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As many of you requested a good love spell formula, here is a strong wicca love spell:

What you need:
2 red candles
1 white candle
1 photo of the person you love
cinnamon powder
a ginger root
7 incense

It is better if you can start the spell on a friday, to take advantage of Venus' attraction.
Place the white candle on a table between the 2 red candles, with your lover's picture against the white candle.
Make a ring of cinnamon powder around the 3 candles and place the ginger root beneath the table.
Place the incense inside the ring.

Light the candles and the cinnamon powder.

Say these words: “Spirits out, spirits in, my lover feels the breathe of love”

Concentrate at least 10 minutes on all your wishes (i recommend you to prepare a list of your wishes before you start the spell)

Say the sentence again and blow the candles off. Let the incense consumes until the end.

Repeat this ceremony during 7 days, until next friday.

If you have such an opportunity, make your lover drink a tea with honey each of the 7 days.

When you are done with the 7 days ceremony, burry the ginger root.

11 replies on “A LOVE SPELL THAT WORKS”

Hi Jose,
Yes, I have tried this spell myself and it does work if you do everything correctly.
I suggest you take a look at the other topics of this blog, you could get information on how to cast your spell as good as you can.

hi doris,
just need some clarification on this u put a circle of cinnamon powder around each individual candle or one circle around all 3 candles?and also where exactly do u put the incense and do u light up all 7 sticks?m planning 2 try out this spell.

hi doris,please reply today is friday and i want to start this spell but i dont understand do i have to light the cinamon powder also..and if yes how..? wouldnt the table get burn or can i do it on the floor but then how will i keep the ginger root under it..please explain…i m very upset my husband is leaving me…please help..

no you don't have to light the cinamon powder.
dont hesitate to ask me if you need more information about this spell.


Thank you for sending a love spell. I do also have a question to ask. It says, to put your loved one pic against the white candle..Do i have to burn his pic as well or just lay it against the candle hold? Also, what kind of candle is preferable for love spells..body figure candle or any simple table candles is ok! I would like to know, how do i know, what time is venus time each day? As i live in central time zone, It is hard to figure out what moon phase time they are set up with..Could you please advise me ASAP. I truly appreciate all your help..If it works, I will surely write you back with updates! Thank you!

well i just want to know if u can give me or cast a spell for me about "having someone call me"??..get at me as soon as possible..thank you for your time..

much luv:someone who really needs ur help..

I don't have a photo of the one I love, he doesn't like to be photographed. Is there something else I can use?

I was interested in trying this but not to sure. Has anyone has success with this spell? If so how long did it take to work?

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