love advice

Do not be desperate in love

Here is an insight that might help keep your new relationship (or current one) more exciting and loving for a much longer time than it would have been. Yes, that sounds very negative, but in reality, two human beings do get bored of each other when they have discovered all about the other person, and there are no more mysteries…

Being in love is beautiful, but being desperate can turn ugly. This often makes the other partner feel stifled with an urge to move away. Two people in love should be able to give pleasure to each other and find pleasure in the company of their partners. This means they should allow them space and not bog them down with their ideas and fears. One of the reasons for this is their insecurities and fear of losing the other. Unfortunately, this only harms the relationship.

To keep your partner interested in you and want more of you, one should always keep a little bit of oneself a mystery. This does not mean that you should be untruthful to each other, but just that you have to keep the other guessing a bit so they do not get bored and find you very predictable. Women are more into wanting a man who is either unattainable or has a hobby that could be something for them to compete with.

In the same way, a man often does not value a woman who does not have time for herself and gives her all to her man and her family. She should know her own worth and make the others in the family including her spouse realize that she is an individual with her own wants and desires and she has to fulfill them also. This is something that usually makes the others sit up and take notice of her. Simply put, she should not be a doormat desperate to please her husband’s every wish.

A man should have a lot of self-confidence and show his spouse he has the talent to care for his family and see to their other needs. It is not about having macho looks or a big bank balance. Understanding, companionship, and a firm standing when he wants to do something independently will make his wife appreciate him more. Desperation to please the partner only makes it seem that there is no self-confidence and that you are willing to grovel for the other’s affection.

It puts the partner off when one becomes too clingy and wants to spend every minute with the other instead of having their interests. Without the person realizing it, he or she is making the other one grow apart, which may end the relationship. Experience often brings with it the knowledge that one is not born with. This makes one understand the does and don’ts of a relationship, including the “don’t be desperate in a relationship” one.

Holding one’s self with dignity while showing that you care is what makes the other person respect you, and it is with respect that love grows too. So if you want a long and happy relationship, make sure that you get not only the person’s love but also their respect.

High-Priestess Doris