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It has been too long since I posted on the blog. This is only a small one declaring that I finally have added helpful dating tips on the site. Most who ask for a free spell want to repair their love life, but these dating tips can also aid in that situation. You need to meet the person, and it can feel like a date.

Be sure to read them all, and I would love to hear back from you how it went.


High-Priestess Doris

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Mine is a difficult situation, at best. In serious, deep love with a man who is married and I am married as well. Both of us in unhappy marriages, found each other by accident, but the attraction was so intense, so deep, it developed into love. As he has so much more to loose than me, being a woman, the obstacles were too great for him to jump over, so we both decided it was best to stop our relationship before it became a mess. Heartbroken, I went to Deborah for help. I cannot live without the touch, voice or heart of this man with me. I’ve been miserable without him. I asked Deborah to help me and the day she cast the spell, I ran into him in the street. After months of being apart, we never talked about our romance, we only talked business. (We have a business relationship we have to deal with) He acted like a schoolboy in love and even kissed me on the lips in public!! I nearly died. I called him on the cell phone a few minutes later and he all of a sudden he starts telling me that he misses me, he cant resist me and he wants to see me. The spell. It’s not that he didn’t love me before, but we decided not to take our relationship further and stuck to it. He stuck to it harder than I did!! For 4 months I couldn’t get him to come back to me without worry and now he’s talking like this, a way in which he didn’t for a long time after we broke up. I gave him bait but he never took it until now. I know it’s the spell. is amazing. We spoke again a day later and he was again, very romantic and talking to me as if we never broke up again. I love this person so much, it’s painful. I want us to be in love and worry free and Deborah will make it happen. I will re-post when I get my final results. You are safe with Deborah magic power . I feel so comported by this guest book and just by my on experiences. Thank You Deborah,

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