Things To Know Before Casting Spells

Things To Know Before Casting Spells

Learning to cast spells of different kinds is an exciting experience for anyone. Whether you are a complete beginner in learning to cast spells or have tried it in the past, there is always something new and thrilling to learn. The first important step is to ensure that there is some solid reason to cast a spell. Some important things that must be known to the learning witch or wizard before one begins to cast spells include:

  1. Make sure that whatever spells you cast must be supportive in enhancing life and not in replacing it.
  1. Always make sure to try the mundane approach first before going for spells. This is because every problem has some valuable lesson to be learnt behind it. So try not to miss out on these lessons always.
  1. Before performing the spell, always calculate the potential side-effects of the spell and decide whether it is worth casting the spell.
  1. Take your time and outline clearly the things that you wish to see, in order to ensure that there is no problem later due to incomplete or hasty wording.
  1. Try your level best to follow the Wiccan Rede and never perform any spells that can cause harm to others.
  1. Even if you do not believe in Wiccan Rede, remember the concept of Karma and the 3 Fold law and think about the negative consequences of your spell.
  1. If you cast a spell, one of the most important things is to believe from the bottom of your heart that the spell will work. If you are unsure of its success, or are feeling uncomfortable or guilty about carrying it out, then the positive energy let into the spell will be counteracted and will be a failure.
  1. Once you cast a spell, let it go and do not bother yourself with ‘if’ and ‘whether’ questions.

High-Priestess Doris

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hello High Prestis Doris how are you i was wondaring ive been trying since 20010 to get a certin spell cast all i seem to get is the run around i have an eye medal im planing on using it as my power object so the spell i want is to be able to use my power object to make all my wishes come true i just say whut my wish is on the eye medal then it comes true so can you paless cast this spell for me thank you paless email me back as soon as you get this sincerly andrew

i am unable to perform ceremony on my own..and is unable to afford its completion by high priestess doris… Please help me… And tell me that whether it is necessary to do?? As am really helpless to perform it anyhow… Will it backfire my spell if i will not do it.. What i can do?? Am really afraid now as i want my spell to work without any side effect…

Hello. I am new to the world of magick and I would really like to know more and if anyone can help me please email me. Also I don’t know high priestess Doris if you will even read this, but I would really really love it if you can help me in my magick arts. I am young but willing to learn. Well not willing to learn. I am yearning,wanting to learn. Please if you could help me. My life hasn’t been great and I wouldn’t like to relay my sorrows but please magick may be able to help me and everyone around me who I see suffering. I mean I see people everyday suffering and I feel horrible knowing I can’t do anything to help. Magick would help in many ways that I can’t even express to you. It won’t only help me but others around me. I know it was silly of me to ask you like this but if you could please help email me at the email adress above.
Thank you,
Also high priestess Doris please if you can’t help me may you turn me to someone who will.

Nice post Doris. I completely agree with what you have listed out here. There is a definite responsibility that comes with magic and spell casting. Without these “suggestions” there can be negative or damaging spells running a muck. In the end, I believe that we all just want positive energies around us and those we care for.

please i just want to say , the white candle spell with sugar surrounded by it is wonderful , it works magic, anyone who wants to try it should get 3 white candles on a plate and sprinkle sugar around it, light the candles and make your three wishes to angel raphael, angel gabriel and angel michael, ask for a wish on your buisness, a wish for love and an impossible wish, and on the 3rd after you mad your wish publish it here, and see what will happen on the 4th day.

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