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Take control of your destiny like a President

Back in February 2019, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had spells cast by a coven of witches. Their goal was to banish all enemies and empower him, so he could keep leading the nation.

The efforts have borne fruit, and now he might stay as president for a long, long time.

Be more like a powerful president and use magick to change your destiny/future. Take complete control of your life today!

See which spell caster is best for you.

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Coronavirus Protection Spells

We are still in a pendemic and I know many are tired of the situation. Many have lost their jobs and loved ones. It’s sad and it frustrating when you feel so powerless. But there is always a way, with magic!

If you feel you need to make a big change in 2020 or if you want to protect yourself against the worst affects of the covid-19 virus, then visit the official magic site for corona protection spells!

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Voting results for BEST SPELL CASTER 2019

I have finally completed the counting and evaluation for the best spell caster. right now and it’s more or less a tie between 3 spell casters. Without any specific ranking, I present the 3 below:

They all have had a 99% success rate and so many people have emailed me and praising them for their excellent work!

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Vote for best spell caster 2019

It’s time you sent me your story and tell me who helped you during 2019. I also want to know if you were disappointed with any spell caster, so just write me and let it all out!

I need your email latest on January 13th. I will post the results and some testimonials in end of January!

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Why do we believe in ghosts and do they exist?

Human beings believe on anything which can be seen and cannot be seen as simple as when we believe in GOD we also believe in ghost, but what we need to understand is what are ghost. Ghost has been described in the holy bible as well and that too many times and not only once, but then bible has another version of ghost known as spirits, angels and demons.

In some religion it is such believed that when a person dies then the soul or spirit of that person has to go to the heaven or hell but if for some reason the person who died has left a wish to be fulfilled then the soul of that person would remain on earth and would wait until the wish is fulfilled.

At times these souls are turned demons who live on this earth and they bring harm to human kind, it might be for some reason that when they were alive they were harmed by humans and now their spirit is harming humans. Again there are a lot of people who would for no reason believe in ghost, they would have reason for any paranormal activity that might happen around them, but even science has proven that ghost exist.

In many cases it has been found that we believe in invisible things and objects and that is why many of us believes that ghost exist and those who does not do not even believe in invisible objects, similar to aliens whom we known since we have seen UFO and that is why we believe that aliens exists similarly many those who have encountered paranormal activities which even at times science cannot explain, believes that ghost exist.

Even the holy bible has verses which are used for exorcism and it is such said that ghosts are demons and bible has verses to cast away demons from someone. Does ghost exist or not is a debatable topic with no end to it, but from an eye of a believer ghost exists and that from an eye of a non-believer ghost does not exist.

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Past life regression

If you fear something and do not know the reason of fear, if you see a dream which is repetitive and you do not know why you get such a dream again and again, if you think that something which is happening to you has happened to you before but you cannot find out when and where and why then you are living in your past life. Past life regression is a technique which uses methods like hypnotism to understand the pain that a person might have gone through in his or her past life and then give that person a relief by providing some remedy.

In past life regression technique the patient is first hypnotized and then a series of questions are asked to the patient, while the questions are followed the patient is ask to look back before his or her birth and see what he or she was, in most of the cases it has been found that most of the patients come up with a new identity when they look beyond their birth, they come up with a new name and a new identity, it is at times also associated that the pain they went through in their past life or deeds which were incomplete in their past life are giving them pain in their present life.

Psychiatrist and others who practices hypnotism uses these methods to give relief to the patient by understanding the pain the patient had gone through in his or her past life and then devising a remedy for the same in the present life. Though the description of past life regression longs back from ancient time but in the modern era it has lot of uses.

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Living past lives

Do you believe in past life? Do you believe that you have grown up, lived, worked in a life which is totally different from what you are living now? If so then it can be true, since when our body dies the soul takes a new body and there is a new life after death. It is not necessary that you were born as a human being in your past life or present life or be born as a human being in your future life, you might be from some other racial species as well, might be a dog, cat, fish or bird.

In our present life there are signs which reminds us of our past life, it at times gives us signs and signals and make us aware of who were we in our past life.

DÉJÀ VU – déjà vu is a condition were we think that something happened to us which in our present life did not happened, example we visit a place for the first time but feel like we have been here in the past, the place does not seem to be a new one.

WEIRD MEMORIES – at times we encounter things or remember things which are not related to us for any reason, example – we visit a building and think that we were pushed form the 20th floor of the same building but in real and present life the same never ever happened.

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES – Many times we see dreams of talking to different people or living a different form of life, which is not real with our present scenario, these are signs of our past life, to be more precise these dreams are generally recurring in nature as if they want us to remember something.

FEARS AND PHOBIAS – many of us have got fears inside us with different things like fear of height or fear from water, there is no reason for us to get fear from height or water or any other thing in our present life but still we have a fear or two from some or the other element or thing.

PASSIONS – it has been found that our passion and interest on various things also connects us from our past life, it can be that someone was born as a dog in the past life and hence in the present is a dog liver or might be someone wanted to keep a pet but was not able to keep one due to some reason in his or her past life would love to keep different kinds of pets.

AFFINITY FOR FOREIGN CULTURE – a Hindu born in India has a trend of living like an American and likes Christianity as a religion or tends more towards the same, can be signs of past life

WILD HABITS – it has been observed that many people would have habits which they cannot live without, there is no reason for the person to imbibe the same habit but still the person is into the habit of the same. This is nothing but sign of past life.

STRANGE PAINS – at times we observe that we have mysterious pains in our body, though we have not got hurt but the pain remains these pains are signs of suffering that one has went through in his or her past life.

BIRTHMARKS – Birthmarks have been publicized as indication for rebirth.

High-Priestess Doris

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3 herbs to help you reach divinity

Have you heard about herbalism?

If not, please read this article to understand herbalism and how herbs can help you reach divinity. People with psychic abilities always look for herbs to help them reach divinity. Herbs are used for medical purposes, but they also have magical values.

Some herbs like thyme, yarrow, and bay can help you find how someone is if you use these three herbs together, wear them in a talisman, and then meditate. It would help you reach a level of spirituality where you can see a person and the person’s state by sitting far away from that person. Herb magic can even bring love into your life and lift any curse or hex you are in. There are so many herbs with different magical values in each of them. You can bathe in mimosa flowers and sprinkle red pepper around your house if you think you are a victim of a curse or hex.

It would entirely depend on the herbs you would choose to reach your divinity. You need to use different herbs and see for yourself which herbs suit you more. You would also need a handbook or guide to understand various herbs’ different values and effects.

High-Priestess Doris

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How to enhance your psychic ability

Suppose any of you have read my previous articles on finding whether you have psychic ability or not and might have found that you have psychic ability. In that case, you might have read that regular practice can enhance your psychic skills.

The obvious question you would have at this point would be: “How  and what should I practice?”

I am writing this article to enhance your psychic abilities. Here I have penned down some steps and practices that you can practice to improve your psychic ability.

1. The first thing that you can do is meditate. There are several ways to meditate, try different methods of which one would be the best for you, and it is only you who can understand, and once you find the way, then practice the same again and again. Meditation would help you relax your mind and focus on something; this would help you strengthen your spirituality and energy.

2. Try to be more aware of your surroundings. You can practice this by observing things. For example, close your eyes and observe the different sounds that your ear can hear at any given point in time. Again, you can use your eyes to observe nature or your surroundings and understand how other things move at some point in time.

3. Be a keen listener, like I already stated, observe different sounds, open up your ears and listen to what people have to say or the nature has to say. This would help you increase your overall awareness.

4. Pay attention to random thoughts and feelings. Always maintain a log or diary of the thoughts or feelings that you imbibe. This would help you keep track of what you thought, what happened, and when.

5. Keep a record of the dreams. As soon as you see a dream and get up, please take out a handy book that you have kept along the bedside and record your dream. Try to recall all that you have dreamt and write them down. Doing this regularly would help you match instances that might happen in the future.

6. Hold the power of silence and privacy. Keeping away from the noisiness and activities of noisy distractions can help the mind think more clearly. The natural echoes help to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. But most importantly, expect the unexpected!

High-Priestess Doris

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How to find out if you have a psychic ability

Every one of us is born with some psychic ability. It is just that either we do not know that we are born with it, or we cannot recognize the abilities. Today, we will discuss how we can determine whether we have a psychic ability or not. If you want to find out whether you have a psychic ability or not, then read below and observe the same in yourself. If you find most of the following points in yourself, you have a psychic ability.

The first is intuition power. When I say intuition power, I really mean a high level of intuition such as you understand who had called before you pick up the phone call or know who it could be before the doorbell rang or can guess the correct color of the cloth that the person is wearing before you have met the person.
The second is telepathy power. If you can quickly understand by looking at a person what thoughts are going in their mind and conveying your thoughts to their mind, you have an excellent telepathic psychic ability.

The third is Deja vu. If you meet someone and think that you have met this person somewhere before, or you can recall a scene as if the same happened to you before, you have a good level of psychic ability.

Fourth are dreams or visions. Yes, if you see dreams, check if your dream gives you a message or not and whether the dream you dreamt of comes true. If it generally does in your case, then you have psychic abilities.

Lastly is your gut feeling. Sometimes, your gut feeling says that something would happen, and then something happens. If so, then you have psychic ability.

Check yourself and see for the above signs in yourself. If you have any or all or most of them, you have the psychic ability. Now when you know that you have psychic abilities, you should practice more to enhance them so that you can control them and use them when required.

High-Priestess Doris