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I have made an extraordinary find this week when I stumbled upon the blog by Professor Bruce Smith.

This knowledgable man have been working on his debut book and while he have done that he have used his blog to get feedback about the occult and paranormal topics he writes about. One section is the “monthly spell caster” that has generated with very good critics. Prof.Smith have managed to locate some top spell casters that if worth using.

Check his blog out

Or check the spell casters section to find authentic casters


Sense of magick

Many of you have asked how you can know if you are able to cast successful spells. Well there is no shortcut to success. You need to practice and practice. Some will have a “natural talent” but most of you will have to just work hard. Really hard!

The best way to gain essential skills is to have a tutor by your side. It is not easy being a novice! I can suggest a site for you to get started. Go to Click Here!


Interesting regarding your zodiac sign

Have you checked your sign lately? I bet you have wondered how life can be read through a star constellation. Well, it is a large number of factors that have been summed up with the signs you know. What you do not know is that it might be wrong. Is that possible? Well, you decide, but it is an interesting article at least:


Flowers smell sweeter.. Food taste better..

Those of you who have found love once again know what I am talking about…

Spring is since long in the air and now you can have a really lovely summer… Missing your loved one? Don’t worry… sign up to have a free love spell cast! Your loved one will be in your arms very soon… 🙂


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I have made a Facebook profile. All who want to receive a free blessing now and then ( to remove all bad energies), add me as a friend!

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The voting has ended. Best Spell caster in 2008 was….

The counts have been done
I got around 3000 emails from clients of different spell casters. So I had to manually check them. It was many long nights spent sorting out good and bad spell casters. I found out that there are 3 spell casters to stay away from.

And I found out that there is 3 spell casters that had more success then others. Many who wrote to me gave detailed information and that helped me to understand more about your problem and the best ways to solve it.

How was your 2008?
How did things turn out for you in 2008? Many who used my offer to have a free spell cast, got some excellent results. Others are in need of something more powerful. This is why I emailed you about 2 weeks ago asking to hear about the clients opinion. The best way is to ask, those who used spell casters in 2008, who they found helpful and can recommend it to others, just like you!

I will present the spell casters who got the most votes and one of the positive comments they received.

1. – Maya magick spells, got 38% of the votes.

“I always heard so much good about the shamans who did Maya magic and spells. I once went to Central America to meet one, and it was an incredible experience where the shaman removed a curse that was laid on me years ago. I felt so free for the first time in years! A big relief. I then, 3 months ago, found and was thrilled that I could use a Maya shaman again to help me in my life. This time I got help in reuniting with my ex. The spell was not too expensive and gave such fast results… Highly recommended!” Patrick Stevenson, Houston, USA.

2. – Native American Magick spells, got 16% of the votes.
“As a deeply spiritual man, I found the magick of the Native Americans a natural way of solving all my problems. The service I got from was the best I have ever had. Many spell casters have failed to produce full results and have also lacked personal, deep caring responses. This is the best site so far!” Tina Everest, San Francisco, USA

3. – Egyptian magic spells, got 10% of the votes.
“I always was interested in the powers of the Egyptians. Since much of today’s magick spells have their origins in this culture, I found it natural to try it. I never regret it for one moment! My spell gave me the results I desired and I could see signs as early as 2 weeks. Then it only got better and better. This is a true success story!” Kevin, Birmingham, UK

The rest were votes for 25 other sites, that is no point in showing, as we were looking for the best ones in 2008.

I wish you all the best in 2009 and I hope you have such success in the spells as the above 3 examples.

High-Priestess Doris


Time to make your voice heard! VOTE in BEST spell caster 2008

2009 has just begun and we all wonder what we left behind us in 2008. Some of you are at the same point where you were last year. Are you fighting hard enough for that change you desire? Is it seemingly too hard to coop with? Problems and hardship is something we all have to face now and then. 2009 doesn't have to be like that. I will guide you with the help of others!

Today starts the countdown to announcing the BEST SPELL CASTER OF 2008!!!

This is not something I will decide. YOU, the visitor of must be there to tell us what you think about the spell caster you have used. You will be able to vote on any spell caster that can be found online. If you had an good or bad experience with them tell me about it. Email me latest the 29/1 2009. I will announce the winner 1/2 2009.

Email me to this email:

Write your first name, Country, who you want to give a positive OR negative vote for. You can also include some short information on WHY you vote on that spell caster. What was good or bad.

So remember you can vote positive or negative. You can also vote for more then one spell caster. I will then go through all the votes and declare the winner and post some of your comments on Feb 1st 2009.

What are you waiting for? Send me your votes now!


A new year – A new start!

A new fresh year has started and we can all benefit from taking a moment and think about the changes we want. We can all change the future into something good! It is not only for the very rich. Make sure you look at the section about spell caster review sites. It is a good resource in helping you find the spell caster that can help you fulfill your most inner dreams! Do not wait anymore. Do not postpone.. Make 2009 the best year ever! Make your life the best that can be.

Use the powers of a professional spell caster!

Happy new year to all,

High-Priestess Doris


Horoscopes – important to consult it every day!

I am pleased to announce a new section of called free daily horoscopes! This is a section that everyone should check out. Horoscopes are to be taken seriously. Many of the world’s leaders consult horoscopes as much as they consult psychics. The “unknown” can tell us much about our future.

I will keep building the site to add more exciting sections that are useful to you. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter, or if you have a problem you need help solving, sign up and have a free spell cast by me. 70-80% get results, and most have results within five weeks!

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Latest updates to the site – take a close look!

Hi all,

Please take your time and check the new sections out. For those new here, I can tell you about the three latest areas of the site. Check the last update I will discuss for those who come here regularly.

Reviews on spell casters
This section is for those looking for powerful spell casters to help you solve your problems fast! I have found some good sites that offer reviews and information regarding some of the best spell casters. Check the section out here.

The Luck calculator
This handy tool will give you a daily estimated luck percentage. You will know if the moon’s and Venus’s energies benefit you. This tool can be placed on your website or blog.
Check the section out here.

Tarot Card Reading information
The newest section of the site. Here you can find helpful information about tarot card readings and the difference if you do it online or with a psychic, face to face. Check the section out here.

Best regards,
High-Priestess Doris