How to find out if you have a psychic ability

by High-Priestess Doris on November 9, 2018

Every one of us are born with some psychic ability, it is just that either we do not know that we are born with it, or we are not able to recognize the abilities, here today we would discuss on how we can find out of whether we have a psychic ability or not. If you want to find out whether you have a psychic ability or not then read below and observe the same in yourself, if you find most of the below points in you then you have a psychic ability.

First is intuition power, when I say intuition power I really mean a high level of intuition such as you understand who has called before you pick up the phone call or know who it could be before the doorbell rang or can guess the right color of the cloth that the person is wearing before you have met the person.
Second is telepathy power, if you can quickly understand by looking at a person on what thoughts are going in his or her mind and also convey your thoughts to his or her mind then you have a good level of telepathic psychic ability.

Third is Deja vu, if you meet someone and think that you have met this person somewhere before, or you can recall a scenario as if the same happened to you before then you have a good level of psychic ability.

Fourth are dreams or visions, yes if you see dreams then check if your dream gives you a message or not and whether the dream you dreamt of comes true or not if it generally does in your case then you have psychic abilities.

Lastly is your gut feeling, does at times your gut feeling says that something would happen and then that something really happens if so then you have psychic ability.

Check yourself and see for the above signs in yourself, if you have any or all or most of them then you have psychic ability, now when you know that you have psychic abilities then you should practice more to enhance this abilities so that you can control them and use it when required.

High-Priestess Doris

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