Welcome to my blog!

Dear Visitors,

This is my brand new blog! I really hope you'll like it!

As a leo, i'm curious by nature. I like to explore new stuffs, specially when it's about psychism.
And of course, i love to talk about it for hours! If you're like me and enjoy learning when you are online, join my blog and leave your comments! I was 25 years old when I started to get interested in magic so I can teach you much about this matter.

Later this week, I will post my first article. What about a love spells guide? If you're as romantic as me, you'll agree! But if you have another topic in mind, just leave a comment and I might change my plans 😉

Have a wonderful day!


2 replies on “Welcome to my blog!”

I have always been drawn to white witchcraft.When I was younger I used to
experience alot of dajavue and I would know when something bad was going to happen to someone close to me,although I would never know who until it happened.I would get nervous and anxious just out of the blue and then I started calling around to friends and family and soon would figure out who and what happened but not until afterward.It was quite annoying. I was raised Christian but have always been drawn to white witch craft. But honestly I'm not looking for something to cost me lots of money just a little guidance along the path I am chosing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My step-sister has also experienced the
same things that I have.

I am an Acquarius and although i do not do witchcraft per se I have it done for me I am glad you invited me to this blog I need to focus my attention on something since I am in heartbreak at this time,,, thank you Doris

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