Every human body has four components: the first is the physical component that includes the general workings of the body organs, the signals received from the brain to other organs, etc; the second component is the mental component that enables us to think, analyze and act accordingly; the third is the spiritual component that helps us choose between the right and wrong; and the last component is what is called the Aura.

The Aura is the energy emanated from a human body that surrounds the body. Its range is usually six feet from the body though this can differ based on the mental or physical wellbeing of a person. A person’s Aura is their private space and when this space is invaded upon by another person’s Aura, there is a possibility of each Aura affecting/ influencing the other. For example a person’s negative energy can influence another’s Aura negatively. Thus it is necessary to cleanse the Aura for our well being.

There is no single way of cleansing one’s Aura and it is possible for an individual to develop his/her own style of cleansing over the years. One form of aura cleansing involves submerging the body in water, as this cleanses the body of psychic debris. However when it is ocean water, the effect multiplies as salt water is more effective and the minerals too do a better job. If you can’t swim simply stand in an open posture against the sea breeze, exposing the body to the salt, moisture and minerals that are contained in it. Exposing the body to sunlight periodically eliminates lower vibrations. This causes the energy in the body to flow freely.

Meditation is a powerful medium in aura cleansing. It relaxes the mind and body and thus releases the negative energy from the body. When one tries to suppress emotions and refuses to face them, it results in the congestion of energies in a single place. These bottled up energies harm an individual. Thus an individual must learn to release these energies and face the emotions rather than shunning them.

To be in close contact with Nature will keep an individual grounded and restore positive energy and release negative ones. Also by actively taking part in creative activities it is possible to overcome the pathos that promotes negative energy.

High-Priestess Doris