Is it important to focus hard when you cast a spell?

This question may sound secondary but it's not! Focus is a very important aspect of the spell you cast. Let's have a deeper look at this interesting matter.

First, why do you need to concentrate? A spell is a transfer of energy. From the spell caster to the “target” of the spell. If you are willing to cast a spell, you must know that and act consequently.

You must prepare for an authentic spiritual experience. If you do everything well, you will be amazed. You have to feel your inner energy, and let this energy embrace your wish. That spiritual energy you produce reaches the spell's target thanks to the spell's formula. If you create a strong force with your spirit, there is every chance that your spell works.

For example, when you cast a spell to get your lover back, your spiritual energy will reach your partner's heart and mind. If before, during, and after the spell, you focus on positive thoughts about the relationship, your lover will most likely feel the same optimism.

Seems easy to say, but it's the hardest part of casting a spell. A good concentration requires years of training and practice. Of course, there are tips to improve our concentration abilities. I will post an article about those tips another day.



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