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Approaching Halloween and the most exciting time of year for any spell caster!

Are you casting spells on your own? Then you should plan and prepare to have the most powerful spells cast on halloween this year. It is the time of the year when the living and the spirit world are as closest and summoning spirits is easier than ever!

If you plan to contact a spell caster to cast for you, then you shouldn’t hesitate as each spell caster normally wont have more time than 5-10 casts on this special day. I know from own experience that the success rate is 100% and this is really the day you can ask for anything you want (be careful as there is no take back)!

I remember some years back when a client of mine wanted riches but wasn’t mentally prepared for what it entails and ended up being paranoid and reclusive. So ask away but be ready and stay humble and all will be fine! The Universe listens when you are true! 🙂

Have a wonderful cast on Halloween!

Blessed be,
High-Priestess Doris

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