The seven pins and what they connote

Imagery is an intrinsic attribute of miraculous schemes, numinous performances, and religious activity. By itself, comprehension is control. Into the bargain, negative and positive forces co-exist. The major chunk of publicity that these aspects have received and how Voodoo and hoodoo are portrayed are generally bad. The Voodoo magicians exert principally and for good using, their right hand. The Hoodoos are ambidextrous. Nevertheless, both these individuals require having a superior theory and understanding how it all functions, else their definition of light would be impenetrable.


The two important aspects of their symbology are numbers and hues. The origin of “7” is important and its roots are hard to trace. But so much can be said. It shares a very important role in the Natives’ system of beliefs and rituals. Americans can be attributed to it. For them, it represented the directions that are 7 in number and are considered very sacred. And it’s universally acknowledged that both, Hoodoo and Voodoo have its roots in the same aboriginal awareness of plants that are known to have magical or medicinal properties in such rituals and customs. Further people believe that accessibility of Jewish taper holders were extensively obtainable and bought by performers of the rituals and in due course seven of these candles were used. Further seven shades and hues were also used, and thus seven was integrated and considered sacred.


After a little investigation, incongruity is possible. What I have said is based on the colors and practice in New Orleans. This elucidation is supported on ‘right hand practice’ as previously mentioned.


The color codes for the 7 pins are:

White – upbeat optimism

Black – warding away the negativity

Red – supremacy

Blue – relationships, primarily love

Green – wealth

Yellow – accomplishment

Purple – mysticism and theology


Erroneous Usage of the 7 pins:


Do you believe that you are the most supreme being? Then it’s high time you snap back to reality and get a hold on it. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes, but arrogance? Not at all! The pins should be used in this manner. All you have to do is remember the law of the universe. The three fold law. Whatever you do, expect it to come back to you with thrice the effect.

Focusing your energy is important whilst performing this. A doll can be made to denote a person by Voodoo. All you have to do is to place the person’s nail or hair inside the doll. This is done so that a part of their self is trapped in it. If you choose to harm or cause inconvenience to a certain part of a person’s body poke a black pin on that spot of the doll. For instance, poking it on the back could give rise to certain nervous disorders; any portion could cause a tumor, a cancer or worse. Each time you poke it through, your objective should be made clear and specific and your energy should be focused.  Place this doll somewhere in their house without their knowledge or worse, bury it. This causes a lot of trouble. All hell will surely break loose. But like I told you about the law, YOUR life will be in a bigger mess.

The usage of the doll in this particular way is generally not recommended, as it is for the most brutal causes. Voodoo possesses a lot of individual strength and with the combination of the Karma, it spells harm. The law is not an omission to you, and hence won’t miss you out on its lines. Don’t use it with your right hand, like I have said, as it will dispel the most negative energy you might ever come across in your life. And if something drastic happens, I’m not to be blamed! I might be of help, or want to, if your purpose to perform seems right to me.


High-Priestess Doris

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Mam i dont want any revenge or any harm on those who have completely ruined my life,even who tried voodoo with me.I am not saying i am an angel but trust me to the best of my capacity i have helped the destitute i m 30 yrs old still a virgin & the only man i loved unconditionally has gone away from me.When will the karma or law of three have some pity on me?
warm regards,
dr ritu

Hello. I am new to the world of magick and I would really like to know more and if anyone can help me please email mem . Also I don’t know high priestess Doris if you will even read this, but I would really really love it if you can help me in my magick arts. I am young but willing to learn. Well not willing to learn. I am yearning,wanting to learn. Please if you could help me. My life hasn’t been great and I wouldn’t like to relay my sorrows but please magick may be able to help me and everyone around me who I see suffering. I mean I see people everyday suffering and I feel horrible knowing I can’t do anything to help. Magick would help in many ways that I can’t even express to you. It won’t only help me but others around me. I know it was silly of me to ask you like this but if you could please help email me at the email adress above.
Thank you,
Also high priestess Doris please if you can’t help me may you turn me to someone who will.

U must be a priestess of high function. I’ll need u as my spiritual mentor but am a student and am not sure if i can foot your bills.

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