wishing to get out of my marriage relationship pls help

My wife is a good woman. I was the one who fall out of love. I need help to get out of this relationship coz I felt like I’m in a box and can't get out! I want her to be happy also; so I wish that she well stop loving me and will find a new lover. I wish that we could both move on with our lives. We are married for 7 years but I don't feel full field. Something was missing 'til I found this wonderful woman. I admit that I felt the attraction instantly; I could go on with a double life but it seems unfair to my wife also. On this regard, I really wish that my wife will stop loving me and have her own life as well; I am hesitant to tell her what's going on coz she have a tendency to overreact to things and I don't want her to harm herself too. We are married but we don't have children. Pls help me to get out of this situation. I wish so much to get out of my marriage and focus on my new life and happiness. I do not want to sleep with her anymore. I want to sleep with whom I think is the love of my life, Jenny is so different… Laying to her is killing me, I told her last week that I already spoke with my wife and I did not. I tried but she started to cry so I told her to take time to think and see where life would take us, I feel pity for her because she was a great spouse, woman and mother of our kids. She was faithful and I wish her only the best, I just need her to fall in love with another man so I can get out of my marriage and we both can be happy, she deserved better than me. She deserves a man who loves her for good and for real. I am here living like in a movie at home and then for me real life is when I have time to see my true lover.

I wish my life was simpler, but it is not for now. I am not strong enough to tell her that I need to move on! I think about it every day and night and I can not do it, I need help from destiny, I want HER to tell me that she feel in love with another person or that she does not love me anymore, anything is fine for me as song as she can be happy without me.

Wishing to get out of this relationship has been my priority the last months and I hope to get my goal soon, because at this point, make me feel dead inside. I need to start a new life knowing that she is happy and giving Jenny the time she deserves. Which is all and all my energy too. I love her so much.

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