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Weather Predictions

I decided to make a post about how to read mother nature and something that we all face every day: The Weather!
Specific rules good to REMEMBER about this:
Sky Brilliant yellow at sunset = wind / Pale yellow = rain / Clear far away sighting = rain past or to come./ Light cloud with indefinite edges = nice weather.

Thick clouds with well-shaped edges = wind.

If the birds fly low = it will be rain and wind.

Brilliant stars = nice weather coming. Night frogs #croassement# = nice day tomorrow! OLEY!

When rain comes first without wind, then = a long period of bad weather with high wind and heavy rain.
But when the wind comes first and is followed immediately by rain, fine weather will follow at short notice.

ANOTHER INFALLIBLE WEATHER signal is the appearance of Cumulus Nimbus cloud, a foreteller of thunderstorms. At the same time, a greenish light in the sky preceding a thunderstorm is an almost sure sign of heavy hail.

CIRRUS = This is the mare’s tail sky of the landsman, shown as long threads or Wisps of cloud. This is the highest of all cloud formations and is a sign of a high barometric pressure which means fine weather.

However, in cold regions where they gather in intense concentration, this would mean a snowstorm. (RATTTSSS!)

In these clouds the former is a long wispy cloud and in the latter rounded small cloud the typical “mackerel” sky. Both = a high barometric pressure = FINE weather!

They are the high white piled-up masses of cloud seen in summer. When streaked with horizontal bands it is a Cumulus Nimbus or thundercloud, a sign of coming storms which may be of a short duration or may indicate a change in weather generally. If they add up on top of one another in the shape of heads they will tell that a storm is coming. Black and in the shape of #enclume#* then a big storm is on its way.

Clouds are dense and dark & low in the sky = rain & mist

They are #pommelees#* clouds which look like fish scales = rain coming in the next 12 to 15 hours.

A small circle around the sun = rains in the next 36 hours / A large circle around the sun = rains …. 24 hours MOON CIRCLE = RAIN!

To find the direction when the wind is very light, just throw some dust in the air or let it fall slowly, or small grass or suck your thumb and let the wind blow on it to tell you which side is colder = wind side.

The wind direction will help you to find what kind of weather to expect. A wind that changes quickly in their direction will tell that weather will soon change.

From your campfire, smoke going up in a thin vertical column = is excellent if the smoke is going down toward the ground, then = RainNN!

If in the morning the grass is dry = rain comes before night.

When the air is humid and heavy the birds fly low and the insects fly even lower than usual = soon rain comes in same day even hour.The insects are more active before the storm but the bees are more active when comes the nice weather.

A front of low pressure often warned by light winds and hardly noticeable while the air becomes heavy with humidity.
These conditions mean that the bad weather will last several days. A low pressure is something you can “smell and hear”. The damp air stays low and then spread its wild smell, the sounds carry farther and the sounds are sharper.

When the wind during a storm changes direction = nice. When the fog in morning disappears in the 2 hours after sunrise / When the moon is brilliant & its edges are sharp.

When the sun is a red ball at sunset / When there is a rainbow at night warning then end of rain. When there is a good Dew on the ground.

When the clouds are isolated & high. When a slight breeze blows from West or N/West / When the #nebulosity# diminish after 3 or 4pm.

When there are heat lightning at night / When it rains with an East wind and that the wind turns slowly to North East then North = nice but cool.

Brilliant stars = nice weather coming / When the sky is rose, pink, or orange or pale blue at night.

REMEMBER a quick storm will leave as quickly.

When the air is real echo? When the night temperature is higher than usual. When clouds move in opposite directions at high altitude.When there is fog in mountains = rain in the day. / When thin white clouds (cirrus) at high altitude gather. / When there is a circle around the moon or sun.

When the clouds become dark in the afternoon. / When stormy clouds (Nimbo-Stratus & Cumulus) gather in West wind.

When after a nice weather period the wind changes direction. / When the Cumulus quickly form at the start of the afternoon. / When there is no Dew. / When the winds blow East or South East.

When the sun and the morning are grey and dull (beurrrk!) / When the moon is pale, foggy and with a halo. / When the smoke rises slowly & tends to stick to the ground.

When dark clouds gather at the horizon and to the side where the wind comes from. When the clouds are slow to form and that the rain starts slowly then the rain will last many hours. (Ratttsss!)

If the stars are real bright and numerous, the temperature will drop down much during the night except if the wind is strong but it will not rain.

When the sun sets in dark sombre clouds. When the moon rises red it will wind./

If the stars shine little and are shadowed = rain coming.

If the stars are real bright weather will change./ Lightning from the South warns of rain.

A Cree Indian saying: Snow like meal = snow a great deal.

Make your own: Take a piece of #sapin# *trunk about 3/4″ in diameter with a branch. Remove all bark, easier when the sap flows then you nail it outside. When the branch goes up = nice but when the branch tips down = rainNNN!

Tent should face East to profit from shade in afternoon and also to avoid rain and snow storm which ALWAYS comes from North and West. This applies to North America but * elsewhere? In the East it is opposite! Far East is Far Out!

REMEMBER this old sailor’s chant: Mackerel scales and mare’s tails, make tall ships carry low sails. These(cirrocumulus and cirrus clouds) are indications of stormy weather ahead. Cirrocumulus do indeed look like the sky’s covered with mackerel scales etc. If the sky is full of both, rain within 24 hours or less is almost certain.

Those white picture calendar puffballs or cumulus are camper’s delight fairly guaranteeing a beautiful day ahead except when they decide to merge, forming bigger and bigger tall top-heavy clouds, or thunder-heads, sinking visibly under their own weight.

When they start pressing down from the sky, they will bring with them rain, lightning and possibly hail.
Usually they will darken at the bottom as they build up and the rain they bring will be scattered in localized summer showers or squalls under the dark areas. The faster they change from white to black sheep, the shorter the storm.
Conversely if it’s all day a coming, it will be around for a while.

Long ploughed furrows of white that go from horizon to horizon, bring either rain or snow if they build up enough. If not, why, it’ll still be clear the next day. The only way you’ll know which to expect is to have watched them, and the
results that followed many times. Keep your eye on them, you’ll learn to gauge the future of the weather.

Are a sure bet it will rain or snow. Unfortunately by the time they arrived on the scene it’s usually already in inclement weather. They are low-hanging grey, shapeless mass, a misty dark overcast. The trick is to be able to spot the beginnings of this low mist. The first sign of its pulling itself together usually means prolonged drizzly weather ahead. Low clouds in general bring bad weather.

Wind brings the clouds and the weather. In many regions it’s the best indication that a change is imminent. If there’s no wind, there’ll be no change in the weather. Before we go any further, which way does a West wind blow? It blows from the West. Here is some weather calling wind rhyme to help along: When the wind is in the North / The skilful fisher goes not forth. When the wind is in the East / This is good neither for man nor beast.

When the wind is in the South / It blows the bait in the fish’s mouth. When the
wind is in the West = There is the Very Best.

A ring around the moon at night or around the sun (in their house) ALWAYS means it will rain or snow the next day. A small circle 36 hours and a big one within 24 hours.

Red sun in the morning / Sailor takes warning. Red sun at night / Sailors delight. / When the dew is on the grass / Rain will NEVER come to pass.It’s true that humidity at ground level has a strong relationship to that higher up in the atmosphere. When you see a heavy dew or frost in the morning, you can usually count on a good day.If it’s dry in the morning, you can almost ALWAYS count on the sky feeling the ground need to be moistened a bit.

While you’re sitting by a campfire watch the smoke. If the smoke rises straight, the weather will stay clear. If the smoke just spills over & hangs heavily around the ground, rain is almost certain. The prevailing wind in the region is a good omen. Look at the leaves on the trees around you. They naturally lie so the wind won’t ruffle them. Wind from a different direction than usual, however, blows the leave’s underside up. Bad weather ahead.

Wild things are much more sensitive than we are to the changes in atmospheric pressure, and their behavior reflects it, in many cases turning them into living barometers. Probably the best long-range weather forecaster is the Elk. Out West come fall, when the Elk decide to descend from their mountain pastures. You know then that winter’s only a couple of days away. Deer in the Northern do the same but are not as reliable. Migrating birds is another sign to get your winter camping gear ready. If the geese come early, be prepared for a long cold season.

If the ducks overhead are high, the weather will be good, if they are low they’ll be taking shelter soon. In general, birds will snuggle up close to a tree trunk rather than sit far out or high if rain is coming. They will also stop singing, rain not being much to sing about when you’re living in a tree.

Well, I think that covered a lot! Good luck to all newborn meteorologists 🙂

High-Priestess Doris


Releasing Energy towards a Goal


This is a form of magic which can be used for just about anything- thus making it a more advanced type of magic which should only be used by those who are comfortable with the ethics and are prepared to deal with the consequences if they misuse this technique.

–         Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed and your arms extended outward. Your receptive hand (whichever hand you do not write with, usually the left) should be wide open, palm facing upward. Your projective hand (the hand you do write with, usually the right) should be in a fist.

–         Close your eyes and imagine your goal.

–         Now visualize a bright red fire surrounding your receptive (open) hand, feel the “warmth” of the energy. Imagine it flows up your arm and through your body into your projective hand (the closed hand). Continue letting energy flow from the red energy “flame”. Once the impulse hits you, and you feel the time is right, thrust both arms to the right (or left if you are left-handed) opening up your projective hand as you do so. This motion should be similar to “throwing” the energy towards your goal. As you do this, say in a commanding voice what will happen as a result of the energy release. (For example, if you used it to get a raise in payment at work, you could say, “I will get a raise!”)

Results, if successfully performed, will be almost immediate. With practice, this can work very well.


High-Priestess Doris


Help with your ceremony

Many of you have expressed a sincere wish of me helping out with your ceremony to ensure the best results with your spell. I will soon start to offer to help you with your ceremony for a small feel. 10-20 usd. It is a minimal fee. See it as a donation so I can pay the costs of running this site and some of the materials I do use in the free cast I do for you.

I am always happy to help you so do not hesitate to buy the upgrade of the spell. Thank you


Improve your Health by Enhancing Your Aura

What is Aura? It stands for a unique energy field surrounding all living beings. It replicates the energy of the body’s spirit. The colors, pattern and texture of the aura depicts the being’s mental, physical, spiritual as well as emotional state. All the organisms present on the surface of the earth possess an aura around themselves. Though this aura cannot be seen with the naked eye, it extends in the outwards direction from the living being.

Scientifically, this energy field has been described as an electromagnetic field that exists around the human beings in ovoid shape. Its color and width varies with each person, depending on his or her health and spiritual development. According to various studies, illnesses manifest itself in the area of human beings much prior to manifesting itself in the physicality of living beings. Thus, many healers have come up who attempt to cleanse the Aura of people by removing slothful negative energy from their field of energy.

How to Detect your Aura?

Aura can be detected in various ways including with the help of naked eye, apart from thermographs, energy shifts, aura reading, dowsing and kirlian photography. The Beginner or novice healers who are starting off in the field of auric studies or healing with the use of pendulums, dowsing rods along with their intuitive abilities only. However, with practice and proper guidance, one can become proficient and make use of other methods as well with much more accuracy. These methods are sufficient enough for testing the aura in individual charkas.

How does the Aura affect our Health?

Every aura has a characteristic color that changes depending on the spiritual as well as physical wellbeing of its owner. The aura of a healthy body has a particular color pattern. When the owner faces any illness of mood change, the aura also undergoes a color distortion was can be detected. Since our aura is shaped according to our physical, mental as well as spiritual factors, it is sensitive to as well as completely dependent upon the environment outside as well as within our bodies. This means that our aura is affected by our health, personality, mental and emotional status, surrounding environment as well as social factors.

A person having a negative emotional status exerts a deteriorating effect on his or her own body and depletes it off its energy. Due to this, the efficiency of a person’s body reduces when a person undergoes situations such as frustration, stress or fear. Likewise, negative social interaction as well as low self esteem also has a weakening effect on our aura. Besides these, various pollutants present in the environment also distort and tarnish a person’s aura. A great technological boom for the human kind was the invention of cell phone. However, it brought with it some drawbacks. Its radiations have distorting effects on the person’s energy field. Simply techniques such as dowsing as be used to prove this fact.

How to Enhance One’s Aura

Aura can be augmented in 3 basic steps which include always maintaining a positive attitude and viewpoint, staying and eating healthy, meditating regularly to eliminate emotional states and negative thoughts from one’s mind, thereby cleaning your aura. Meditation helps in healing, sealing as well as cleansing one’s aura. But it is extremely important that meditation should be carried out in the right way. If not, it can lead to devastating effects. Some tips for a simple kind of meditation best suited for beginners include:

  • Sit in a silent room where you can be free from any distractions.
  • Dim the lights in the room and light a candle at a distance of 6 feet from you.
  • Shut you eyes, relax and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Take slow and deep breaths.
  • Once you get wound down completely, feel the light present before you.
  • Imagine that this light is forming a layer all over your body.
  • Take in this light and feel the energy build up within your body.
  • Think of the aura becoming stronger and imagine yourself glowing.

You should practice this form of meditation for about 7 to 20 minutes. Once you do this, you will feel more energetic, focused and lighter.

Devices used for enhancing Aura

Various products exists which are effective in enhancing a person’s aura when placed close to his or her body. These products are helpful in accelerating the process of healing not only physically but also spiritually. They are usually used by people looking for gaining optimum performance. Now they have become a common recommendation for patients by healers for enhancing their health.


Clairvoyant Mediums

A Medium is a person who possesses the power to communicate with the spiritual world. Their purpose is two fold – they aim to prove to the physical world the existence of afterlife, and they work to console grieved parties. A clairvoyant medium is one who possesses an extra boon – an ability to see Spirits, and thus communicate with them better.

The literal meaning of clairvoyance is ‘clear seeing.’ This means a clairvoyant Medium is accurately able to see images of people of places through their mind’s eye. These images would relate to the Spirit they are contacting. Generally these are similar to memories and do not represent the future. However in some cases a Clairvoyant Medium may also be able to foretell the future. Mediums usually refrain from foretelling as any person has the ability to alter his/her future.

A Clairvoyant Medium will reproduce these images through words, to a person consulting in order to prove to him/her that they are authentic and true Mediums. They may also offer Clairvoyant readings to those who wish to know their future or connect with a dead person. Clairvoyant readings may be taken seriously, although many people are interested in these predictions for the fun quotient.

Clairvoyant Mediums usually have a Spirit of their own which guides then through readings but sometime, as in the case of Trance Mediums, another Spirit takes possession of the Medium’s body and relates incidents as the Spirit sees it, to a seeker. This alternative Spirit is usually associated with the seeker.

There are many doubts as to how Clairvoyance differs from Psychic. The answer is simple. It is all but interconnected as Psychic refers to those who possess powers including telepathy, intuition and extra sensory abilities.


Making the most out of it

Hi again,

Sorry for not writing more often. I will do my best to make it up to you for that!

I have some great news! I recently got an email from Diana from UK who reported back to me that her problems had been solved thanks to the spell I cast for her! This means I have a record of 3000 people who I helped to turn their lives around!

Makes me wanna celebrate and it makes me feel so good. I will continue to work hard and I hope to hear back from you very soon, telling me how it all have gone with the spell I cast.

Until next time,



Best spell caster 2009 have been voted

Last year I received around 3000 emails. This year I got more then 4000 email and this is the reason why it took so much longer for me to compile the results.

This year I found that 5 sites were to stay away from, but as this is about the best, and not the worst, I decided to publish the four spell casters that was best according to you, the visitors of

Below is the result:

1. – 36% of the votes – Voodoo magick – >Visit site here

2. – 20% of the votes – Black magic – >Visit site here

3. – 15% of the votes – Voodoo magick – >Visit site here

4. – 10 % of the votes – White spiritual magic – >Visit site here

Many clients have reported that they have done casts from more than one of the above and seen rapid results. That is worth thinking of when you decide to buy a spell-casting service. Sometimes two different types of magick combined give faster results!

I wish you all the best in 2010. I hope you get all you want!



Vote for best spell caster in 2009

2009 is about to end and most of you have had an amazing experience with spells or spell casters services.

Some of you are at the same point where you were last year. Are you fighting hard enough for that change you desire? Is it seemingly too hard to coop with? Problems and hardship is something we all have to face now and then. 2010 doesn’t have to be like that. I will guide you with the help of others!

Today starts the countdown to announcing the BEST SPELL CASTER OF 2009!!!

This is not something I will decide. YOU, the visitor of must be there to tell us what you think about the spell caster you have used. You will be able to vote on any spell caster that can be found online. If you had a good or bad experience with them tell me about it. Email me latest 10/1 2010. I will announce the winner on 14/1 2009.

Please email me to this email:

Write your first name, Country, and who you want to give a positive OR negative vote for. You can also include some short information on WHY you vote on that spell caster. What was good or bad?

So remember you can vote positive or negative. You can also vote for more then one spell caster. I will then go through all the votes and declare the winner and post some of your comments on Jan 14th 2010.

What are you waiting for? Send me your votes now!

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2012 – Will the world end?


<%image(20091202-125×125.gif|125|125|)%> You have maybe already seen the movie. I did, and I liked it as entertainment. I am not sure that is how the world might end but the prophecies are intriguing to read about. Have you heard about the Nostradamus prophecy? Maya calendar ending? Maybe something else??

What ever you believe in, you should take a look at this site. It is nothing to be ashamed of if you want to feel safe when the day comes.

December 21st 2012 is the day. Remember it. Now visit this site to learn more. Dee the videos and sign up!!!

High-Priestess Doris