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Living past lives

Do you believe in past life? Do you believe that you have grown up, lived, worked in a life which is totally different from what you are living now? If so then it can be true, since when our body dies the soul takes a new body and there is a new life after death. It is not necessary that you were born as a human being in your past life or present life or be born as a human being in your future life, you might be from some other racial species as well, might be a dog, cat, fish or bird.

In our present life there are signs which reminds us of our past life, it at times gives us signs and signals and make us aware of who were we in our past life.

DÉJÀ VU – déjà vu is a condition were we think that something happened to us which in our present life did not happened, example we visit a place for the first time but feel like we have been here in the past, the place does not seem to be a new one.

WEIRD MEMORIES – at times we encounter things or remember things which are not related to us for any reason, example – we visit a building and think that we were pushed form the 20th floor of the same building but in real and present life the same never ever happened.

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES – Many times we see dreams of talking to different people or living a different form of life, which is not real with our present scenario, these are signs of our past life, to be more precise these dreams are generally recurring in nature as if they want us to remember something.

FEARS AND PHOBIAS – many of us have got fears inside us with different things like fear of height or fear from water, there is no reason for us to get fear from height or water or any other thing in our present life but still we have a fear or two from some or the other element or thing.

PASSIONS – it has been found that our passion and interest on various things also connects us from our past life, it can be that someone was born as a dog in the past life and hence in the present is a dog liver or might be someone wanted to keep a pet but was not able to keep one due to some reason in his or her past life would love to keep different kinds of pets.

AFFINITY FOR FOREIGN CULTURE – a Hindu born in India has a trend of living like an American and likes Christianity as a religion or tends more towards the same, can be signs of past life

WILD HABITS – it has been observed that many people would have habits which they cannot live without, there is no reason for the person to imbibe the same habit but still the person is into the habit of the same. This is nothing but sign of past life.

STRANGE PAINS – at times we observe that we have mysterious pains in our body, though we have not got hurt but the pain remains these pains are signs of suffering that one has went through in his or her past life.

BIRTHMARKS – Birthmarks have been publicized as indication for rebirth.

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Numerology 101

Numerology is any study of the relationship between a number and some events. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. Today, numerology is often associated with the paranormal, as well as astrology.

Modern numerology contains features of many of the ancient cultures and tutors, including Babylonia, Pythagoras and his followers, astrological philosophy from Hellenistic Alexandria, early Christian mysticism, early Gnostics, the Hebrew system of the Kabbalah, The Hindu Vedas, the Chinese “Circle of the Dead”, Egyptian “Book of the Masters of the Secret House”

There are no set descriptions for the implication of particular digits.
Common interpretations include:
Individual; aggressor; self; leadership yang
Balance; union; receptive; partnership yin
Action; restlessness; life experience
Home/family; responsibility; artistic in nature
Thought/consciousness; spirit
Highest level of changes
Some numerologists analyze double-digit numbers as well, from 10 to 99.

There are many numerology systems which assign numerical value to the letters of an alphabet. Numbers are assigned to letters as follows:
1 = a, j, s,
2 = b, k, t,
3 = c, l, u,
4 = d, m, v,
5 = e, n, w,
6 = f, o, x,
7 = g, p, y,
8 = h, q, z,
9 = i, r,
…..and then summed.

In South India, the numbers are assigned in the below format to alphabets.
1 = A, I, J,Q,Y
2 = B, K, R
3 = C, G, L, S
4 = D, M, T
5 = E, H, N, X
6 = U, V, W
7 = O, Z
8 = F, P
There is no assignment for the number 9.

The Arabic system of numerology is known as Abjad notation or Abjad numerals. In this system each letter of Arabic alphabet has a numerical value.

Thus numerology had played a great role in the past and plays a great role in our present and would keep playing its role in our lives in the future. It has been seen that to reach great heights or to attract luck and lucre many people take help of numerology and often change their names to fit the numerological value.

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What is rune sorcery

Rune sorcery is nothing but invoking the energy from Nature that surrounds us and manipulating it to a sorcerer’s desired effect. It is the science of magic, using the human mind. It differs from spiritual magic in that, spiritual magic deals with the unnatural knowledge of the Spirit world. It varies from divine magic as the latter focuses on the powers drawn form gods/goddesses.

A sorcerer aiming to employ rune sorcery may do so in two ways. The first is by using the knowledge of the runes to create sentences called castings. Casts are usually flexible, thus powerful. This may be difficult to master and takes a lot of time. The second way is by formulating a spell that can be used only for one intended purpose. Its inflexibility renders its less powerful. But this is easy to master. Learning spells can be comparatively easier than casting a new sentence. Due to this spells can be learnt from someone who is familiar with them or from books too.

A rune spell is cast by using the elements of the runes, based on which the power of creation exists. Without using at least one of the elements of the runes, rune sorcery cannot be carried forth.

Rune sorcery is an ancient form of sorcery that has evolved from the Norse deities of Ancient North. But it also incorporates the preceding forms of sorcery and is based on the ‘younger futhork of the 18 Runes.’ It was created by the Nordic masters. It now exists in the quantum ocean and is open to all who wish to learn it.

As much as the history of the runes is important, the ways of incorporating rune energy into our everyday lives is equally important. This is so because rune powers affects the creative energy found around us, and it can create an impact on the health, wealth and emotions of people, and change it for the better.

Rune sorcery is very similar to rune magic as both these help to empower the personality. The ‘younger futhork of the 18 runes’ is known to be the most powerful rune. So how does one go about exploring this kind of sorcery? The answer is quite simple. Simply combine the wisdom of the runes with the present laws of quantum physics and you will find the desired result. A profound experience with rune sorcery may also create a connection with the Norse gods.

Runes may be invoked in many different ways. Some of them include speech (in any or many languages), song (the most common way; instruments may of may not be used), writing (on special parchment or in dirt or in the air by using enchanted wands), gesture, dance, pictograms, manipulation of rune-marked stones, etc.

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Is A Psychic Reading By Telephone Good For You?

One of the ways in which people like to take their psychic reading is through the telephone. Telephonic Psychic readings are offered by a large number of psychics. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice as this would decide whether or not you receive the right answers. This choice will also depend on the kind of person you require for helping you with your problem. This means that your psychic can either be logical or emotional depending on your choice.

It is always beneficial to plan the questions that you want to ask in advance as this would help you remember your questions so you don’t miss out on anything that you want to ask.

Sometimes we need absolute privacy with our psychic. In such situations, it can be quite helpful to get your psychic reading by telephone as others will not know what matters are addressed. This is so as telephonic conversations are usually ‘one to one’.

After you get your psychic reading, it is vital that you progress slowly, one step at a time, instead of going all out instantly. This is because sometimes the amount of information that you receive can be quite overwhelming. So moving slowly will help you feel like you are absorbing all the information properly.

Thus, it can be said that a telephonic psychic reading can be extremely rewarding for many people, depending on their emotional and mental state.

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Online Psychic Readings in Free Chat Rooms

When you search for online psychic readings or free psychic chats on any search engine, the result will display countless number of websites offering you these services. A wide variety of services related to this field are available, all of which are a mouse click away. These services include getting a free answer for a question from a psychic, fortune telling, communicating with a loved one who passed away, astrology and reading tarot cards among others.

Most of us are spiritual and at certain times we may require guidance and advice from a spiritual person such as a psychic. When you involve yourself in psychic reading online, the chat session can either be conducted in a private chat room or in a public chat room. The public chat sessions are generally free of cost and are meant for people who want to give online psychic reading a try before getting advice on some serious issues. The public psychic chat rooms also suit those people who need advice on different topics as they can get advice from others as well as discuss matters with them.

Whether you decide to go for a free psychic chat room or a private psychic reading online, the following points will help you obtain the best results and prepare your aptly for the experience.

  • Ask the psychic his or her real name. This is important as maximum numbers of clairvoyants use artistic name. The genuine psychics would never hesitate to give out their real names. This is a good way of judging the psychic and his ingenuity.

  • Check the psychic’s reputation before going for a psychic reading with him. The reviews can be read on the websites or you can invite feedback in various public forums on the internet.

  • Keep a positive and open attitude towards the psychic reading as this is a prerequisite for beneficial reading. Don’t waste you time and efforts in trying to test or trick the psychic.

  • Write down the list of question that you want your psychic to address. Many people forget to ask important questions in the excitement of the reading. The questions that you want to ask can be related to any aspect of your life such as relationships, love and career among others.

  • Be open and honest with the psychic and do not hesitate in revealing any embarrassing or uncomfortable information. However, remember not to disclose your financial information or any other sensitive information. Disclose all important details regarding the problem for which you require a solution.

  • Do not ignore your gut instincts. If a psychic makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel you can’t confide in him, then it is better to back off from the session.

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