Lemuria – Possible Existence of this “Lost Land”

by High-Priestess Doris on May 26, 2018

There have been various civilizations which have existed and vanished from the surface of the earth without leaving much of the traces for the future generations to know about them. Lemuria have been one such kind of civilization which has existed long back during the time of history but with no specific traces left behind. Lemuria is believed to have existed in the region of Southern Pacific regions, exactly between the Northern and Asia and America. It has been supposed that this region or better said this civilization had sunk deep into the ocean post a disastrous catastrophe which occurred during those times.

Lemuria had been termed so due to the abundant lemurs which were found in these regions. This region had also been referred to as Pacifica as well. Lemuria was believed to be a kind of paradise which consisted of various kinds of diverse lush trees as well as varied kinds of vegetation and fruits. The inhabitants who used to live here used to live a life of harmony and peace till the day came when everything was washed away with no speck of civilization traces left for the future generation to know about them. Though hard to believe, it has been said that when one fruit had been picked from a tree, another would appear by itself, such was the kind of abundant supply in these regions. Few have thoughts that Lemuria had been a kind of Biblical representation of the Garden of Eden where one used to avail all kinds of luxury.

The inhabitants of this civilization were supposed to be very religious in nature and very quiet good at heart. They were also believed to have possessed various kinds of telepathic capabilities and had the caliber to walk though using varied kinds of physical matter. Though today there is no existence of this civilization but few are of the belief that some individuals belonging to this civilization to exist in tunnels below the Mountain Shasta located in the region of California.

But now the question arises that if this region existed then where exactly was it situated. Though nothing is known for certain, it is believed that Lemuria, or the so called lost land was situated in the region of Pacific whereas few feel that it could have lied in the regions of the Mediterranean, whereas others are of the thought that this lost land would have actually been in the Indian Ocean region. The most popular belief is that this Lemuria island had existed in the Easter – Island & the islands of Hawaii.

High-Priestess Doris

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