Improve your Health by Enhancing Your Aura

What is Aura? It stands for a unique energy field surrounding all living beings. It replicates the energy of the body’s spirit. The colors, pattern and texture of the aura depicts the being’s mental, physical, spiritual as well as emotional state. All the organisms present on the surface of the earth possess an aura around themselves. Though this aura cannot be seen with the naked eye, it extends in the outwards direction from the living being.

Scientifically, this energy field has been described as an electromagnetic field that exists around the human beings in ovoid shape. Its color and width varies with each person, depending on his or her health and spiritual development. According to various studies, illnesses manifest itself in the area of human beings much prior to manifesting itself in the physicality of living beings. Thus, many healers have come up who attempt to cleanse the Aura of people by removing slothful negative energy from their field of energy.

How to Detect your Aura?

Aura can be detected in various ways including with the help of naked eye, apart from thermographs, energy shifts, aura reading, dowsing and kirlian photography. The Beginner or novice healers who are starting off in the field of auric studies or healing with the use of pendulums, dowsing rods along with their intuitive abilities only. However, with practice and proper guidance, one can become proficient and make use of other methods as well with much more accuracy. These methods are sufficient enough for testing the aura in individual charkas.

How does the Aura affect our Health?

Every aura has a characteristic color that changes depending on the spiritual as well as physical wellbeing of its owner. The aura of a healthy body has a particular color pattern. When the owner faces any illness of mood change, the aura also undergoes a color distortion was can be detected. Since our aura is shaped according to our physical, mental as well as spiritual factors, it is sensitive to as well as completely dependent upon the environment outside as well as within our bodies. This means that our aura is affected by our health, personality, mental and emotional status, surrounding environment as well as social factors.

A person having a negative emotional status exerts a deteriorating effect on his or her own body and depletes it off its energy. Due to this, the efficiency of a person’s body reduces when a person undergoes situations such as frustration, stress or fear. Likewise, negative social interaction as well as low self esteem also has a weakening effect on our aura. Besides these, various pollutants present in the environment also distort and tarnish a person’s aura. A great technological boom for the human kind was the invention of cell phone. However, it brought with it some drawbacks. Its radiations have distorting effects on the person’s energy field. Simply techniques such as dowsing as be used to prove this fact.

How to Enhance One’s Aura

Aura can be augmented in 3 basic steps which include always maintaining a positive attitude and viewpoint, staying and eating healthy, meditating regularly to eliminate emotional states and negative thoughts from one’s mind, thereby cleaning your aura. Meditation helps in healing, sealing as well as cleansing one’s aura. But it is extremely important that meditation should be carried out in the right way. If not, it can lead to devastating effects. Some tips for a simple kind of meditation best suited for beginners include:

  • Sit in a silent room where you can be free from any distractions.
  • Dim the lights in the room and light a candle at a distance of 6 feet from you.
  • Shut you eyes, relax and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Take slow and deep breaths.
  • Once you get wound down completely, feel the light present before you.
  • Imagine that this light is forming a layer all over your body.
  • Take in this light and feel the energy build up within your body.
  • Think of the aura becoming stronger and imagine yourself glowing.

You should practice this form of meditation for about 7 to 20 minutes. Once you do this, you will feel more energetic, focused and lighter.

Devices used for enhancing Aura

Various products exists which are effective in enhancing a person’s aura when placed close to his or her body. These products are helpful in accelerating the process of healing not only physically but also spiritually. They are usually used by people looking for gaining optimum performance. Now they have become a common recommendation for patients by healers for enhancing their health.

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First question, is the candle necessary? Secondly, I have found my roommate to disrespect my religious needs, so i often find that a silent environment for meditation is quite a commodity in my humble abode, any solutions to bocking out noise? or simply tricks to block sound out with towels or blankets?

I really enjoyed story on the aura . I truly agree that when the aura is clean you feel better. I personally know going through a bad car accident and death of my brother what all of that can leave in your aura. Its not good at all. but i personally love to be in the bath tub when i meditate take a spiritual bath when seasalt and sometimes i use herbs. Oh i also use incense and a white candle. Its about healing and being in the now. thank you for this blog.

You know that makes a lot of sense. I am very in tune with auras and I used to draw them all the time. It really makes sense that any distortions could be related to stess, lack of sleep, foods and devices such as cell phones. What is affirming about meditating is that I really do feel a difference in my energy when I do this. I rarely get sick and in fact, I work out in a gym and developed an meditation exercise to strengthen my aura so I can lift extraordinary amounts of weight for my size. What I didn’t know is that pollutants from our enviroment affect our body’s aura as well! It totally reminded me of that one movie “The Last Mimzy”. What I want to know though is more about how food can affect our aura. I know caffiene does because I can see the flickering in one’s aura but does other food as well? (i.e. chocolate, fast food, fruit,alcohol, etc).

I loved your blog on the Aura enhancement,I totalley agree that with a clean and cleasensed aura life and emotoins health ,mental awareness is a ritual that everyone should try and benefit from.I personally expericed a aura that was totally grey so iwas told. and never really understoood it or looked in to it.But by reading your blog it gives answers hope inspriraton knowlege in a easy and understanding way. Thanks to you im on my way to look deeper and i wont stop tell i get all are some of the answers that im meant to no at this time.Thanks again for your blog it has truely opened my eyes in a understanding and knowledgeable way.

I felt a affinity towards the blog its very interesting to learn about the aura i learn stuff that i never knew i mean about meditation i didn’t know if u dont do it right u can get devastating effects thanks.

This is a nice article. I enjoyed the idea of putting a healthy glow all around yourself to enhance the aura by actually envisioning a healthy aura. Recently, I’ve been given a chakra exercise to do, in which each chakra is independently envisioned to glow. This is intended (I believe) to let us understand which chakras are underperforming, so that we can envision each chakra operating at peak performance.

All well and good, but having an exercise which ties in all the chakras, either before or after being tuned, makes a lot of sense. Or perhaps the general tuning should be done both before and after the detailed analysis. The old adage about “paralysis by analysis” comes to mind when I do work that is too detailed.

I believe the overall glow could enhance the safety of the chakra tune-up exercise, and I will begin including it in my daily chakra exercises.

Thanks so much!

In my whole life, this page had made a big change in my entire living right now, it helped me to understand those things that iv’ed been longing to know the answers…, from the chamber of my soul…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

I always try to meditate in a quite place whenever, I am going through some difficult or some emotional distress. I never tried enhancing my aura but after reading this I am going to try, and I believe I will get something positive out of it. Thanks for this enlighting information, for us beginners its very encouraging and I find many times people don’t respect our believes.
I am luck that I have a small room in my house where I can go and meditate.

I was not aware of auras enhancement by reading your article it inspired me to look within myself by meditating.I definetly feel positive I never knew that it is so simple by applying your technique.Thanks so much for the knowledge provided

i think that the aura is the particular tabs into spiritual reasons of the mind and body universaly in the use of getting in touch with divine reasons and your own healthfullness,without,yes;a good physical bid of aura you cannot posses or grant a good power in any form that is really a case for magic practictioners or those who want to posses those type challenges or even those who want healing of health you could not even start with a not so good aura,so yes anyone with a unhealthy aura needs a good one in order to do the things that everyday life depends upon and that should be in med books but anyone of spirituality should know it does mean more than a doctor in the house.

I most definitely agree that if you have a clean, bright aura that you are healthier in general. I tried this same type of exercise prob a couple years ago, I was working a tough job with late hours and a lot of people interaction and felt very blah. A customer told me to try it and I just laughed it off, did so one day and then again a week later and things became different. It seems when you are around a lot of negative people you begin to soak that into your system and you really need a good cleansing to rid it and this def helped. Everyone should try it. Goes a long way!

Tis quite true, recently I’ve undergone a life changing manifestation and it changed my aura completely. Although the negativity can bring one’s aura down for most, it has become my greatest strength through physical and mental challenges because I’ve embraced it. Whether you have a positive or negative aura, it doesn’t matter just as long as one know’s how to channel it in the proper fashion

I’m always amazed when children are more capable to access the spiritual realm than adults. I don’t know why I am always so amazed.

My daughter, for example, is 8 years old. I have been aware of her psychic ability since she started communicating with me. She also developed a healing energy. She drew a picture of it and described it for me when she was 7. She said she sees colors when she is placing her hands on people.

She will come up to me when my head hurts, for example, and say she sees darkness around my head. She says blues and greens start in her chest and go down her arms and into her hands when she lays her hands on someone with a pain or injury. She said she uses all of her love in her heart and pushes it down out through her arms and hands. Sometimes she describes different colors, but she says what she feels is a warmth that starts in her chest and then it radiates outward toward the negative energy (the pain of the other person). She has always been pretty healthy, but she says she doesn’t know how to heal herself when she is not feeling well. This is something she says she wants to work on.

If a child says something you find to be a bit fantastical, the key is to not dismiss it as fantasy right away. There may be some reality in what they are conveying. The more you encourage children to celebrate these wonderful abilities, the greater the chance that they will develop them into skills they will carry with them for a lifetime. Children make the best teachers… if we listen and observe.

I will have to try this for sure. My job is so boring and the boredom often leaves me feeling stressed and unhealthy. Out of the 8 hours I am in my office each day, I probably have only two hours of actual work that I need to do.

I am always looking for ways to destress, so it will be nice to try this. My house is quiet, i have several comfy places I can sit, and im a big fan of candles. I havent even tried yet, but I can picture it working already.

From my understanding we all have a predominant color in our aura. It is very interesting, I actually had my aura read from an aura reader, and I conciously was changing my color before the camera, and I witnessed it. If we visualize strong enough and believe, we can heal and strengthen our aura. I think that by having a sense of humor in life and eating well and not being affected by stress, we will live life to our own truest colors and will be happy. Our aura is a reflection of our thoughts, either positive or negative. So think positive, stay meditating and don’t let toxic relationships into your life.

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