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Entering 2016 with a positive mind

We are making a new fresh start. 2016 is here and it’s the perfect reason for you to get rid of all the negative energies in your life! Bad habits? Bad bf/gf? Bad friends? Bad job?

If you want 2016 to be a great year and maybe a restart of your life, then you need to take action! Either you do what has to be done, be yourself, or get help from an expert. Whatever your choice is, you need to make it to make that wanted change in your life happen!

I’ve helped thousands of people throughout the years and they didn’t let the opportunity go waste when they stumbled upon my free spell casting service. Do yourself a favor and have a spell cast today!

High-Priestess Doris

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Approaching Halloween and the most exciting time of year for any spell caster!

Are you casting spells on your own? Then you should plan and prepare to have the most powerful spells cast on halloween this year. It is the time of the year when the living and the spirit world are as closest and summoning spirits is easier than ever!

If you plan to contact a spell caster to cast for you, then you shouldn’t hesitate as each spell caster normally wont have more time than 5-10 casts on this special day. I know from own experience that the success rate is 100% and this is really the day you can ask for anything you want (be careful as there is no take back)!

I remember some years back when a client of mine wanted riches but wasn’t mentally prepared for what it entails and ended up being paranoid and reclusive. So ask away but be ready and stay humble and all will be fine! The Universe listens when you are true! 🙂

Have a wonderful cast on Halloween!

Blessed be,
High-Priestess Doris

mysticism Witchcraft

3 Free Witch Spells You Can Use Now

You might want to try out the spells that have been mentioned below. They are easy and require a little expertise! And what’s more? They are free! A spell’s power is originally derived from the person performing it. Witch spells will work only if YOU are determined enough to make it work. The more you expand an association with, and perceptive of, widespread principles, the further prevailing and dominant your spells will become with passing time. This will guide you to get what you want, sooner than it would normally take.

Spell to broaden finances
Take a cauldron or a large metal bowl. (The purpose of a cauldron is to make a magical property more potent – and its not essential here.) Fill the vessel partially with water and site it where you propose to perform the spell, making sure that the moon light shines into the water unswervingly. Flounce your hands over the water as if congregating the moon’s hoary.
Whilst doing this chant:

“Enchantress of the moon, spray upon me your wealth quite too soon.
Seal my hands with riches unknown.
And let me clasp all that my holdings can grasp.”

Spell To magnetize or achieve Love:
Position your cauldron on an altar flanked by two rosy pink candles. Within the cauldron consign a magenta candle. Light and the rose candles and a love incense when geared up to perform. Gently tap the cauldron thrice with your wand and chant:
“One to search for me, one to stumble on me.
One to fetch him/her, one to unite him/her.
Our hearts shalt remain, perpetually as one.
And with this, the charm is past done.”
Now, gently tap the vessel thrice again and light the magenta candle that you have placed inside.

A Spell for contentment:

Take three strings of the colors black, blue and purple. Whilst thinking about contented state, securely plait the three strings jointly. Steadfastly knot a loop by the finish of the braided chord, although abiding to clasp affirmative fragments of delight. Knot six more times in the twine with the constructive vigor and blissful thoughts. Clutch the thread with you in anticipation of happiness in your life. Then consign it in a secure area or propose it to nature and burn it, scattering the ashes in a waterway.
There goes your 3 spells! They have worked well for me, hope they do for you too! The power within you is the key, strengthen it and make your charms stronger and faster. If you are strong, your spells will be too. The power is derived from your emotional balance and once that is achieved, the spells will work like magic – which in fact they are.

High-Priestess Doris