2021 will be better!

My friends, I feel like you do. 2020 is a year to forget, and it’s time to look for 2021 and see what it has in store for all of us.

I have felt a change in energy the last week, which is a good sign for the future! We will be happier and see a new purpose for ourselves. I believe these last weeks of the year are a perfect time to reflect upon what is essential for you and how you want your life to progress. Life is more meaningful with goals that you strive to reach. Every day, it gives you a purpose, and you don’t feel like you aimlessly exist on this plane.

Set some goals, small or big, for 2021, and plan how to reach your goals.

Let’s all enter 2021 with a positive mind and a newfound purpose!

High-Priestess Doris


Happy New Year!

I wanna wish you all a happy new year!


2014 ends and a new exciting year is ahead of us. I hope that it will be the best year ever for you and that you can surround yourself with positive energies that rub off on others around you! Be a force for good and make life better for the people close to you. Remember: What comes around, goes around.




Sprituality and Native Indians

I had some of the most wonderful experiences while researching the field of spirituality. Spirituality is not born out of any religion. It does not have any parent, or origin. It teaches the morality and spectrums of life. In other words, I have found out that Spirituality is nothing but absolute science. It goes straight into the matter, without any levels of research or links. While many religions preach about their Creator and their scriptures, Spirituality deals with logic of life.

One of the most essential and basic principles of Spirituality is that there are infinite paths that lead to God. We can worship and reach out to God through any form, such as music, art, dance, sculpture etc. One of the moral values of Spirituality is to reach out to God, without hurting or provoking violence and cruelty amongst fellow men. In my research I have discovered that Spirituality seeks insight and provides us with various options in the style of our prayer, guiding us rightly and strengthening our faith.

In addition to the above mentioned, I have also discovered that an average human is surrounded by 75% unhappiness. The science of Spirituality fights to discard this make way for bliss and supreme happiness. Spirituality is indeed above all sciences in this world. When the door closes at the intellectual level, it opens to a wider perspective, the spiritual level.

Native Indians have a longstanding tradition of spirituality mixed with their customs and religion. The fusion of spirituality in daily practice is often quoted by various spiritual gurus to make life extremely contented and happy. So I ventured to find out more about Native Indian Spirituality and came to know that they believe that earth is a living super organism. Mother Earth or Gaia has given birth to all that is present in the world.  We, humans are also Gaia’s children varying only in ancestry. Thus all their spiritual endeavours are intended to strengthen our self, our families and friends, our relationships with each other and finally Mother Earth Herself. They speak of secularism in respecting each other and pray for the common good of all. They envision peace and hope in the world. They do not claim to convert you, just to ensure that you become a better person than what you already are. They perform various ceremonies to please the various sacred presences for prosperous living. The ceremonies themselves differ according to the various tribes. Each tribe has a different method that is limited by the resources available and modified to suit needs.  Christianity has yet again tried to suppress the native Indian traditions by many wars and years of oppression. But even today, Native Indian spirituality exists and is being slowly recognised for its ways and means of peaceful living. No one is yet to be an expert in this field of rich tradition. I would say that I’m still learning about their beautiful spiritual undertaking to make this world a better place to live in for future generations to come.

High-Priestess Doris



Can anyone believe that the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre were actually predicted by a man more than four hundred years ago? Who else could it be but Michael de Nostredame – more commonly called Nostradamus. It is believed that this ‘seer’ predicted the attack on the twin towers in the seventeenth century.

Phony? Or real? Yet, even in the computer age, a part of the population has been stunned by the predictions made by this philosopher in 1654. There are many versions of this rumor and none of them have yet been proved authentic.

Not only are the versions unbelievable. They are also, in some cases, very dramatic and obviously woven.

Not withstanding the fact that the philosopher himself died in 1566, it has become evident that certain highly bored individuals with a lot of time on their hands are trying to incite some excitement into people’s lives through these false alarms.

It is said that some of these words are made up by these pranksters in nostradamus style writing.

The 1654 hoax prediction was actually an essay written by a student from Brock University in Canada who made up the entire quatrain to show how one can easily forge and mangle a nostradamus prediction to sound mischievous.

It is said that Nostradamus composed around 942 quatrains in his lifetime and published it in a book called ‘Centuries’. It means hundreds of anything. But it was mistaken to mean hundreds of years. This is where all the confusion began.

Nostradamus’ quatrains were quaint and mystical and supposedly went on to predict a thousand years in French history. The only ever exact date that he mentioned was July 1999, when he believed the world would end.

And in almost 30 of these mystical parables, Nostradamus talks about three “anti-christ”s who will take over the world. Will Mc Whorter, an interpreter identifies two of the three. One was Napoleon and the second, who tyrannized the world during World War II was Hitler. Aficionados of Nostradamus are resting their case on the third, who allegedly takes over after World War III. The bets are still high on who that could be.

If you do believe in prophecies, pay your money, buy the book and let’s see what you get at.


The Right Kind of Love Reading

Getting personalized love reading has become a trend recently. Love readings are available in various forms such as tarot cards, numerology, astrology as well as psychic love readings. The cards that you pick from the entire pack as well as their grouping with other cards forms the basis of that tarot love reading. So it is quite obvious that the reader of these tarot cards has to be skilled enough to understand what these cards stand for, for the reading to be effective.

Love reading by means of astrology is carried out by reading the position of the various planets in the universe. Since the planets are constantly moving and changing their position, the astrological readings are always dissimilar. So it is important to identify how effective the astrological reading is for you.

Psychic love reading refers to the collection of a large number of regulations. Some of these involve drumming into energy whereas others claim to be in contact with the organisms from outer space. Most of the psychic readings have to do with more than one regulation. What you need to do is to make sure that the person who is carrying out your psychic reading has a good track record and reviews from his/her past readings.

Love interpretations based on numerology are centered on numbers. Different numbers determine your fortune. Some of the numbers which are important for numerological readings include numbers found through your name and date of birth.



High-Priestess Doris


The seven pins and what they connote

Imagery is an intrinsic attribute of miraculous schemes, numinous performances, and religious activity. By itself, comprehension is control. Into the bargain, negative and positive forces co-exist. The major chunk of publicity that these aspects have received and how Voodoo and hoodoo are portrayed are generally bad. The Voodoo magicians exert principally and for good using, their right hand. The Hoodoos are ambidextrous. Nevertheless, both these individuals require having a superior theory and understanding how it all functions, else their definition of light would be impenetrable.


The two important aspects of their symbology are numbers and hues. The origin of “7” is important and its roots are hard to trace. But so much can be said. It shares a very important role in the Natives’ system of beliefs and rituals. Americans can be attributed to it. For them, it represented the directions that are 7 in number and are considered very sacred. And it’s universally acknowledged that both, Hoodoo and Voodoo have its roots in the same aboriginal awareness of plants that are known to have magical or medicinal properties in such rituals and customs. Further people believe that accessibility of Jewish taper holders were extensively obtainable and bought by performers of the rituals and in due course seven of these candles were used. Further seven shades and hues were also used, and thus seven was integrated and considered sacred.


After a little investigation, incongruity is possible. What I have said is based on the colors and practice in New Orleans. This elucidation is supported on ‘right hand practice’ as previously mentioned.


The color codes for the 7 pins are:

White – upbeat optimism

Black – warding away the negativity

Red – supremacy

Blue – relationships, primarily love

Green – wealth

Yellow – accomplishment

Purple – mysticism and theology


Erroneous Usage of the 7 pins:


Do you believe that you are the most supreme being? Then it’s high time you snap back to reality and get a hold on it. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes, but arrogance? Not at all! The pins should be used in this manner. All you have to do is remember the law of the universe. The three fold law. Whatever you do, expect it to come back to you with thrice the effect.

Focusing your energy is important whilst performing this. A doll can be made to denote a person by Voodoo. All you have to do is to place the person’s nail or hair inside the doll. This is done so that a part of their self is trapped in it. If you choose to harm or cause inconvenience to a certain part of a person’s body poke a black pin on that spot of the doll. For instance, poking it on the back could give rise to certain nervous disorders; any portion could cause a tumor, a cancer or worse. Each time you poke it through, your objective should be made clear and specific and your energy should be focused.  Place this doll somewhere in their house without their knowledge or worse, bury it. This causes a lot of trouble. All hell will surely break loose. But like I told you about the law, YOUR life will be in a bigger mess.

The usage of the doll in this particular way is generally not recommended, as it is for the most brutal causes. Voodoo possesses a lot of individual strength and with the combination of the Karma, it spells harm. The law is not an omission to you, and hence won’t miss you out on its lines. Don’t use it with your right hand, like I have said, as it will dispel the most negative energy you might ever come across in your life. And if something drastic happens, I’m not to be blamed! I might be of help, or want to, if your purpose to perform seems right to me.


High-Priestess Doris


Herbs Used In Love Spells

The love spell is the most popular and common spell that the magic practitioners are asked to perform by the people. It is true that Wiccan Rede prohibits the manipulation of any person or the act of forcing someone to behave in a particular manner. However, love spells continue to be used to open the doors to affectionate emotions that could be present anywhere in the world.

Various methods are used to cast love spells. One can use the elaborate method of candles and photos or a more simplistic method by carrying a talisman or amulet wherever you go. However, certain plants and herbs are quite effective in improving the efficacy of a love spell. These include:


  • African violet: On being burnt it is said to release love and harmony from one’s heart.
  • Acacia: The twigs and bark of this plant can be used to enhance physical strength as well as to awaken one’s love.
  • Aster: It is one of the most commonly used love herb in amulets.
  • Bay: The burnt bay leaves are used to infuse love potions.
  • Basil: It is considered to be a magic herb and is used in divination and spell casting.
  • Balm of Gilead: This bud improves the efficiency of love potions and amulets.
  • Bittersweet: The use of bittersweet in satchel or amulet helps in healing an aching heart and eliminating pain.
  • Bistort: This herb is said to be instruments in cultivating female fertility.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a well known aphrodisiac that is very effective in the spells involving passion and sexuality. It also improves love meditations.
  • Catnip: It is used in love spells as well as fertility amulets.
  • Coltsfoot: This herb is also used effectively in love spells as well as kept in satchels.
  • Cloves: One of the most commonly used ingredients in love spells; is used to augment beauty.
  • Cowslip: This herb is used in spells in order to boost attractiveness as well as physical beauty.
  • Columbine: This herb is used particularly in those spells that are cast to reunite with a lost love.
  • Crocus: It is effective in spells for harmonious attraction and love.
  • Damiana: Spells of love and sexuality include the use of this aphrodisiac.
  • Daisy: Daisy flower is used in divination activities to predict the future of one’s love-life.
  • Dandelion: Spells requiring fulfillment of secret desires use this herb.
  • Dill: It is used in spells cast for fulfilling desires of sexual nature.
  • Fennel: All parts of the fennel plant are used for arousing love through rituals and spells.
  • Goldenrod: This herb is used for carrying our prophetic love rites.
  • Ginseng: It is used for augmenting male sexuality.
  • Geranium: It is used especially for spells cast to enhance fertility.
  • Hazelnut: It is also used for improving fertility as well as for predictive work.
  • Juniper: The juniper berries are effectual in escalating sexual potency.
  • Jasmine: The use of this plant is seen most often in love and passion spells. Jasmine oil is also useful in easing broken heart.
  • Lovage: Its roots and seeds are used in spells for bolstering eroticism.
  • Lemon: The lemon leaves are used in love potions and spells for inducing love and longing.
  • Lavender: Candles dipped in lavender oil are used for casting spells.
  • Magnolia: The use of this flower induces faithfulness in a relationship.
  • Mullein: It is used to heighten potions and readings.
  • Orchid: Orchid flower is used to effectively strengthen one’s psyche.
  • Oak: Its leaves and bark effectively enhances masculine virility and female fertility.
  • Rose: A commonly used ingredient, it is used for enhancing readings.
  • Rosemary: Use of this herb in spells helps in awakening sensuality.
  • Strawberry: The leaves of the strawberry plant are believed to attract luck whereas the fruit itself is useful in love and sexuality spells.
  • Thyme: Thyme can be useful if you wish to carry out love related dream-work.
  • Vanilla: Vanilla flowers are usually used in satchels whereas its hulls are used in talismans and amulets.
  • Violet: Violet is also used in amulets and satchels to entice love and sexuality.


High-Priestess Doris


Gemstones and powers

Hi all, this is a small post about various gemstones powers. The psychic enhancing abilities of gemstones are are listed below:

Agate: Increases intuitive powers and creates a clear state of mind. Helps connect with spirits easily.

Amethyst: Gives considerable protection from negative energies in the immediate surroundings. Improves psychic abilities.

Angelite: Serves as an aid in astral travel and telepathy

Andalusite: When someone has an overactive psychic energy, serves as a dampener.

Apatite: Brings about psychic abilities and creates inner visions.

Azulite: Enhances psychic ability

Chrysocolla: Induces trances and prophetic visions. Enhances psychic abilities

Coral: Increases intuition

Emerald: Increases clarity in dreams and sometimes leads to spiritual insights.

Howlite: Calms the mind and opens it to spiritual energies.

Iolite: Creative insight and psychic vision are induced

Kyanite: This stone assists in lucid dreaming, astral travel and telepathic moments. It enhances psychic abilities.

Labradorite: This is called Wizard’s Stone. It increases one’s intuitive abilities.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone increases psychic abilities

Moonstone: The stone helps in enhancing one’s psychic abilities and also increases intuitive skills

Obsidian: Often used in divination and it also helps develop innate abilities of a psychic

Sapphire: Enhances and increases telepathic abilities

Sugilite: Dramatically increases psychic abilities. Provides protection in case of negative energies.



High-Priestess Doris


New useful dating tips articles

It has been too long since I posted on the blog. This is only a small one declaring that I finally have added helpful dating tips on the site. Most who ask for a free spell want to repair their love life, but these dating tips can also aid in that situation. You need to meet the person, and it can feel like a date.

Be sure to read them all, and I would love to hear back from you how it went.


High-Priestess Doris


Shocking truth but the Best Spell caster in 2010 was….

Shocking results!

The best spell casters of 2010 have been a big surprise to me and will be too many. But after all the emails about his success in 2010, it is undoubtedly the best spell caster I am announcing here!

I decided to make it a top 3 as I know some people like to use more than one spell caster (for faster results). I got about 5000 emails, and counting the votes has taken me extra long, even with some help from my assistants…

2010 seems to be the year that hoodoo came back into fashion and even beat traditional voodoo for
the first place. Then I can gladly present the hardest working woman in the biz in the 3rd place.

I also have got many warnings, but I have decided not to post any of the sites considered close to a scam. Just to be sure, I don’t get a bunch of enemies I don’t want.

If you do not wish to use the top 3 spell casters, I suggest contacting High-Priestess Klara for a free in-depth analysis of your situation. She can help you determine the best spell caster for your unique case.

For you who are eager to know who was voted the best spell casters in 2010, here is the list:

The best spell caster in 2010 is:
Papa Salomon was, without competition, the best spell caster in 2010. As many as 37% of the emails that reached me hailed him as the big savior! It’s an incredible number, and I am sure you will be as happy with the results as these happy clients, who emailed me, have been.

I see that some people have even posted their comments on the subject here

I also see that he has been reviewed as a no1 spell caster.

Runners-up in 2010 are:

Fiona Jones has proved she is still a top spell caster, and there are so many lovely emails about her kind and honest approach to the clients and the problems. She got 19% of the votes and will surely be of great help to you in 2011.

Third place in 2010 is:
Madam Boudicca is the mistress of love spells, which is the only thing she casts. She is a straightforward woman that delivers excellent results. She advanced in 2010 to be a top spell caster. She got 18% of the votes. The hardest-working woman in the biz would probably have the most votes if she didn’t only specialize in love spells.

A quick note about the spell casters: They do not offer free spells. Their work is all customized, and they put a lot of time end effort into helping you. As you are not the only one who receives this info, you should not waste much time before contacting them if you want to solve your problems.

If you delay, there will surely be a long waiting time before they can help you (everyone will contact them now that everyone knows they are the best!)

Last, I want to thank all who participated in the competition and posted on the blog. The winners have been contacted, and I hope to be able to post testimonials of the success they had with their spells.

I wish you all the best in 2011, and I hope you have great success with spells.

High-Priestess Doris