How to Dispose of a Cursed Voodoo Doll

What to do when you have a negative aura because of it:

Sometimes it so happens that you find yourself in the company of a voodoo doll, which is cursed. You feel it is worrying and bringing some negative energy with it. So what do you do? Well, here are some alternatives that you could try in this case.

For starters, you could take the doll, wrap it in a white cloth and quaver some sea salt onto it. This ingredient is generally used in magic as a purification substance. Take this far away, like a jungle, and immerse it in water with fruits and coins as a submission. Pray that the buoyant spirits of the woods or the water convert the negative power using the strength of the earth. Don’t turn back after you are done with this performance. Return home, light a candle that burns for a week, and bathe with purifying agents (including sea salt). Juniper and basil plants are suitable agents for a ritual bath like this one.

One more preference is waiting for a Saturday to divest it. Place the object in a white colored cloth and bury it in a pit far away from your house. Burn it. On reducing it to vestiges, intersperse a few drops of Holy Water, gradually covering it with soil. Earth is one element that is powerful and has the ultimate strength to convert the negative force into that which is positive. After performing this and returning home, take a bath with a mixture of holy water.

If you think getting holy water is difficult, think again. The Indians preserve an age-old secret. An ordinary glass of water should do this. Place it at a window that’s located on the east of your house. The rays of the sun, prevailing and intense, will fall on the water, making it pure.

High-Priestess Doris

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