Vote for best spell caster in 2009

2009 is about to end and most of you have had an amazing experience with spells or spell casters services.

Some of you are at the same point where you were last year. Are you fighting hard enough for that change you desire? Is it seemingly too hard to coop with? Problems and hardship is something we all have to face now and then. 2010 doesn’t have to be like that. I will guide you with the help of others!

Today starts the countdown to announcing the BEST SPELL CASTER OF 2009!!!

This is not something I will decide. YOU, the visitor of must be there to tell us what you think about the spell caster you have used. You will be able to vote on any spell caster that can be found online. If you had a good or bad experience with them tell me about it. Email me latest 10/1 2010. I will announce the winner on 14/1 2009.

Please email me to this email:

Write your first name, Country, and who you want to give a positive OR negative vote for. You can also include some short information on WHY you vote on that spell caster. What was good or bad?

So remember you can vote positive or negative. You can also vote for more then one spell caster. I will then go through all the votes and declare the winner and post some of your comments on Jan 14th 2010.

What are you waiting for? Send me your votes now!

High-Priestess DOris

5 replies on “Vote for best spell caster in 2009”

Hello, I have used one of the spell caster and was very happy with the outcome of things , I have read a lot and I think that the spell casters now what they are doing . I have talk to some of them and I like what I hear from them and will be call on them again for the help that I need. I am apart of your newsletter and I love to read the news and I also read the blogs that people write and they are all happy with the spells that your spell casters has done for them .I have been looking in to it again but I just have so much that needs to be done that I have not started . I do think that everyone is so nice and helpful .

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your support with spells4free its a blessing to know that it is someone who has a heart of love and care for others in this cold world and help to make a difference in people lives.There is always somebody who needs somebody who has wisdom and have the knowledge to get them on track with things that have to be done in there life for the better with guidance and you has been their for people with your understanding of things.Thanks for your support.I did a spell and loved it because I am trying to fight against the odds and it felt good stepping out the box to make a change I thank you soooo much for you kindness and for what you are doing.

Dear; High Priestess Doris; from the bottom of my hart, I thank you so much for help me , and all the spells casters .my depest Respect and admiration. because not to manny people help with people problems. thank you for you kindness and support.

Thank you for the e-mail.I have to be honest, I tried many spellcasters and with all due respect, I received no results at all.I don’t remember the ones from this site that I used, but I do know that nothing positive happened.

Thanks again for taking the time to ask my opinion.



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