Can anyone believe that the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre were actually predicted by a man more than four hundred years ago? Who else could it be but Michael de Nostredame – more commonly called Nostradamus. It is believed that this ‘seer’ predicted the attack on the twin towers in the seventeenth century.

Phony? Or real? Yet, even in the computer age, a part of the population has been stunned by the predictions made by this philosopher in 1654. There are many versions of this rumor and none of them have yet been proved authentic.

Not only are the versions unbelievable. They are also, in some cases, very dramatic and obviously woven.

Not withstanding the fact that the philosopher himself died in 1566, it has become evident that certain highly bored individuals with a lot of time on their hands are trying to incite some excitement into people’s lives through these false alarms.

It is said that some of these words are made up by these pranksters in nostradamus style writing.

The 1654 hoax prediction was actually an essay written by a student from Brock University in Canada who made up the entire quatrain to show how one can easily forge and mangle a nostradamus prediction to sound mischievous.

It is said that Nostradamus composed around 942 quatrains in his lifetime and published it in a book called ‘Centuries’. It means hundreds of anything. But it was mistaken to mean hundreds of years. This is where all the confusion began.

Nostradamus’ quatrains were quaint and mystical and supposedly went on to predict a thousand years in French history. The only ever exact date that he mentioned was July 1999, when he believed the world would end.

And in almost 30 of these mystical parables, Nostradamus talks about three “anti-christ”s who will take over the world. Will Mc Whorter, an interpreter identifies two of the three. One was Napoleon and the second, who tyrannized the world during World War II was Hitler. Aficionados of Nostradamus are resting their case on the third, who allegedly takes over after World War III. The bets are still high on who that could be.

If you do believe in prophecies, pay your money, buy the book and let’s see what you get at.

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The Hindu prophecy is one, Mayans are anehotr. Check with the Egyptians culture. They had predictions of their own destruction before it happen by the Oracle of Amen. Ragnarak of the Noris pantheon would be good to look at too. You can also try to research the Sumarians, it seems that most of the Bible’s stories came from that culture anyway. There are also many nonreligious people that have predicted end times. Nostradamus was Christian but there are many many others.Keep searching, you will likely come to the same conclusion I have.By the way Nostradamus wrote his first book in 1542 where the historians and archeologists have not yet discovered the Mayan prophecies. His belief systems ore Christian and not Mayan nor do they intersect except in the same time line, just a coincidence I suppose. More factual type of prophetic alignments truely. BTW The last organized religious sect.s of the Mayans fell apart around 1545 where they scattered into the surrounding lands and lived tribally according to some historical documents. Do the research and you will see.

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