Is it important to focus hard when you cast a spell?

This question may sound secondary but it's not! Focus is a very important aspect of the spell you cast. Let's have a deeper look at this interesting matter.

First, why do you need to concentrate? A spell is a transfer of energy. From the spell caster to the “target” of the spell. If you are willing to cast a spell, you must know that and act consequently.

You must prepare for an authentic spiritual experience. If you do everything well, you will be amazed. You have to feel your inner energy, and let this energy embrace your wish. That spiritual energy you produce reaches the spell's target thanks to the spell's formula. If you create a strong force with your spirit, there is every chance that your spell works.

For example, when you cast a spell to get your lover back, your spiritual energy will reach your partner's heart and mind. If before, during, and after the spell, you focus on positive thoughts about the relationship, your lover will most likely feel the same optimism.

Seems easy to say, but it's the hardest part of casting a spell. A good concentration requires years of training and practice. Of course, there are tips to improve our concentration abilities. I will post an article about those tips another day.




Check out that very interesting documentary about voodoo in Haiti.



A few words about online spell casters. Many persons asked me to recommend online spell casters.

I do not want to recommend any caster that I know because if your spell doesn't work, you might be angry at me.

Moreover, I want to stay 100% independant from all online spell casters. If I start to talk about them, I know that some of you may consider that i'm promoting the caster I'm talking about. That's why I won't do that.




Here's the continuation of the previous post about the different magicks that you could use to cast your spells:


It is a type of magick that draws on malevolent powers and dark spirits. Black Magick would be invoked to cause spiritual or physical injuries, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others. People are usually afraid of backfires when it comes to black magick. Yet, experienced spell casters are able to avoid the spell to turn against the caster or against the spell's beneficiary.

As a result, black magick spells are particularly effective to cast revenge spells, money spells and break up spells.

White Magick is seen as the “light” side of black magick. Many people consider that those 2 magicks are the same type, one being the conjuring of evil spirits and the other being the summoning of good spirits. The use of two terms, “white” and “black”, would be just a way to express the dualism of magick.

Concerning white magick spells, they are recommended to cast love spells.


Kabbalah refers to esoteric mystical beliefs that are part of the Torah, the Jewish holy book which is also the Christian Old Testament. It is known that the Torah (the Law of God) has secret meanings and that the study of these secrets is called Kabbalah.

If i refer to witchcraft here, it's because Kabbalah in fact is a jewish form of witchery, or sorcery. There are many other forms of witchcraft, depending where you live and what culture you have.
Christians officially forbid sorcery yet some old cults have survived the strong repression made by Christians.
Islam has a sorcery too: it consists in the conjuring of djinns, which are spirits of superior power.
Hinduism also has its magick. The spell casters are called siddhars and many of them are said to have performed miracles that would ordinarily be impossible to perform.

Then, we can note that witchcraft can take different form, depending on where it is located. Therefore, it's hard to say that a certain spell is effective through witchcraft because in fact, everything can be done with sorcery. Though, I'm giving you a few tips:
Muslim witchcraft is said to be effective for money spells.
Hindu and Chinese sorceries are good to cast money and love spells.
Kabbalah should be used to cast love and revenge spells.

Well, I hope that these 2 articles will help you and dont hesitate to leave your comments.




There are many different magicks to be considered when you want to cast a spell. Let's explore some of them and the type of works they are useful for… I don't pretend to present you ALL magicks. Let's start with the main ones:


Basically, when magick is concerned, voodoo and hoodoo are more or less the same thing. Voodoo is a folk magick practiced in Africa and a few caribean islands such as Haiti. Hoodoo is the African American form of voodoo.
The goal of these magicks is to allow people access to supernatural forces to improve their daily lives by gaining power in many areas of life, including luck, money, love, divination, revenge, health, and employment. Voodoo spells use herbs, oils, minerals, part of animals' bodies, and bodily fluids. Recitation of Psalms from the Bible is also considered magically effective in hoodoo – i could open a topic about the magickal power of prayers in a future post -.

Those magicks are extremely powerful. Yet, they require a very long apprenticeship. It may take years for you to cast your first successful voodoo spell. I will help you on this blog and through my newsletter with authentic formulas of voodoo spells.

Voodoo is recommended to cast many spells: revenge spells and money spells buyers often praise voodoo for its incredible powers. Voodoo can be also extremely effective for difficult love situations.


Shamanism refers to communication with the spirit world. The shaman uses various techniqes to incite trance: singing, dancing, taking drugs, meditating, and drumming. Then the shaman's spirit leaves the body and enters into the supernatural world. Best shamans also have the ability to control many spirits. Those spirits can be used for someone's benefit.
So, a shaman is a real intermediary between the natural and spiritual world. Once in the spirit world, the shaman communicate with spirits to change things in the natural world.

The first known function of shamanism is healing. Therefore, one could consider that shamanism is effective to cast health spells. That's true. But not only…

There are so many spirits that shamans are able to cast a very wide range of spells. If you have the opportunity to visit Yellowstone's national park as I did, you could meet fantastic shamans.


Wicca is a pagan form of witchcraft, popularised in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, who established the ancestral roots of wicca and described it as an old pre-Christian witchcraft which had existed in secret for centuries. Wicca gives a great importance to the four elements: air, water, fire and earth. Wiccans believe that there's a fifth element, Spirit.

In wicca tradition, spells are religiously kept secret in books of shadows. For that reason, if you are not directly in touch with a wicca practicionner, it should be hard for you to have authentic formulas to cast wicca spells.

Wicca magick is extremely powerful when masterized. The secrecy of wicca makes it hard to find genuine spells so if you have the opportunity to possess wicca spells' formulas, keep in mind that what you have is very rare!
Wicca is known to be very useful concerning love and health matters.

To be continued…



People interested in spells often wonder if spells backfire. You don't know what a backfire is? Let's say that it happens when the energy of a spell turns against the caster or the spell's beneficiary.


Most websites mentionning spells also refer to backfires. Generally, they are seen as a problem with the spell: the energy you provoke when you cast a spell is supposed to reach a “target” (for example, the person you want as lover), if the spells fails, that power usually vanishes. Yet, in just a few cases, this energy won't disappear but turn against the caster or, more frequently, against the person who want to take an advantage from a spell (for example, the beneficiary of a love spell is the person who should be loved by the “target” of the spell).


From what I have myself experienced and read, there are few explanations to backfires: the target of the spell might be protected by a talisman or a magick spell that will reverse any spell cast upon that person; the feelings of the spell's beneficiary are not pure (for example, if you cast a love spell on someone that you don't trully love, there's a chance that the spell backfires at you)…

When you want to cast a spell that has negative effects (such as revenge spells), you have to be cautious because these spells easily backfire. Practice before you cast those spells or ask the advice of a professional caster.


Yes. If you need to cast a revenge spell, I suggest you to have a perfect practice of magick. If you are not a confirmed spell caster, you'd better ask someone to do the spell for you. Negative energies easily backfire if you dont have the sufficient knowledge to control them.

Make sure that the results you want from a spell are not only in your mind but also in your soul.

As much as you can, use professional spell casters to do your spiritual works. They can control backfires and avoid them.

Honestly, it takes a long time to be used to magick and its powers. There are persons who worked for it all their life.


Modern witches: THE CRAFT


Here's a clip of one of my favorite movies, The Craft.

It's about 4 teenage girls who practice witchcraft and conjure up various spells and curses. It's a must see for all magick lovers.




Having myself a little experience in magick (or “magic” – yet it is believed that “magick” defines “casting spells” more specifically), I know that love spells exist and work. Don't believe it's easy to do it! First you need to know a good spell. Some spells you might get for free on internet are not efficient at all. Secondly, the more precious and rare the spell's ingredients are, the more successful your spell will be. You can find most of these ingredients online but some are very expensive. From what I know, people who call themselves professional spell casters are using the rarest components. I should talk about these matters in a dedicated post later on. That said, the most important in the casting of a love spell is… the spell caster himself.

Some persons are naturally gifted for magick, some are not. Life is not fair… Some are gifted for mathematics, some are not… That's the same. You should try to cast your own spells, maybe you'll have a good surprise! If you sign up to my newsletter, you will receive my best spells' formulas once in a month! I don't have the pretention to be a great spell caster but i'm improving! I already have results and would like to share some of my secrets with you!

Concerning love spells themselves, there are factors that will determine the success of your spell:
– your own feelings. Indeed, if you do not love someone but try to make him/her love you, it won't work. That person who loves you (and you don't) might suffer because of your “disdain”. Such a spell is more a “revenge” spell than a love spell (because the “target” of the spell could suffer from the lack of feelings by your side). To make a true love spell that works, a complete and pure reciprocity of feelings is needed. Romeo has to love Juliette to make her love him after all… Why would it be different when it's about you?
– second factor is your compatibility with magick. Most persons are. Yet, a few persons are not (5-10%). The psychic energies summoned and gathered by the spell won't reach these persons. These persons are said to be “magic proof”. Casting a love spell when one of the partners is insensitive to magick will most likely be a failure, unless you cast a very powerful spell.
– a third factor is the strength of your will. It happens that after a painful break up, you want the partner who left you to suffer just like you did. It's human to have such feelings. But if you keep that intention in mind when you cast a spell, it may block the harmony of your feelings. And it's hard to even realize that you long for a “revenge”, it's maybe just in your subconscious. Since a love spell's is taking its energy from your feelings, if they are pure, you have real chances to make it work.
– another factor that is external is the friends/family of the spell's “target”. People often forget about that factor… But it has an importance. For example, if your ex-lover is surrounded by persons speaking about the bad sides of the relationship, it may block your partner's will to come back with you. At a certain point, it's even necessary to cast a specific spell to banish all these negative influences from your ex-lover's mind.

Anyway, let's recapitulate everything now: how can you cast your own successful love spells? You need a good formula, good ingredients, be a minimum gifted for magic, and respect all the factors I mentionned. It may seem a lot for you now, but the more you will discover the world of magick, the more you will understand it, and realize that you can benefit from its powers!


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