirits. The use of two terms, “white” and “black”, would be just a way to express the dualism of magick.

Concerning white magick spells, they are recommended to cast love spells.


Kabbalah refers to esoteric mystical beliefs that are part of the Torah, the Jewish holy book which is also the Christian Old Testament. It is known that the Torah (the Law of God) has secret meanings and that the study of these secrets is called Kabbalah.

If i refer to witchcraft here, it's because Kabbalah in fact is a jewish form of witchery, or sorcery. There are many other forms of witchcraft, depending where you live and what culture you have.
Christians officially forbid sorcery yet some old cults have survived the strong repression made by Christians.
Islam has a sorcery too: it consists in the conjuring of djinns, which are spirits of superior power.
Hinduism also has its magick. The spell casters are called siddhars and many of them are said to have performed miracles that would ordinarily be impossible to perform.

Then, we can note that witchcraft can take different form, depending on where it is located. Therefore, it's hard to say that a certain spell is effective through witchcraft because in fact, everything can be done with sorcery. Though, I'm giving you a few tips:
Muslim witchcraft is said to be effective for money spells.
Hindu and Chinese sorceries are good to cast money and love spells.
Kabbalah should be used to cast love and revenge spells.

Well, I hope that these 2 articles will help you and dont hesitate to leave your comments.


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