3 herbs to help you reach divinity

by High-Priestess Doris on January 8, 2019

Have you guys heard about herbalism if not then please read this article to get an idea on what is herbalism and how herbs can help you reach divinity. People with psychic abilities always look for herbs which can help them reach divinity. Herbs are used for medicine purpose but they also have magical values.

Some herbs like thyme, yarrow and bay can help you find on how someone is if you use these 3 herbs together and were it in a talisman and then meditate. It would help you reach a level of spirituality were you can see a person and the state the person is in by sitting far away from that person. Herb magic can even bring love into your life and can also lift any curse or hex you are in, there are so many herbs with different magical values in each of them, like you can bath in mimosa flower and sprinkle red pepper around your house if you think you are a victim of a curse or hex.

It would completely depend on you on what are the herbs you would choose to reach your divinity, you need to use different herbs and see for yourself on which are the herbs that suits you more. You would also need a handbook or a guide to understand the different values and effects of different herbs.

High-Priestess Doris

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