Gemstones and powers

Hi all, this is a small post about various gemstones powers. The psychic enhancing abilities of gemstones are are listed below:

Agate: Increases intuitive powers and creates a clear state of mind. Helps connect with spirits easily.

Amethyst: Gives considerable protection from negative energies in the immediate surroundings. Improves psychic abilities.

Angelite: Serves as an aid in astral travel and telepathy

Andalusite: When someone has an overactive psychic energy, serves as a dampener.

Apatite: Brings about psychic abilities and creates inner visions.

Azulite: Enhances psychic ability

Chrysocolla: Induces trances and prophetic visions. Enhances psychic abilities

Coral: Increases intuition

Emerald: Increases clarity in dreams and sometimes leads to spiritual insights.

Howlite: Calms the mind and opens it to spiritual energies.

Iolite: Creative insight and psychic vision are induced

Kyanite: This stone assists in lucid dreaming, astral travel and telepathic moments. It enhances psychic abilities.

Labradorite: This is called Wizard’s Stone. It increases one’s intuitive abilities.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone increases psychic abilities

Moonstone: The stone helps in enhancing one’s psychic abilities and also increases intuitive skills

Obsidian: Often used in divination and it also helps develop innate abilities of a psychic

Sapphire: Enhances and increases telepathic abilities

Sugilite: Dramatically increases psychic abilities. Provides protection in case of negative energies.



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