People interested in spells often wonder if spells backfire. You don't know what a backfire is? Let's say that it happens when the energy of a spell turns against the caster or the spell's beneficiary.


Most websites mentionning spells also refer to backfires. Generally, they are seen as a problem with the spell: the energy you provoke when you cast a spell is supposed to reach a “target” (for example, the person you want as lover), if the spells fails, that power usually vanishes. Yet, in just a few cases, this energy won't disappear but turn against the caster or, more frequently, against the person who want to take an advantage from a spell (for example, the beneficiary of a love spell is the person who should be loved by the “target” of the spell).


From what I have myself experienced and read, there are few explanations to backfires: the target of the spell might be protected by a talisman or a magick spell that will reverse any spell cast upon that person; the feelings of the spell's beneficiary are not pure (for example, if you cast a love spell on someone that you don't trully love, there's a chance that the spell backfires at you)…

When you want to cast a spell that has negative effects (such as revenge spells), you have to be cautious because these spells easily backfire. Practice before you cast those spells or ask the advice of a professional caster.


Yes. If you need to cast a revenge spell, I suggest you to have a perfect practice of magick. If you are not a confirmed spell caster, you'd better ask someone to do the spell for you. Negative energies easily backfire if you dont have the sufficient knowledge to control them.

Make sure that the results you want from a spell are not only in your mind but also in your soul.

As much as you can, use professional spell casters to do your spiritual works. They can control backfires and avoid them.

Honestly, it takes a long time to be used to magick and its powers. There are persons who worked for it all their life.

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I have had a love spell done for me through a highly practiced person we started with prayer cleansing etc
and also he did a real binding love spell for me and my then love of my life. Things were going well he even moved directly across the street from me. We spent New Years together and went to church and he was considerate and loving when i had my tooth pulled. One day this long haired woman came out of nowhere I assume his job and he has been with her always going to work together and now she is living with him. He wont call me and talk to me I dont know what happened. All i can do is be tremendously heartbroken and see them together all the time

i really wish i could use one of your love spells but i'm afraid it would backfire on me i fear God and i believe in Karma… do you have a simple love spell that i could use? let's say some magical words that could make one's wish come true? tnx..more power!

I did a protection spell and it’s giving me bad vibes so I think it failed bc the first one I did works amazingly but I did another one for my whole house and it didn’t work what do I do with the spell jar

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