Clairvoyant Mediums

A Medium is a person who possesses the power to communicate with the spiritual world. Their purpose is two fold – they aim to prove to the physical world the existence of afterlife, and they work to console grieved parties. A clairvoyant medium is one who possesses an extra boon – an ability to see Spirits, and thus communicate with them better.

The literal meaning of clairvoyance is ‘clear seeing.’ This means a clairvoyant Medium is accurately able to see images of people of places through their mind’s eye. These images would relate to the Spirit they are contacting. Generally these are similar to memories and do not represent the future. However in some cases a Clairvoyant Medium may also be able to foretell the future. Mediums usually refrain from foretelling as any person has the ability to alter his/her future.

A Clairvoyant Medium will reproduce these images through words, to a person consulting in order to prove to him/her that they are authentic and true Mediums. They may also offer Clairvoyant readings to those who wish to know their future or connect with a dead person. Clairvoyant readings may be taken seriously, although many people are interested in these predictions for the fun quotient.

Clairvoyant Mediums usually have a Spirit of their own which guides then through readings but sometime, as in the case of Trance Mediums, another Spirit takes possession of the Medium’s body and relates incidents as the Spirit sees it, to a seeker. This alternative Spirit is usually associated with the seeker.

There are many doubts as to how Clairvoyance differs from Psychic. The answer is simple. It is all but interconnected as Psychic refers to those who possess powers including telepathy, intuition and extra sensory abilities.

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i have contacted clairvoyant mediums before and they have never contacted the person i wish them to why would this be

It is times like this that we all seek a little bit of help in our lives.. Somethings were meant to be and some are not. But we can keep hoping and wishing for things to go the way we plan. At times the Universe can be fickle. I think it would be nice to have Clarivoyant abilities.. Blessings to you as you do and I hope that all the tasks that you set yourself upon come out positive!

My husband died in June of 2009. I found a well know medium through a book I had been reading. His name was Troy Parkinson. I contacted him because I had several friends that just needed some closure in their lives regarding someone that had passed as well as I needed to hear from my husband. He never met any of these people and came to my house to do a group reading. It cost me $1000 plus his airfare which I also paid. It was well worth the money. Everyone got to hear from whom they wanted as well as me from my husband, mother and father. It put my mind at ease and I would willingly pay the money to do it again. He was amazing. I am a true believer

In 2008 I had my first experience with a Medium, but not at my choosing. My mother had always visited different Mediums, but I was a bit skeptic at times, not because I didn’t believe it was possible, but from the few that I have encountered with my mother there was always something inside of me that made me doubt their abilities; but this encounter was very real and I still reflect on that day. My mother has always been a secretive person, but this time I knew there had to be a reason why she wanted me to see this Medium with her. I truly did not want to go, but a little voice in my head said go. I come from a very spiritual background and from what I have learned about my about family my Grandfather was a High Buddhist Priest and also a Medium. The Medium we met with came from Thailand and he only spoke Thai so the nun translated everything he said to me. He told me I would have a child within a year and my life would get better. I did not believe this because I was told by doctors that I could not get pregnant, after having 2 tubal pregnancies. My mother died 6 months later of Cancer, an illness she told no one she had, but now I realize my visit with the Medium was to give her reassurance that I would be o.k. without her. I got pregnant exactly a month after my mother died, I now have a beautiful little girl and everyday I look into her eyes I wish my mother was her.

Even though no one else in my family believes in Clairvoyant Mediums, I have always been impressed by and fascinated by the amazing gifts which they possess. It is just recently that I have turned to Mediums for advice in several areas of my life, such as money and love, and have found the ones I’ve consulted to be such a comfort during what I would consider to be the most difficult time in my life. Their advice and insights have been invaluable, and the support of these Mediums has given me the strength to go on and look to the future, knowing that, with their help, it will be so much brighter and happier than my life is now-I know I couldn’t have been able to do so otherwise without them. I wish that everyone would give these incredibly caring and gifted people the credit and respect they deserve, because I think that ANYONE can better enhance their life in ways they never imagined with the help and guidance of a Medium.

I never see anything but I do sence when there is something around me and I can hear thoughts in my head, but its my voice I am hearing, usually what I hear is something that is to come. It hapens to me quite often. I feel as if someone is right there looking at me then I feel my left ear as if there is water or something in it. You know the feeling right. Then right after that ill close my eyes and listen and I hear thoughts like im listening to myself and shortly after it I would say a day or two later it will happen. Its the same feeling I get when I read Tarrot Cards, which is something I got into a long time ago. So im wondering if I have capable of abilities that I am not aware of that im ignoring or can possibly do something to make them stronger. Or am I just plum Please help me with this one somebody.
Thank you for your time,

Clairvoyant mediums,Psychics,Fortune tellers etc. are so common nowadays, but they are all similar in the sense that they all help give guidance and advice to persons who seek them. I myself have sought help spiritually and my expectations of it has been moderately satisfying.We all need to understand that these gifted individuals have a special part to play in society, concerning our arrangements sort of speak.On the outcome end,we must still make our decisions,stand our grounds,alter our destiny and live every moment of our lives to tell the tale.
I look at these individuals as psychologist or therapists with an extra BOOM…..which makes them the perfect answer to most of us who have lost some sense of direction and seeks help within the unknown.

The story above is a beautiful reflection of the gifts of a talented psychic 🙂 wish there was more of them around truly to assist others more than overcharging 🙁

Thank you so much for the wealth of information here and to the gentle people who have left comments. I am now 51 years old and have not had a spiritual encounter for many years. However when I was a young man serving in the Army in 1978/79, I witnessed a number of strange things, like seeing two soldiers dressed in British uniform dating to the Anglo Boer War standing under a tree talking although I could not hear them. They where soon gone before my eyes. Other things I have witnessed with a group of about five other soldiers, was a great big, bright, and round ball of light that floated to just above the ground in a field we where crossing, just to the right of this ball. It was orange, red and multicoloured. We continued to walk on untill beyond the tree line, out of sight. Looking back we could still see the area glowing with this light. I have seen fast moveing shadows at night time, and felt strange things. Have also seen things from the corner of my eye but when I have turned to face the object or form, there is nothing there. Since that time I have not experienced anything like this again save for a few unexplained uneasy moments. I am not sure if I have a gift that is now dormant within me. Best Regards and much love to all…Michael

I think Clairvoyance is something wonderful..when there are people who possess power to communicate with the spirit that has crossed over and relay messages to the living then it is just amazing….coz it gives everyone this hope of getting the chance to have a turn to experience an afterlife existence……. life doesnt have to end here when we stop continues on to eternity……in the spirit world

you are wonderfull you saved my life , continuous to help me I need your help I am nothing without you please help me yyou are my lite

well i have been a Clairvoyant Mediums on a few occations. it was friends that had loved ones holding on & didnt wanna leave cuz she/he didnt want to let them move on… with my biggest one i also let a spirit take possession of my body and it related incidents as the Spirit sees it or how things happened in the past, to my girlfriend. now when i saw the man i didnt even know he was a spirit. i went off & asked him what he thought he was doing in my house… he looked around & said u can c me…? i said of coerse ur sitting right next to debbie…. now she was giving me this wierd ass look & asked me who i was talking to… i told her. she didnt believe me… after i described him to her she got upset & told me i was being mean… i didntn’t understand y she was acting this way…. so i asked the man who he was.. he told me his name (but i have forgotting that long ago) & that he was debbies father… i looked at her & told her that her father was here & would like to talk to her… now she didnt believe me so i told him to think of something that i wouldnt know but they would…. so he thought then told me to tell her bull bologna… i said what..? thats stupid…. he said no just say that to her… so i said “debbie ur dad told me to tell u bull bologna… i dont know y but thats what he said…” she just stared… eyes got wider mouth started to fall open… then she just started crying her eyes out…. asking me all these questions & he was telling me the answers…. now i knew my mother was a real witch… i suspect she dabbled in white as well as black…. just a feeling… so i knew some stuff…. not no where near where i should b… my mother never tought me… upsetting but true… looking 4 a teacher now… doing all i can on my own…. anyways… i also saw the movie ghost…. so i asked him if he wanted to get into me so they could interact straight to each other… he just using my body… i told him no funny stuff & i will kick him out at anytime i c fit…. so we locked the doors & closed the curtains … we went to the couch & we all sat down…. debbie first then me then he sat in me… it felt weird… i was like watching him in me… like i could c myself but him covering me… like a double image… really strange… they ended up talking for many hrs… i was getting tired & so was he… but the last thing they did was give each other a great big hug & kiss…. she told him she would let him go & he said he would still watch over her from time to time… help her when he could… then he got up & i was me again…. i’ve never done that again cuz then i heard some bad things that can happen by letting a spirit inside u… even with all that i am glad i did that… i didnt listen to what they were talking about since that would of been rude but from what she told me he died suddenly… i also can meet people & get sences from them…. if i touch them i can tell them about themselves… like the lady who wrote this blog said “It is all but interconnected as Psychic refers to those who possess powers including telepathy, intuition and extra sensory abilities.” when i was little i saw alot of things… people getting hurt or killed or just dying… when i was around 8 or 9 i had one of my visions & this time a little boy & i think his grampa get hit by a speeding car & die… well i knew i’ld seen that gate over the driveway before… so i went out looking & looking hard…. hrs later i did find that house… i sat right behind the car so no one could move it… about 20 or so minutes went by & the kid & old man came out of the house to get into the car… they saw me & we talked.. then he told me i would have to move cuz they were going to the kids 1st hair cut…. i thought that was cute… since my mom did ours or one of her friends…. anyways i refused to move… he even tried to pick me up to move me & i would just start kicking & going off… i told him i couldnt move till the red & yellow car went by… he said he had never seen one like that around & he really needed to go… well i wouldnt move… by this time the gramma is out here too trying to get me to move…. by this time a red car with a yellow stripe flew by there at least 80 mph…. i said fine… ur gonna b ok so i’ll leave now…. c the little boy was sitting behind his grandpa in the car… so when that car got there it would of t-boned that car killing the little boy & his grandpa… i know cuz i saw it… i had to change it…. the last time i had a really big vision & i was at my stepdads laying in his spare room…. i woke up screaming… i cant even discribe what state i was in…. i had seen so much death… distruction… complete chaos… we all remmber when the bridges colapsed in calie… well thats what i saw…. i was like 15… October 20, 1989 the Interstate 405, and the I-55 last Main Street overpass has collapsed with several cars buried underneath.
now i saw a woman & 2 children in a car…. baby & toddler… she looked young as well… i told them what i saw & my stepdad went & turned on the news… seeing everything i just said i saw in my dream… my mom told me to close my eyes & go back to the lady with the 2 kids… so i did… she then told me to move straight up through all the rubble to the suface… so i did that even though it was very hard… she asked me what i saw around there so i told her… every detail i could make out of all that mess… my momo made my dad call the military & send a rescue to that location & on the bottom there were some servivers… he told them he couldnt explain now how he knew but just they needed to hurry cuz there wasnt much time… c my stepdad was very important in the army… he retired & they still asked him back to train the troops for this last war… even though they dont call it a war…. welll to make a long story short they followed my directions & found the girl with her 2 kids & they were ok… plus they found 7 more around that same area… now if i didnt have the stepdad i had they would of probably died… i believe god brought him into our lives for many reasons… plus i have a little brother from him… after that i told my mom i didnt want the dreams… i didnt want to c people get hurt that i couldnt help… so she did a spell & i think it also was a rutural… i’m not sure… but they stoped… she dided in 05 & i’ve had a few weird dreams… some that kinda came true…. but nothing like i did when i was younger… also when i was a toddler & so on my mom told me i would astroplane… i would tell her what places & things looked like that i’ld never seen… she even told me i described the gates of heaven… my mom couldnt have many people watch me cuz i would do this & they would think i was dead… but i was just leaving my body to go some place else…. i have done that when i was a teenager but i havent been able to clear my mind all the way anymore… for yrs its been like that… my brain wont shut up…. well if anyone is in the ft. worth, tx area & wanna look me up feel free… u can leave a message at the country meat market on lancaster ave. from hwy 820 ur going towards arlington… it has a big cow on the roof… tell them its an important message for bleu & they will get it to me… just dont tell that to a guy named mark cuz he’s an ass… the boss is arnold… there’s jim & walter…. also eric… tell one of them… i worked there 4 almost 2 yrs… still go in here & there… but they had to lay off over half the crew… sad but true… also katty’s there some saturdays… it would b nice to have a teacher… or someone to work with… i love being wiccan & there is a great church its a uu church… heres the website… …. this is the one i go to when i have the gas to do so… u can b any religion & go to this church… they always start off with the lighting of the cholas… its the 1st church i didnt wanna fall asleep in…. lol… well i have tooken enough of your time & i hope u liked my very true stories… i share them with few… most just dont believe… bu-bie

The aim of life is to live a divine life. We are living in this world. We know that man does not live by bread alone. He needs the soul in order to live in the world of God’s Reality. The soul alone has the capacity to see and feel the known and the Unknown, the existent and the non-existent, the dream of the past, the achievement of the present and the hope of the future.

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