Sprituality and Native Indians

I had some of the most wonderful experiences while researching the field of spirituality. Spirituality is not born out of any religion. It does not have any parent, or origin. It teaches the morality and spectrums of life. In other words, I have found out that Spirituality is nothing but absolute science. It goes straight into the matter, without any levels of research or links. While many religions preach about their Creator and their scriptures, Spirituality deals with logic of life.

One of the most essential and basic principles of Spirituality is that there are infinite paths that lead to God. We can worship and reach out to God through any form, such as music, art, dance, sculpture etc. One of the moral values of Spirituality is to reach out to God, without hurting or provoking violence and cruelty amongst fellow men. In my research I have discovered that Spirituality seeks insight and provides us with various options in the style of our prayer, guiding us rightly and strengthening our faith.

In addition to the above mentioned, I have also discovered that an average human is surrounded by 75% unhappiness. The science of Spirituality fights to discard this make way for bliss and supreme happiness. Spirituality is indeed above all sciences in this world. When the door closes at the intellectual level, it opens to a wider perspective, the spiritual level.

Native Indians have a longstanding tradition of spirituality mixed with their customs and religion. The fusion of spirituality in daily practice is often quoted by various spiritual gurus to make life extremely contented and happy. So I ventured to find out more about Native Indian Spirituality and came to know that they believe that earth is a living super organism. Mother Earth or Gaia has given birth to all that is present in the world.  We, humans are also Gaia’s children varying only in ancestry. Thus all their spiritual endeavours are intended to strengthen our self, our families and friends, our relationships with each other and finally Mother Earth Herself. They speak of secularism in respecting each other and pray for the common good of all. They envision peace and hope in the world. They do not claim to convert you, just to ensure that you become a better person than what you already are. They perform various ceremonies to please the various sacred presences for prosperous living. The ceremonies themselves differ according to the various tribes. Each tribe has a different method that is limited by the resources available and modified to suit needs.  Christianity has yet again tried to suppress the native Indian traditions by many wars and years of oppression. But even today, Native Indian spirituality exists and is being slowly recognised for its ways and means of peaceful living. No one is yet to be an expert in this field of rich tradition. I would say that I’m still learning about their beautiful spiritual undertaking to make this world a better place to live in for future generations to come.

High-Priestess Doris

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