Full Moon and its affect on us

by High-Priestess Doris on June 8, 2018

The effects of full moon has always been into the news, debate on how and why full moon effects or does not effects a human and human behavior has been a hot topic always. There has been lot of research foundations and organizations who are studying the effects of full moon on humans and human behaviors. Ti is such believed that the moon has its own frequency and so does has a human brain, the frequency of human brain and that of moon are almost same. The frequency in our mind are nothing but catalyst which gives rise to our thoughts, and when there is a full moon, it gives us more thoughts because due to the higher frequency our catalyst are working in more high speed for which we start thinking more and more when it is full moon.

Eventually it has also been discovered that moon does not generally creates much effect on human body except the fact that due to a full moon light during night time people are not able to sleep properly which can causes lot of other diseases related to the brain or nerves. However it is also described that our body is made of more water and less of earth, similar to the earth we live in which comprises of more water, and due to the full moon the gravitational pull increases for which tides happen, similarly due to full moon it is such depicted that the water content of our body also faces higher gravitational pull for which our systems inside our body might get interrupted from its daily course. Some other effects that might be on us are below

<strong>EPILEPSY:</strong> A study in the journal Epilepsy & Behavior in 2004 found no connection between epileptic seizures and the full moon, even though some patients believe their seizures to be triggered by the full moon.

<strong>PSYCHIATRIC VISITS:</strong> A 2005 study by Mayo Clinic researchers, reported in the journal Psychiatric Services, looked at how many patients checked into a psychiatric emergency department between 6 pm. and 6 am. over several years.

<strong>EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS:</strong> Researchers examined 150,999 records of emergency room visits to a suburban hospital.

<strong>PET INJURIES:</strong> In studying 11,940 cases at the Colorado State University Veterinary Medical Center, researchers found the risk of emergency room visits to be 23 percent higher for cats and 28 percent higher for dogs on days surrounding full moons. It could be people tend to take pets out more during the full moon, raising the odds of an injury, or perhaps something else is at work — the study did not determine a cause.

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