Divination with stones

How to use stones in divination

Stones usually possess an energy that an average person cannot see or realize, and it takes profound meditation for one to see or feel this energy. Once this is achieved, reading these energies and letting them guide us in our daily life is possible. Specialists have identified that each gemstone or precious stone contains energy that is unique to and guides a particular aspect of life.

The thirteen stones used in divination are Crystal (for health), Moonstone (for clear thinking), Citrine (for travel and communication), Carnelian (for growth), Garnet (for passion and frustration), Rose Quartz (for love and relationships), Amethyst (for spirituality), Blue Lace Agate (for peace), Green Aventurine (for money), Sodalite (for protection and sleep), Smoky Quartz (for stability), Hematite (for knowledge), and Apache Tear Obsidian (for transformation).

There are some simple ways by which amateurs can read these stones. For a simple yes or no question, we juggle all thirteen stones in a small bag. Then with your eyes closed, pick out a few stones. After this, open your eyes and count the number of stones. If it’s an odd number, your answer is “no.” If it’s even, it is “yes.”

Write down questions that need to be answered for a little in-depth interpretation. Following the above procedure, pick out three stones from the bag and arrange them in a line, one after the other, in the sequence in which it was picked. The first stone will represent the recent past, the second the present, and the third the future. Based on what aspect of life each stone corresponds to, try to interpret the meanings of the stones. To check the accuracy of your interpretation, review it a few weeks later.

Divination using stones is of two types – one uses the aid of the colors to interpret meanings, and the other interprets meaning based on the rune painted or the carvings on the stone. Though both are practiced widely, they have many variations, and it takes extensive study to master the art of divination using stones.

High-Priestess Doris