Is it time to feel lucky with the help of a spell?

St: Patrick’s day is a well-known Irish tradition and a day of festivities. Many other countries have adopted it through the years, and most known is how the USA loves to celebrate it.

But for us in the magick realm, we take the time to focus on luck spells and positive energies. As it always is with magic, it’s the mind of the believer and the focus of the practitioner that manifests spells. And since this day makes people think of luck, it is the perfect day for a luck spell!

Four-leaf clover by Bellezza87

If you have never tried a luck spell before, you are in for a treat. The feeling you get when those small things in life just click and work in your favor is fantastic! Knowing that the day will turn out good and you will always go to bed with a smile on your face, is priceless!


There are many luck symbols, and the lucky four-leaf clover is probably the most used one in western culture. But there are many others to discover.

If you are feeling down on your luck lately, maybe you should have a luck spell cast today!

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