Bermuda Triangle

by High-Priestess Doris on June 14, 2018

Bermuda Triangle has always been a kind of paradox which has kept both the scientists and common man amazed by its characteristics. The real reason for the disappearances of all those ships and aircrafts has always been a mystery which has never been solved yet and remains to baffle every individual. Though there have been various attempts and diverse kinds of theories that have been proposed on the reasons for these kinds of disappearances, but none have been concrete enough to give a stable proposition for the same.

These disappearances have also been said to have some kind of paranormal phenomenon as per the documentation provided by Christopher Columbus who was one of the first individuals to have recorded drafts about these strange island. He has spoken about some kind of mysterious lights and the abnormal behavior of his compass on reaching the same island. He had also found some kind of strange kind of light which kept falling from the sky. Since the time these happenings have been documented by Columbus, various kinds of incongruities have become more evident.

Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s triangle is exactly located in the north western region of the Atlantic Ocean with Florida, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and San Juan located on the peripheries. This region has been one of the profoundly traveled routes for both private as well as commercial aircrafts and diverse kinds of ships. Though various kinds’ hurricanes and thunder storms are normal but the disappearances have been quite high in these regions.

Though there have been various kinds of vanishings that have occurred in the region but few specific occurrences have been quite prominent like the flight 19 which disappeared on 5th Dec’45. The USS Cyclops had been a kind of navy ship which had gone totally missing after its departure in the year 1918 with over 300 individuals missing.

To begin with, there have been several speculations that have been made about the strange disappearances that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle, which also incorporates the technology which had been left behind by the mythical civilization of the Atlantis which had got sunk below the ocean long time back and the presence of some kind of alien kidnapping, etc. Few theories also revolve around the conspiracy facts pertaining to the submerged military base known as the Underwater Area- 51. Nevertheless in spite of the various kinds of speculations and consideration which many have derived across various parts of the world this region, i.e. the Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery which has not been solved yet and till date when one says about the Bermuda Triangle, it brings a shiver down the spines.

High-Priestess Doris

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