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The Effects of the Full Moon on Human Behavior

It is a common belief that various phases of the lunar cycle have an effect on various aspects of human life such as increased blood loss, increased violence and aggression, reproductive behavior, the body we have in our body and much more. That proves that the effects of the full moon on human behavior are real.

This period lasts 29.5 days.

There is something really curious: the terms lunacy or lunatic come from luna, the latin name for the moon. 

The legend of the full moon’s effects on human behavior has existed for centuries, popularized by the myth of the werewolf. People often attributed intermittent insanity to the phases of the moon, but the truth is that we do not have much proves about if this is real or not. The effects of the full moon on human behaviors is somethings that still needs to be studied.

Even if so many people notice the full moon when weird things happen. It makes them  wonder whether the moon had something to do with what happened. At other times, no one thinks to consider whether the moon has anything to do with behavior.

In our world of street lights and headlamps and blinding motion sensors, we no longer rely on the Moon, even if for centuries was so important for humans. We must admit that often, we don’t even remember that it’s up there.

These days, a few studies have linked human health and behavior with the full moon. For example the lions are less likely to hunt under a full moon. But as that moon wanes and the evenings darken these hungrier lions might encounter not just their traditional prey but people still out in the open. An entry in the Journal of Criminal Psychology looked at incidences of crime during different lunar phases, and found that incidences of homicides and aggravated assaults spiked massively during a full moon.

An entry in the Journal of Criminal Psychology looked at incidences of crime during different lunar phases, and found that incidences of homicides and aggravated assaults spiked massively during a full moon, this is another prove that the effects of the full moon on human behavior are real.

Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder theorized that because the human brain was largely made up of water, the moon would have a tide-like effect on us. Since then, several studies, including some published in Psychological Bulletin and Journal of Affective Disorders, along with research from UCLA, Colorado State University, have shown that not to be true. 

The effects of the full moon on human behavior are the gravitational pull of the moon is far too weak to affect brain activity. Also the tide effect only works on open bodies of water, not enclosed systems like our brain.You’ve probably heard that the moon affects the sea and tides, as well as that the old wives tale that our periods sync with the moon, well I also believe it is true, because there are also several studies that says that moon phases affect our sleep quality. It says that we have less deep slow-wave sleep and lower evening melatonin levels 0–4 days around the full moon compared to the other moon phases.

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Why luck is so important to human people? What is what we want to say when we wish it?

If you say ‘ Good luck’ or ‘ Best of luck’ to someone, you are telling them that you hope they will be successful in something they are trying to do.

Luck is force that brings good fortune or adversity. Luck was a big factor in the outcome. The events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual is called luck, and usually is related to spells and rituals that some people cast to clean karma or bring good luck, or to do a removal also, when they think they are cursed.

Luck is the phenomenon that has had academics and scientists debating for many years. Some believe that luck is a natural birthright and that some are born with good fortune, while others believe that luck is a product of determination with or without the help of a spell.

Luck is symbolized by several things, the significance of each symbol is rooted in either superstition, mythology, esoteric-ism, or religion. Some common superstitions are that an unspecified misfortune will occur if you break a mirror, spill salt, walk under a ladder and that it is a sign that bad luck will befall you if a black cat crosses your path.

Elephants are a symbol of love, wealth, health and longevity. In some cultures, elephant figurines are placed near the entrance to the house to ensure longevity and luck to those who pass through.

Horseshoes traditionally symbolize good luck, fertility, and power over evil. Many people hang the horseshoe in their home with the open end facing upwards to ensure that the luck doesn’t fall out.

Another symbol: the luck of finding a four-leaf clover is allegedly 1 in 10,000, which is why it’s considered so lucky. The four sides symbolize faith, hope, luck, and love, and anyone who finds it is said to have great fortune that day.

Pigs: Both Chinese and European cultures believe that Pig Charms have the power to bring good luck. Pigs are a symbol of wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. Dolphins are considered lucky in the Ancient Culture of Greece, Egypt & Rome. Ancient Sailors at sea found the sighting of a Dolphin to be a sign that land was near. This lucky charm would be perfect to keep someone safe who loves the sea.  

Is lucky bamboo really lucky? Lucky bamboo is a member of the dracaena family and is not actually bamboo. It is a common gift that is representative of good fortune and is fairly easy to grow. The stalks are said to bring luck in the form of happiness, long life, and wealth. Four stocks are considered unlucky. Two stalks are said to represent love. If the plant die, then is considered bad luck… so take care of it.

These are just a few examples of some of the many animals, plants and objects that people carry to bring them protection, success, health and of course…
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wicca Witchcraft

The History of Wiccan Religion

Get familiar with the wiccan ways!

Moon Dreamer by Nene Thomas

Wiccan Spells

Before you set out on a life transforming journey, it is essential that you have complete knowledge regarding the history of that adventure, particularly if what you are getting involved in is a system of belief or a religion like Wicca. Most of us know that the present Wiccan religion came into existence in 1954 with the efforts of Gerald Gardner. He authored a number of texts which influenced the likes of Freemasonry, Theosophy, Aleister Crowley, and many more occult sources. This gave birth to the present day Wicca religion that exists today.

Recently, archaeologists had discovered a collection of Papyri somewhere in Egypt which had increased the knowledge about this religion. The fragments of this sacred teaching have also given rise to various branches of Magick Path. The various branches of witchcraft do not leave out even a single discipline of the core Magick Principle that was obtained from the Magick Papyri. Thus, it can be said that witchcraft unleashes the immense power of Magick at your feet.

The presence of the right teacher when coupled with the ancient secrets of Magick will undoubtedly evoke one’s ability to change the environment around him in amazing ways.

Wiccan witchcraft

At present, Wicca is one of the most rapidly developing religions in the continent of North America. Actually, it is another name for ‘Witchcraft’. Though some believe that it is synonymous with Satanism, the truth is quite the opposite. Witchcraft gained momentum during the middle age. However, the presence of immense superstition gave rise to supernatural power, thus creating a ‘hodge podge’ of the practitioners of Witchcraft in the world. The present day Wiccans distance their practice from Christianity as they view it as a ‘male dominated’ religion. They believe that there should be proper balance in all the aspects of life.

Fundamental Beliefs Of The Wiccan Religion

The Wiccan region is becoming increasingly popular due to which a large number are encountering it in one way or the other. Various books related to Wiccan practices can be found easily in most of the bookstores. Not only this, a large number of websites offering a huge storehouse about the Wiccan religion have also come up. You might have also come across some information about the Wiccan religion in movies or on TV as well. Most of us are bound to come across something or the other related to the Wiccan religion in our daily lives due to its rapidly rising popularity.

A large number of people these days are accepting the beliefs and principles of the Wiccan religion, due to which it is now important to have at least some knowledge about it. Wicca is the short form for witchcraft and its practitioners are technically known as witches. However, the name ‘Wicca’ came into being in order to distinguish these practices from Satanism, consorting with demons and human sacrifice which have been associated with witchcraft till now.

Actually, witchcraft, particularly in its present form of Wicca has strong core beliefs which make it quite benign. ‘Harm None’ is the primary tenet of Wicca. This tenet specifies that acts such as sacrificing humans or other animals, or casting spiteful spells along with various other things, that other religions do not show any objection to, are totally prohibited in this religion.

Another great tenet which reinforces the benign nature of the Wiccan religion is the ‘Law of Three’. According to this law, whatever we send out in the environment comes back to us multiple thrice. According to this tenet, Wiccans do not do anything to harm others and are quite generous while carrying out positive actions. This happens mainly due to the boomerang effect explained earlier.

One more interesting thing about Wiccan religion is that it doesn’t believe that Satan exists. This belief is totally contradictory to the image that people had of Wicca in their minds. It is also believed that all supernatural forces act neutrally and it is up to the people how they use these forces – whether positively or negatively. Religious freedom is also an important tenet of Wicca. This belief comes due to the immense persecutions that the worshipers of nature have suffered from due to some religious belief or the other. Due to this religious freedom, Wiccans do not encourage evangelizing. However, they are open to sharing the religion with everyone.

Two Witchcraft Wiccan Spells You Can Do Today

You must bear in mind, while performing spells, that it isn’t the material you use but the emotions you portray, which is crucial. For example there’s a difference in saying ‘I love you’ just for the sake of it and looking a person in the eye and ‘feeling’ it when you say it. You may also want to investigate into ritual observances as they begin to take shape; nevertheless, they acquire added time, energy and resources.

To win over a rejection:

With close proximity to his or her image, formulate a wax doll. Engrave the name into the doll thrice. Now, bake the figurine over a fire. The magic lies here –with the melting of the doll, their heart will too. As it melts, recite this charm: (Name of the person) your heart shalt melt; will for thee, as this doll thaws, your heart shalt bleed. Draw closer to my shadow, and stay my heart to eternity, you cannot deny this day, and it will stay this way.

To fasten A Lover to You:

Obtain a mirror into which your love has peeped into before. Remember, don’t look into the mirror. Now, shatter it. Conceal the pieces in the soil or in an earthen pot and lay it to rest at your home. Each Friday, intersperse the mark where the mirror has been laid to rest, with a tea prepared from spikenard herb while reiterating the name of the one you love. These are just 2 spells out of the thousands available. If you are bound upon making this work, what you ought to do is to gather your emotions and direct your energy towards them. Rituals instruct you how to express that poignant energy to the preferred target whilst functioning with witchcraft wiccan spells.

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Take control of your destiny like a President

Back in February 2019, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had spells cast by a coven of witches. Their goal was to banish all enemies and empower him so he could keep leading the nation.

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Coronavirus Protection Spells

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Why do we believe in ghosts and do they exist?

Human beings believe on anything which can be seen and cannot be seen as simple as when we believe in GOD we also believe in ghost, but what we need to understand is what are ghost. Ghost has been described in the holy bible as well and that too many times and not only once, but then bible has another version of ghost known as spirits, angels and demons.

In some religion it is such believed that when a person dies then the soul or spirit of that person has to go to the heaven or hell but if for some reason the person who died has left a wish to be fulfilled then the soul of that person would remain on earth and would wait until the wish is fulfilled.

At times these souls are turned demons who live on this earth and they bring harm to human kind, it might be for some reason that when they were alive they were harmed by humans and now their spirit is harming humans. Again there are a lot of people who would for no reason believe in ghost, they would have reason for any paranormal activity that might happen around them, but even science has proven that ghost exist.

In many cases it has been found that we believe in invisible things and objects and that is why many of us believes that ghost exist and those who does not do not even believe in invisible objects, similar to aliens whom we known since we have seen UFO and that is why we believe that aliens exists similarly many those who have encountered paranormal activities which even at times science cannot explain, believes that ghost exist.

Even the holy bible has verses which are used for exorcism and it is such said that ghosts are demons and bible has verses to cast away demons from someone. Does ghost exist or not is a debatable topic with no end to it, but from an eye of a believer ghost exists and that from an eye of a non-believer ghost does not exist.

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past life

Past life regression

If you fear something and do not know the reason of fear, if you see a dream which is repetitive and you do not know why you get such a dream again and again, if you think that something which is happening to you has happened to you before but you cannot find out when and where and why then you are living in your past life. Past life regression is a technique which uses methods like hypnotism to understand the pain that a person might have gone through in his or her past life and then give that person a relief by providing some remedy.

In past life regression technique the patient is first hypnotized and then a series of questions are asked to the patient, while the questions are followed the patient is ask to look back before his or her birth and see what he or she was, in most of the cases it has been found that most of the patients come up with a new identity when they look beyond their birth, they come up with a new name and a new identity, it is at times also associated that the pain they went through in their past life or deeds which were incomplete in their past life are giving them pain in their present life.

Psychiatrist and others who practices hypnotism uses these methods to give relief to the patient by understanding the pain the patient had gone through in his or her past life and then devising a remedy for the same in the present life. Though the description of past life regression longs back from ancient time but in the modern era it has lot of uses.

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Living past lives

Do you believe in past life? Do you believe that you have grown up, lived, worked in a life which is totally different from what you are living now? If so then it can be true, since when our body dies the soul takes a new body and there is a new life after death. It is not necessary that you were born as a human being in your past life or present life or be born as a human being in your future life, you might be from some other racial species as well, might be a dog, cat, fish or bird.

In our present life there are signs which reminds us of our past life, it at times gives us signs and signals and make us aware of who were we in our past life.

DÉJÀ VU – déjà vu is a condition were we think that something happened to us which in our present life did not happened, example we visit a place for the first time but feel like we have been here in the past, the place does not seem to be a new one.

WEIRD MEMORIES – at times we encounter things or remember things which are not related to us for any reason, example – we visit a building and think that we were pushed form the 20th floor of the same building but in real and present life the same never ever happened.

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES – Many times we see dreams of talking to different people or living a different form of life, which is not real with our present scenario, these are signs of our past life, to be more precise these dreams are generally recurring in nature as if they want us to remember something.

FEARS AND PHOBIAS – many of us have got fears inside us with different things like fear of height or fear from water, there is no reason for us to get fear from height or water or any other thing in our present life but still we have a fear or two from some or the other element or thing.

PASSIONS – it has been found that our passion and interest on various things also connects us from our past life, it can be that someone was born as a dog in the past life and hence in the present is a dog liver or might be someone wanted to keep a pet but was not able to keep one due to some reason in his or her past life would love to keep different kinds of pets.

AFFINITY FOR FOREIGN CULTURE – a Hindu born in India has a trend of living like an American and likes Christianity as a religion or tends more towards the same, can be signs of past life

WILD HABITS – it has been observed that many people would have habits which they cannot live without, there is no reason for the person to imbibe the same habit but still the person is into the habit of the same. This is nothing but sign of past life.

STRANGE PAINS – at times we observe that we have mysterious pains in our body, though we have not got hurt but the pain remains these pains are signs of suffering that one has went through in his or her past life.

BIRTHMARKS – Birthmarks have been publicized as indication for rebirth.

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