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Supermoon July 3, 2023 – Perfect for spell casting

The Full Moon on July 3rd, 2023, known as the Buck Moon, is considered full-time for magic because of its spiritual significance. During this time, the long days and short nights create an atmosphere where one can feel centered, grounded, and replenished, making it ideal for connecting with celestial energy and exploring sacred rituals​​.

The name “Buck Moon” is attributed to the male deer, or buck, whose antlers grow into an impressive rack around this time. The antlers are seen as a symbol of fertility and represent the abundant energy present during this period. The size and magnitude of the buck’s antlers depend on factors like seasonal rainfall and soil quality, reflecting the vitality and resourcefulness of nature. This moon phase is said to bring powerful energy that embodies strength and ambition, mirroring the growing and thriving antlers of the buck.

It is believed that the energies of the Buck Moon can be harnessed to fuel personal goals and intentions. The Buck Moon is considered a time of action and focus, where distractions should be minimized to concentrate on achieving more significant priorities​​.

The Buck Moon is also associated with specific spiritual meanings and intentions, including:

  • Abundance: A time for growth and reaping the rewards.
  • Self-reflection: An opportunity to introspect and understand oneself better.
  • Passion: A phase where emotions and desires are heightened.
  • Strength: A period that imbues fortitude and resilience.
  • Honesty: A time for truthfulness with oneself and others.
  • Vigor: A phase full of energy and vitality.
  • Leadership: An opportunity to take charge and lead.
  • Dreamwork: A time conducive to exploring and understanding dreams.

In addition to these spiritual aspects, the Buck Moon is associated with colors like green, gray, blue, and gold, which can be incorporated into rituals and celebrations.

This Full Moon provides a unique and significant experience whether you celebrate it with loved ones, go on a solitary moonlight walk, or partake in sacred rituals​.

In summary, casting a magic spell on the Full Moon of July 3rd, 2023, can be seen as harnessing the abundant, strengthening, and ambitious energies associated with the Buck Moon for personal growth and fulfillment.

High-priestess Doris

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