Weather Predictions

I decided to make a post about how to read mother nature and something that we all face every day: The Weather!
Specific rules good to REMEMBER about this:
Sky Brilliant yellow at sunset = wind / Pale yellow = rain / Clear far away sighting = rain past or to come./ Light cloud with indefinite edges = nice weather.

Thick clouds with well-shaped edges = wind.

If the birds fly low = it will be rain and wind.

Brilliant stars = nice weather coming. Night frogs #croassement# = nice day tomorrow! OLEY!

When rain comes first without wind, then = a long period of bad weather with high wind and heavy rain.
But when the wind comes first and is followed immediately by rain, fine weather will follow at short notice.

ANOTHER INFALLIBLE WEATHER signal is the appearance of Cumulus Nimbus cloud, a foreteller of thunderstorms. At the same time, a greenish light in the sky preceding a thunderstorm is an almost sure sign of heavy hail.

CIRRUS = This is the mare’s tail sky of the landsman, shown as long threads or Wisps of cloud. This is the highest of all cloud formations and is a sign of a high barometric pressure which means fine weather.

However, in cold regions where they gather in intense concentration, this would mean a snowstorm. (RATTTSSS!)

In these clouds the former is a long wispy cloud and in the latter rounded small cloud the typical “mackerel” sky. Both = a high barometric pressure = FINE weather!

They are the high white piled-up masses of cloud seen in summer. When streaked with horizontal bands it is a Cumulus Nimbus or thundercloud, a sign of coming storms which may be of a short duration or may indicate a change in weather generally. If they add up on top of one another in the shape of heads they will tell that a storm is coming. Black and in the shape of #enclume#* then a big storm is on its way.

Clouds are dense and dark & low in the sky = rain & mist

They are #pommelees#* clouds which look like fish scales = rain coming in the next 12 to 15 hours.

A small circle around the sun = rains in the next 36 hours / A large circle around the sun = rains …. 24 hours MOON CIRCLE = RAIN!

To find the direction when the wind is very light, just throw some dust in the air or let it fall slowly, or small grass or suck your thumb and let the wind blow on it to tell you which side is colder = wind side.

The wind direction will help you to find what kind of weather to expect. A wind that changes quickly in their direction will tell that weather will soon change.

From your campfire, smoke going up in a thin vertical column = is excellent if the smoke is going down toward the ground, then = RainNN!

If in the morning the grass is dry = rain comes before night.

When the air is humid and heavy the birds fly low and the insects fly even lower than usual = soon rain comes in same day even hour.The insects are more active before the storm but the bees are more active when comes the nice weather.

A front of low pressure often warned by light winds and hardly noticeable while the air becomes heavy with humidity.
These conditions mean that the bad weather will last several days. A low pressure is something you can “smell and hear”. The damp air stays low and then spread its wild smell, the sounds carry farther and the sounds are sharper.

When the wind during a storm changes direction = nice. When the fog in morning disappears in the 2 hours after sunrise / When the moon is brilliant & its edges are sharp.

When the sun is a red ball at sunset / When there is a rainbow at night warning then end of rain. When there is a good Dew on the ground.

When the clouds are isolated & high. When a slight breeze blows from West or N/West / When the #nebulosity# diminish after 3 or 4pm.

When there are heat lightning at night / When it rains with an East wind and that the wind turns slowly to North East then North = nice but cool.

Brilliant stars = nice weather coming / When the sky is rose, pink, or orange or pale blue at night.

REMEMBER a quick storm will leave as quickly.

When the air is real echo? When the night temperature is higher than usual. When clouds move in opposite directions at high altitude.When there is fog in mountains = rain in the day. / When thin white clouds (cirrus) at high altitude gather. / When there is a circle around the moon or sun.

When the clouds become dark in the afternoon. / When stormy clouds (Nimbo-Stratus & Cumulus) gather in West wind.

When after a nice weather period the wind changes direction. / When the Cumulus quickly form at the start of the afternoon. / When there is no Dew. / When the winds blow East or South East.

When the sun and the morning are grey and dull (beurrrk!) / When the moon is pale, foggy and with a halo. / When the smoke rises slowly & tends to stick to the ground.

When dark clouds gather at the horizon and to the side where the wind comes from. When the clouds are slow to form and that the rain starts slowly then the rain will last many hours. (Ratttsss!)

If the stars are real bright and numerous, the temperature will drop down much during the night except if the wind is strong but it will not rain.

When the sun sets in dark sombre clouds. When the moon rises red it will wind./

If the stars shine little and are shadowed = rain coming.

If the stars are real bright weather will change./ Lightning from the South warns of rain.

A Cree Indian saying: Snow like meal = snow a great deal.

Make your own: Take a piece of #sapin# *trunk about 3/4″ in diameter with a branch. Remove all bark, easier when the sap flows then you nail it outside. When the branch goes up = nice but when the branch tips down = rainNNN!

Tent should face East to profit from shade in afternoon and also to avoid rain and snow storm which ALWAYS comes from North and West. This applies to North America but * elsewhere? In the East it is opposite! Far East is Far Out!

REMEMBER this old sailor’s chant: Mackerel scales and mare’s tails, make tall ships carry low sails. These(cirrocumulus and cirrus clouds) are indications of stormy weather ahead. Cirrocumulus do indeed look like the sky’s covered with mackerel scales etc. If the sky is full of both, rain within 24 hours or less is almost certain.

Those white picture calendar puffballs or cumulus are camper’s delight fairly guaranteeing a beautiful day ahead except when they decide to merge, forming bigger and bigger tall top-heavy clouds, or thunder-heads, sinking visibly under their own weight.

When they start pressing down from the sky, they will bring with them rain, lightning and possibly hail.
Usually they will darken at the bottom as they build up and the rain they bring will be scattered in localized summer showers or squalls under the dark areas. The faster they change from white to black sheep, the shorter the storm.
Conversely if it’s all day a coming, it will be around for a while.

Long ploughed furrows of white that go from horizon to horizon, bring either rain or snow if they build up enough. If not, why, it’ll still be clear the next day. The only way you’ll know which to expect is to have watched them, and the
results that followed many times. Keep your eye on them, you’ll learn to gauge the future of the weather.

Are a sure bet it will rain or snow. Unfortunately by the time they arrived on the scene it’s usually already in inclement weather. They are low-hanging grey, shapeless mass, a misty dark overcast. The trick is to be able to spot the beginnings of this low mist. The first sign of its pulling itself together usually means prolonged drizzly weather ahead. Low clouds in general bring bad weather.

Wind brings the clouds and the weather. In many regions it’s the best indication that a change is imminent. If there’s no wind, there’ll be no change in the weather. Before we go any further, which way does a West wind blow? It blows from the West. Here is some weather calling wind rhyme to help along: When the wind is in the North / The skilful fisher goes not forth. When the wind is in the East / This is good neither for man nor beast.

When the wind is in the South / It blows the bait in the fish’s mouth. When the
wind is in the West = There is the Very Best.

A ring around the moon at night or around the sun (in their house) ALWAYS means it will rain or snow the next day. A small circle 36 hours and a big one within 24 hours.

Red sun in the morning / Sailor takes warning. Red sun at night / Sailors delight. / When the dew is on the grass / Rain will NEVER come to pass.It’s true that humidity at ground level has a strong relationship to that higher up in the atmosphere. When you see a heavy dew or frost in the morning, you can usually count on a good day.If it’s dry in the morning, you can almost ALWAYS count on the sky feeling the ground need to be moistened a bit.

While you’re sitting by a campfire watch the smoke. If the smoke rises straight, the weather will stay clear. If the smoke just spills over & hangs heavily around the ground, rain is almost certain. The prevailing wind in the region is a good omen. Look at the leaves on the trees around you. They naturally lie so the wind won’t ruffle them. Wind from a different direction than usual, however, blows the leave’s underside up. Bad weather ahead.

Wild things are much more sensitive than we are to the changes in atmospheric pressure, and their behavior reflects it, in many cases turning them into living barometers. Probably the best long-range weather forecaster is the Elk. Out West come fall, when the Elk decide to descend from their mountain pastures. You know then that winter’s only a couple of days away. Deer in the Northern do the same but are not as reliable. Migrating birds is another sign to get your winter camping gear ready. If the geese come early, be prepared for a long cold season.

If the ducks overhead are high, the weather will be good, if they are low they’ll be taking shelter soon. In general, birds will snuggle up close to a tree trunk rather than sit far out or high if rain is coming. They will also stop singing, rain not being much to sing about when you’re living in a tree.

Well, I think that covered a lot! Good luck to all newborn meteorologists ๐Ÿ™‚

High-Priestess Doris

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Hi High Priestess Klara, I found your weather prediction blog a very interesting read. The difference in the types of clouds is a good thing to know and I will be keeping a look out from now on. I also found the animal signs and birds signs very interesting and something to take note of. Well done for your research, much appreciated.

Wow, wow, wow. This blog was absolutely fascinating to read from beginning to end. I could not stop reading. It was so interesting to read about different folk rhymes/songs and how to differentiate the different cloud formations into telling what the weather would be like. I was interested to see the saying “red sky at night, sailors delight…”. I was told when I was younger that it could also be linked with shepherds, but also that the person who sees the red sky at night and says the rhyme that they too would receive good news/luck. It would be interesting to poll or review as to whether anyone has had luck or news when this has been done. I know that on occasions I have, but only if I have recited the rhyme/saying. And to be honest, with my run of bad luck I would say I haven’t recited it that often. I shall be writing the weather signs down, and keeping a lookout on the clouds in the future, especially when I take up my camping expeditions again next summer.
Bravo, well written and thank you for a wonderful blog x

I love this site, it’s full of wonderful stuff you can learn. I love the weather cast. This lady is one of a kind. She will probley be the only one that I will ever come to for help. I hope people can learn by her good spells and injoy getting her to cast a spell, I know I did.

Blessing’s to us all.

I feel quite connected to nature but don’t fully understand why. Thank you for this posts on weather.

to the high priestess klara!
U never really thought of that but it really is true! you help me learn how to predict the weather! I’m thankful for that! where I live we get all four seasons in a day sometimes! this should help me know what to wear in any given day! As it is tough for us to know most times we have to carry our umbrellas, jackets, hats and gloves! besides everything else that we need too! I will pas this to my friends knowing that they can use it!!! thank you!!!

Hello high priestess!
wow i never knew there could be this much information on the weather well i knew there was but i thought it was all scientific al. i always had a feeling like when there was no wind and everything was really hot and humid that there was a storm coming and the storm clouds are obvious to detect but you gave me so much useful information! i am a very small petite girl so it is hard to dress for the day because i never know how the weather will turn out and i either dress wayyy too warm or wayy to cold haha, your blog was very useful thank you so much
i will carry this information with me for as long as i live and love ๐Ÿ™‚

I have always been interested in the weather. I use to get made fun of when I was younger because I enjoy the rainy days more than the sunny ones. It makes me feel more at peace, and seems to clear my mind. I am also slightly fascinated in animals and the weather. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and I enjoy watching them and how they react to the changes. The dogs more so since they are outside animals. I guess I would say that thunderstorms are my favorite type of weather. I feel more connected to the lightening and thunder than I do the sun and the clouds. It’s never made much sense to me. It still doesn’t. I don’t know, maybe it never will make sense. But i was very neat to learn in detail what the clouds mean and all of that.

I find this to be very fascinating now I know what to look out for so that I can dress according to the weather. If it does rain where I live there is no point in using an umbrella it will turn inside out as I live in the windiest city. When the weather is good it is very good I like summer the best because I am outdoors type person and I have seen some of the most incredible sunsets in my time all the wonderful colours to take in at once. As for ducks the drivers where I live seem to not pay attention and hit things like ducks and seagulls without a care in the world even humans are at risk since the council decided to change a piece of road to make it a 2 way bus street 3 people have been hit and killed by a bus makes you wonder who the idiot was that made this decision. I only catch public transport if I am in dire straights tend to find bus drivers a little too dangerous. At present it is summer here and daylight savings it has been fantastic weather here normally at this time there would be a lot of wind but this year mother nature has been good to us. Although I have to say this mother nature played a part in what happened of late 29 people lost their live in a mine disaster not long before that a city not far from that mine disaster had a major earthquake and many mini aftershocks which is what I think disturbed things in that mine so unfortunately 29 men won’t be coming home for christmas quite sad really. It makes you re evaluate life especially if you are given a second chance like I have so I now do not waste a moment of my time I get out there and live life to the fullest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and I wish you all a very merry chistmas and a happy new year.

I absolutely love stuff like this since the weather and its signs have always fascinated me! There is much truth in a lot of the ‘sayings’ as years ago people took more time to observe the signs of nature and their meanings.

i love this website so much, your spells are amazing and you have given me so much hope even thought i felt like i had nothing left, i just want to thank you so much for your hard work and your devotion towards the people that really need someone when everything goes bad. Im so thankful to have found this site and to have found you. thank you so much.


I enjoyed reading your post on weather forecasting. It was very in depth. I never really thought too hard about all the signs of oncoming weather. I must say, now that I have, you are absolutely right! I love the outdoors and now I will enjoy trying to guess what the weather will be. You are right about the animals knowing more than we do. I have noticed the birds flying low before rain and if I am out riding my horses and bad weather is close to coming they always get uneasy and want to be as close to the barn as possible. My dogs, as well, will find a spot to “hide” inside the house or barn and stay there until the rain has gone. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us loyal readers. Please continue to provide us with your insight on our world of ways that most of us normally do not see. I enjoy reading everything you post! Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Klara,reading this provoked some beautiful memories of living in sub-tropical NSW Australia.During the wet season,a variety of animal activity would precede the rain.The black cockatoos were a forerunner of rain,and the number of days of downpour depended on how many you saw.When rain was imminent,the cockatoos were attracted to the Sally Wattles,as the heat and humidity would bring the witchety grubs from deep in the trees to the surface,just under the bark.We would watch the cockatoos with their black and red plummage,strip the bark and feed on the grubs.Right off our verandah,high in the trees,we would watch this miracle of nature.

Dearest Priestess,
The one thing I know I am assured, without a doubt, is that every time I visit this site, I learn something and feel invigorated.
Reading this information has attuned my awareness and informed me greatly, so instead of questioning the glorious, if sometimes confusing, happenings of nature, I can look for the signs and appreciate them on an entirely new level.
Thank you immeasurably for bringing this information to my attention and may I say you also explained these signs so clearly and conscisely that anyone would be so lucky as to be part of your teachings.
Kindness and light,

I loved your blog about reading Mother Nature. It’s amazing to me to be around people who seemed to have a gift of understanding the signs of nature. They seemed to be so close to in their predictions that it almost mimicks what happens in many cases. Many of the older people seemed to be able to sense a storm coming their way without ever tuning into the local weather station. The many clues that gave away Nature’s plans have inspired bits of lore throughout the ages — and are still used today still by many of the older clan. I was raised by my grandparents and they were some of these same weather forecasters by tuning into Mother Nature. I had always been amazed by what they said and was really amazed when it seemed to be true. When a weather change is on the horizon, most folks have their own little ways of being able to tell whatโ€™s on the way by taking in the signals of nature. My folks semmed to be able to tune into those signal of Mother nature and be prepared for whatever she had planned for them. They would always say, If you want to know the weather, just look out the window. I always wished that I knew how they did that and also wished that I could too.


It still amazes me how much knowledge and insight you have regarding life in general. I am a regular on your site and everyday I learn something new. I was never a believer until recently and I am not what you call addicted. The information you provide is insightful, interesting and I can honestly say, I am a believer 100%. The weather predictions has really helped me, as we have a drought where I live and at least I can take heed of your information and put it to good use.

Thank you for providing me with hope, knowledge and a very special interest especially with your weather posts ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow, I did not know all of this about weather! But now I do! Some people did in the past tell me that in some Strange way, I can determain the weather… If I am really down and depressed, and crying, it seems to rain! When I get really mad at someone, the temp. goes up. The more upset I get, the more the temp goes up. The last view weeks has been really really hot! ๐Ÿ˜€

I enjoyed reading this blog! And who knows, I might shock someone I know with the forcasts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, I live in a very cold state and the weather can still be unpredictable even though the winters will always be freezing. I love being able to know ahead of time what may be because I feel more in control of my destiny no matter how great or small the incite may be. It all adds up beautifully! Now when I leave out in the morning with my hair silky and smooth hanging past my shoulders, I will be able to prepare myself so that by the end of the day I won’t have a short nappy afro. LoL Thanks

Thank you for the spell cast and renewing my hope. Your services really are one of the greatest discoveries i’ve made over the world wide web, and I wanted to let you know that i’ve been recieving emails from people who’ve ordered or are contemplating ordering your spells asking if i’d recommend your spells, and every time i say yes! definately! its not just the spells themselves but the support, the real support you provide. So i hope you’re recieving an increase in spell requests, i’m glad people are asking so i can inspire them to contact you as well.

The weather has always been an interesting topic to discuss.
Great to have that back ground info on the dynamics of the on the other hand, I am very much an emotional thinker as apposed to a logical thinker I often compare my emotions to the weather and the seasons…
The ever changing sky, a mystery all on it’s own.
The four seasons that predict change, which affect our moods and how we adapt to it.
My favourite Quote: “Life’s not about weathering the storm, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!”
Or “I’ve got sunshine on cloudy day…”
Then there’s classical saying, ” Every dark cloud has a silver lining.”
Seems we asociate the difficult times in our lives with rain, winter, cold,snow.
And the happier times with summer…
“I’m walking on sunshine…”
I think of every new season another chance to stop reflect, assess, dust yourself off and start again:)

It useful to me because I can know How to dress my kids for the whether because where I stay the whether is always changing and it b making my kids get sick now I know what to put on them from stop getting sick thank u so mu h for sharing this I will use this info for the rest of my life

Hello high priestess,

I hope all is well. I always knew that there was a connection with energy and weather,but i want to Thank you for explaining it in detail. one thing that I didn’t know about was the animals as I read on. where I live now, there are for seasons and I do enjoy watching the weather, But thanks to you, I will for now look up at the sky and think of your positive outlook and interpation on the weather, by using the tools that you wrote on this Blog. Best wishes, Positive love and light to you.

Really informative stuff and I agree with most of it because I’ve personally observed weather and animal signs. Very meticulously and systematically put together, and yet very simple and clear to the average reader. I would seriously recommend this to people as a genuine method of predicting the weather. Neat stuff !!! Great going….

Nice, interesting and very informative, especially about the clouds and the stars. Nature is very complex yet it is easy to understand if we care about it and if we are aware of it. Even animals can feel weather change and they show it with their actions and reactions like when birds fly low. And about the wind, we may not see it but we can certainly feel it. There is so many things about weather that are simply unnoticeable but true. I like this article, it gave me awareness somehow that wind or clouds are not simply there to tell if it is going to rain or not but also the direction and the amazing facts it can tell. I enjoyed reading this. Somehow I thought, weather conditions also affects auspicious days. And now whenever I look at the stars at night and see brilliant stars then Iโ€™ll know that there is a nice weather coming. Truly the facts you wrote here are fascinating, thereโ€™s so much about weather and it is really nice that I get to know a lot of facts that I donโ€™t know before while Iโ€™m reading your blog. And it just made me in awe because you even teach how to make a natural barometer, wow that really is amazing.

When I was a kid, I would stand on our back porch and pretend that I controlled the weather. Now that I am older, I appreciate everything that assists me on how to predict what the day will bring. Somedays, I do actually wish for rain or snow besides the Sunshine!!!

Blessed be,

Hey Doris!

i was very depressed past few month and u give me hope… and u opened a door for me (sorry for my english ) and i really trusted you 100% and your SPELLS do really work… first time when i stop by to your page i was concerned to contact you and trust you… but when i just let it go and told you my private story. the first letter you send it to me i knew you werent fake. you were 110% person and you just wanted to help people with your talent.
and im such a lucky person when someone like you helped me to solve my problem.
and thank you for that.
after all you cast spells for free and thats is what make you really SPECIAL person and of course UNIQUE .. also youre not after money like some spell casters you like to help people becouse you have such a nice heart
and i appreciated that alot just keep up the good work and i will support you =) .
and wish you happiness where ever you are!

Living in the Northeast we can observe many of these same signs in a single day. Right now we’ve got about a foot of snow on the ground since it’s been snowing for two days. Funny thing is we observed a large ring around the moon about four nights ago so this is proof that that theory is true.
If you obseve the natural signs and know how to read them anyone can pretty much predict their local weather. Sorry meteorology colleges!
One thing I didn’t see mentioned was the turning of the leaves on the trees in summer being an indicator of an impending thunder storm. I do know that the one about cows lying down just before a storm is false but widespread. If you ask a farmer he’ll tell you that the cows are just tired!

This blog about weather was very educational. I think that mother nature is a wonderful and fascinating thing to understand. There are so many signs that we are given everyday in the world around us and it is sad that some of us miss the beauty and all of the wonderful things that the environment has to offer us. It is good to know how to determine what the weather will be like and it is miraculous that there is such a way to distinguish if it will rain or thunderstorm or be nice out. I learn so much from this website and the people that comment and blog have taught me so much. This website is very inspiring and has changed my life just by helping me be so positive and respecting all of mother nature!
Thank you!

I loved this so much because nature is all around us and it effects the balance of things. Through-out History the elements have always been represented and interpreted in artisticly ways. I loved your part about a clear starry night. When its cold , the stars shine so brightly in the sky. It makes me feel more positive and hopeful, like love is eventually possible. I made up a saying, “If I could paint what I feel, I would splatter it on paper like the milky was is spilled across the sky”, so brightly. I will keep these in mind.:)

It is very interesting to learn about all the differant ways to learn about the weather, folks tails, grass tails, the way clouds form, but I find that the animals forcast is always amazing I always noticed how certain animals tend to hide how some dissapear and how some re appear it is great because it makes you relize that life is all about the energy and spirits that nature within it self can bring you the weather, it shows how connected we really are these are great blogs!

I read ur enphasis on weather and animals and what different clouds and winds and rain affect what’s going to bring to use next in the universe. I feel as though that it’s a guidline that people want to go by, and hope as though they’ll know for the up coming weather. As I perseved it weather is not prdictiable. U can have a guess or estimate on what u think is about to be in our horizon, but it’s not that accuate. Yeah animals can sense some change but that’s exactly what it is change but we can’t accurately say it’s going to be this because of this. It is mother nature and whatever she chooses is what’s it going to be. Weather changes daily and nvr is consistant and nvr is the same exactly. Just like every living thing. Bacteria will nvr be the same but it grows constantly and multiplys as for stars they might look like they r in the same place but they aren’t. People maybe are regular at using the bathroom at ABOUT the same time in the day but aren’t exactly on the same dote second. Nothing is ever consistant not even a great chef. It’s always somehow even slightly different. U can nvr say what people are going to react to just like the weather it’s always different no matter how u want to describe it or give research on topics. It’s life and the universe Is constantly moving and changing daily.

The vision that was depicted in my mind from this blog, was fruitful, delightful and inspiring. At a time of the year, when materialistic thoughts/objects, get in the way of Mother nature and Father earth, thank you for ‘grounding me’ with your beautiful visionary insights. Wishes and Dreams xxx

Natures got a heavy impack on the humanbeing because we are a part of nature, but sometimes we forget surrounded by all this tecnology that the one real thing we should commit us selves to is what brought us into this life…. Natures biology…. When I read about weather and how to forecast the weather I am truly amazed, but also concerned…. Because of all the damage we have done to Mother Nature where will it lead the weather? Will we live to see another iceage or maybe a complete meltdown? I love the nature and all there is in nature from animals, to the forrest, the beaches and the skies….. Absolutely everything. I love to sit by the fire watch the moon changing and thinking to myself: Thank you Mother Nature for your blessings. I love to see the seasons change and the weather change to… I feel so blessed. Thank you for learning me more about this beautiful nature surrounded us all, it means a lot to me. Lets all respect the forces of nature and bless every living thing and be thankful for Mother Earth <3

You know as I read this I have to say I have notice some of the things and next time I will make note on what happens. We need more on cold weather thur if you have anything. LOL we might be having a big snow storm this weekend and I wish I knew what to look for to see if its coming. My granny always said if the leaves are turn up side down its going to rain and I have always looked for that. Right now outside its quit to cold for any bugs and birds to be out lol. They have all ran and hid its only the beginning of winter and its already 30 below normal. Weather is one crazy thing. Your blog really got me thinking glad I came to it and read it hope u have a warm and wonderful day.

Wow ! This was very enlightening. A very useful guide when camping for sure. I have watched animals and birds before , but really didn’t know some of what it meant. We camp a lot and this information will be of good use in our coming campouts. I sure will pay more attention to the campfire. Love this website, keep up the good work. Marion

Hmm, your weather predictions and signs were very insightful. I found the information on clouds particularly interesting. Please continue posting to you blogs; I will be glad to check them out :3


Hi there Klara,

Thank you for posting that information. I am not much for listening to the radio but I am often out and about after dark and I worry alot about heavy rain, snow and lightning. I am also a nature enthusiast so I find this interesting to know.

Yesterday it was supposed to snow, so I decided to re read this post and watch for signs and stuff, since the weather app on my phone wasnt working. I was curious if I could pinpoint when it was about to snow. I got pretty close. And thats saying a lot because I live in Wisconsin, lol. The weather here sort of does its own thing. It could be raining in one spot, then you could drive a mile in any direction, and it would be doing something completely different at wherever you ended up.

I have always liked weather related stuff. At one point, I wanted to do it as a career. I can smell when it is about to rain, and even when it is about to snow. It’s funny how even the air can SMELL different based on what is going on outside.

I also enjoyed the refresher course on clouds in this post. That was the one thing I always got wrong on any tests in school. I knew all the words, but I always got them mixed up. I knew that Cumulus and Cumulonimbus were the fluffy ones, everything beyond that was what I had troubles with.

I like this post. Its especially fun given where I live, and how random the weather can be. Even in winter, we will have days where it snows a foot, and then the very next day it will be warm enough to melt most of it. So any article that helps me figure out if I should wear a sweater vs a t-shirt is welcome

That was a great post! I really enjoyed it and now I would like to enter the free spell contest and I would like to share some pretty interesting information with you and everyone else as well. I would like to share some facts and myths about different ways to study the personality of someone based on their physical appearance, so here is my post about the art of face reading (physiognomy), pathognomy, palmistry, toe reading and many others.

Physiognomy is the interpretation of a persons outward appearance, especially the features of the face. Physiognomy is a potential way to learning a person’s prevailing temper and character based of these features. Here is a list of physical features someone may have and what they potentially mean:

Rectangular face- Someone who is a strong leader.
Round face- A very cheerful person who is good at making others as happy.
Thick eyebrows- Someone who is strong -willed, energetic and very passionate.
Long eyebrows- A very social person, enjoys the company of others.
Arched eyebrows (naturally)- A person who is very sexual in nature.
Eyebrows with a little arch- A person who thinks before they act.
Unibrow- Someone with a possessive nature.
Upturned chin- Someone with a stubborn nature.
Narrow chin- A person who is very private and tends to be very emotional.
Square Jaw- Someone who has strength.
Small nose- Someone who is very shy and reserved from others.
Long, thin nose- A person who is well-mannered and graceful.
Broad base on the nose- A person who is very materialistic.
Knob on the end of the nose- Someone with a love of luxury and aesthetics.
Broad forehead- A creative person.
Protruding forehead- A person who is very imaginative.
Earlobes attached to face- Someone who is very close with family.
Detached earlobes- Someone who is very close with friends and considers them family.
Deep set eyes- A person who concentrates on themselves and ones own thoughts and feelings.
Unevenly-set eyes- Someone who looks at life in a positive way.
Upturned mouth- An optimistic person.
Full lips- An enthusiastic person who inspires others.
Thin lips- A very impatient person.
Cupid’s Bow- Someone who is creative and forward looking.

Pathognomy is the study of one’s emotions by facial expressions, gestures and the sound of their voice. The difference between physiognomy and pathognomy is physiognomy is studying the the shape of one’s features while pathognomy is the study of the motion’s of the features. Here are a few examples of pathognomy:

Frowning: contrast the brows in displeasure or disapproval.
Jaw clenching: Anger, pain or stress.
Narrowing the eyes: Anger or concentration.
Clenched fist- Defiance or solidarity.
Hand-rubbing- Rubbing both hands together indicates the person is either cold or anticipating something.
Biting nails- Nervousness.
Eye-rolling- Indicates frustration, boredom, contempt or exasperation.
Facepalm- frustration or embarassment.
Shrug- lack of concern or lack of knowledge.
Soft voice- smooth, ingratiating.
Raised voice- Anger.
Gentle voice-soothing.
Snappish voice- Irritability.
Stuttering- Nervousness.
Husky voice โ€“ Arousal.

Toe reading is finding out what the person’s personality and characteristics are through their feet and toes. Here are some examples:

Especially long toes may represent someone who is very artistic and and a daydreamer.
Very short toes with little toe necks may represent someone who is very practical or takes life a life a little too seriously.
Deep lines on the sole of the foot can represent someone who has deeply-rooted or strong ties to their family or friends or long-lasting habits and strong beliefs and a bit stubborn.
Calluses may be represent someone of needing to feel protected.
Bunions can represent a broken heart or someone or is very generous or considerate of others.
Toenails represent a persons thoughts. Nail fungus can represent someone who is uncomfortable with their thoughts or actions and may be self-destructive.

Palmistry is basically the same as toe reading except in your hands. Here are some examples:

Earth Hand- A square palm with few and clear lines. Earth Hands are down-to-earth, practical and responsible, but can also be materialistic, serious and stubborn.
Air Hand- An oblong palm with many and clear lines. Air Hands are sociable, talkative and witty, but can also be shallow, spiteful and cold.
Fire Hand- A triangular palm, with few and fine lines. Fire Hands are spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic, but can also be egoistic, impulsive and insensitive.
Water Hand- A fan-shaped palm, with many and fine lines. Water Hands are creative, perceptive and sympathetic, but can be moody, emotional and inhibited.

Last, but not least, hair color and style. Here are some stereotypes:

Brunette- Stable, serious and sophisticated.
Blonde- Friendly, popular, and unintelligent.
Red head- Fiery temper and sharp tongue.
Black hair- Mysterious, creative, competent, and astute.
Short hair- Shy.
Long hair- Sexy and wealthy.
Ponytail- Intelligent and uptight.
Curly hair- Nervous, energetic and impulsive.
Straight hair- Peaceful, serene or reserved.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you would like to add anything to my post, I would enjoy it. Thanks!

I was reading all the blogs and i must say they are so beautiful and so touching that what nature is about, that what makes your day even better when you read such pleasent things its makes you realise how much you apparicatie life and nature itself.I learnt so much from reading these blogs, you all put so much hard work in to it. I deeply thank you so much for these little articals i will take some information back with me and keep it in my memory and that what will keep me strong and smile every day. Good work keep it up.

High-Priestess Klara
I am very excited about this weather blog. I cannot wait to use this information. I have become very interested in what the weather is going to be since being diagnosed with Fibro, as the weather determines how I will be feeling each day. Bad weather, cold, windy, rain etc, brings alot of pain. So now I will be able to determine what kind of day I will be having. Thank you so much!

This blog about the weather was so interesting I had to share this with my friends. I learned alot of stuff! Im glad I came upon this website I felt like I had no hope but this site gave me strength. I think everything is great in this site the spells are so interesting that the spells give me hope. Reading everyones wishes and dreams make me feel like im not alone I have a lot of faith in this site! This weather blog with the information in it I will use it! Best wishes to all and may this site have alot of success and everyone problems get solve and no one lose hope! Thank you high-priestess klara and Doris I wish you the best!

Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. Every time I read your blog, I feel something envigorating. It’s amazing what some of the little things can cause. I shared this with my coven, and we all agreed that this helps. The spells on the site too, are positivly amazing. It helps the mind realize there is really more to your mind, and that if you are willing to use it, then you can definetly understand more. I wish you better days to come with this. Thank you high-priestess Klara and Doris, for this is truely something that gives me hope.

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