Wishing Well 2023 - Sharing more of your desires

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Wishing Well 2023

2023 is a year all of us will remember. Pandemic, quarantien, canceled trips and events. Facemasks and social distance. It's no wonder more of us find time to contemplate our lives and what is really important to us. Here are wishes sent in 2023:


Best regards,
High-Priestess Doris

  • 3 Wishes Spell thanks
    I found a wishing spell on the website that I recently casted. This spell requires that I post the spell and annouce my thanks to the guardian angels for hearing my plea and giving me their blessings.
  • My First Love
    well i still havent found a spell that can help me forget so if you know one contact me. im not sure what wishing well is about but i think its about people expressing their feelings to others so that ,you know, their dream might come true.
  • A Wish To Reverse A Legal Injustice : Falsely Accused of Child Molestation
    Someone that I am living with was falsely accused of a sex-crime against a child and it IS a false accusation.
  • A wish upon a star
    I know you have already cast the spell and it may be to late to cast another one, but I beg of you, I have changed my mind about one of the spells, the love spell.
  • Want my husband to stop the divorce and come back to me
    My husband had left me last oct 1, 2019 and he filed for divorce. I love him so much. I lost a lot of sleeps and lost weight. I cried so much for him to come back but he is determined for the divorce.
  • Boyfirend Grounded
    I have this boyfirend who has been grounded snice march 15. Daniel is his name.
  • Bring my Husband Back to Me
    I don't believe he is gay but confused about what he is feeling. We have an amazing marriage for at least 15 of the 22 years we have been together.
  • Clarity, strength, confidence and ambition
    I have a wish to become a legendary j-rock bassist. Me and my friend have set up all the plans for it, and I've even picked out a bass [well, I was supposed to get a bass already, but. Oh well, never mind.
  • Without him Time stands still
    v. of 2018 this guy and I dated. He was born in 1988 and is an Aries and I was born in 1989 and I am a virgo. From the moment I met him I fell deep in love with him.
  • I really like 2 guys
    I liked this one guy since when I was a freshmen. I don't think he really cared for me. If you guessed, I'm talking about one of my teachers that I had 4 years in a row.
  • Confused love I need him to be happy And I think thats with me
    I met him more than three years ago. His name is well, I call him Kiro. It was love at first sight.
  • Contacting long lost friend(s)
    I haven't written here for a few months, but am again asking for help. About 10 yrs ago, I was seeing a younger man whom I ended up being engaged to.
  • Want to see life is worth living
    My life's never been nice indeed grieved and dark. Falling and standing a tiring circulation. Things must change. I have to gain rewarding results in return for my efforts.
  • I just feel so sad and empty
    its been 2 week since my boyfriend take a break with me. at first we are still like a boyfriend girfriend relationship, he said to me that he was just taking a break in our relationship coz...
  • Desperate for help. My boyfriend left me for someone he just met and I'm in such pain.
    The request I made for having a spell cast when I signed up for the newsletter. After looking more over the site, it seemed like I'd have an improved chance of it coming true if I had all of the help I can get so, if I may ask, please take the time to read and understand it and please, if anyone can help me, please do.
  • For My Heart I Love You Beyond All Messure
    My name is Laurel and Im a mess for a man named Walter. He is tall with green eyes and brown curly hair. When I first met him I knew he was special and that I wanted him in my life.
  • He needs to give me a try
    We are both married and he is 10 years younger than me. We get along so well and the sparks are undeniable. I am ready to leave my marriage. He is ready to but afraid to.
  • Help Me Win Him Back Please
    In last September. We fell in love with each other over the span of the following weeks. But, there's a hitch. He still feels confused about me or his ex.
  • Will It Ever End
    6 years old. 4 years ago, a man who I was going to start a business with stole every penny I had to get started with, $65,000. It left my elderly mother and myself homeless and staying with whoever would take us in.
  • help me
    hi, i have so many wishes that it hard to chose. but i really need help with to very important situations: love and money.
  • Wish for a happy ending to a tragic love story
    is not completely for me, this is for a man that I care about and was romantically involved with on and off for over 2 years. It has been almost a year since we were romantically involved.
  • Help my mom Please
    My mom is a wonderful person, bright, caring, funny, loving, and kind. She keeps running into really horrible situations.
  • Wishes come true
    . I wish to get in the mail 13 envelopes with $5,000 cash in each

    2. I wish to get a call stating I am allowed to go back in the Army and I get station of choice
  • Hi everyone I needed to ask I need help
    Can somebody here help me know how it is the woman I love? My Jen I miss her so much It has been so painful seen her go seeing her leaving me...
  • HOME
    I wish for a 3 bedroom 1 bath approx 1200 sq ft with a fenced-in back yard and garage for approx 65k.
  • How I Must Stop My Divorce
    How To Stop My Divorce First, if you were the one who made the decision to end the marriage and now you wonder, how can I stop my divorce?
  • Want my ex back in my life
    Me and sam dated for about 6 months, and then he lost interest in me, and got back with his girlfriend in india. me and sam live in the US, and his girlfriend Pi banerjee lives in india.
  • I don't want to lose my partner
    Hi. I'm 24yrs of age, have been in a relationship with my partner, for 8mnths, and she has fallen pregnant. She is 9 weeks on.
  • My wish for lifetime partner and happiness
    that everything happens for a reason that is why no matter how hard it is, I have to accept that my lover whom i love most has already left and happy in the arms of another woman.
  • I just want to be happy with my ex bf again all the negative intereference caused him to leave
    well me and my byfriend were together for 3 1/2 years and we were happy. He said he wanted to get married and have children.
  • I Miss And Love Him and Need Him To Come back to Me
    My situation is so tiring but I love him. My boyfriend has a hot temper so when he gets upset he says some pretty harsh things.
  • To change the negative energies and bring love
    I have had nothing, but the worst of energies around me lately. My life has run in a series of negative circles, and it is time to change.
  • I miss my friend Jason
    Jason and I have known each other for quite sometime. We don't talk much, but usually in the past when we did he was quite responsive and happy to see me.
  • I need Help in My Love LIFE its falling Apart
    I have been with this guy for 2 yrs. we have a 6 month old daughter together.
  • I need him back so bad
    We were together for so long and share a wonderful daughter. then we seperated for a couple of months because I felt that he was not that into me anymore so i figured...
  • I need the love of my life back
    I have lost the love of my life and friend of 9 years. He's been in a very unhappy marriage for years and we had a very intense fling...
  • i want him back with my whole heart
    and my ex lover to express his love for me again. I want his negative mindset about me to change ...
  • We have been together for five months and it has been the happiest time of my life, I honestly believe we are soul mates..
  • i want to be happy
    soul mate the one person you know was ment for you well i found him and we are ment for each other i love him so much my heart hurts, we have known
  • I want to have my FREEDOM
    I am been suffering since I was a child because of loneliness.I am a very friendly person.I love to party and do fun things.
  • I wish for happiness
    just wish for peace and acceptance of disabled individuals and that people recognise their humanity and the right to a quality of life regardless of their behaviours. wish for peace and understanding and appreciation be nice too
  • To become finally happy
    I have been in an unhappy marriage for many years. We have 3 children so I dont feel its possible to end this - dont have the strength.
  • I wish for the man I love and says loves me to commit to me 100
    For 7 months I have been seeing a man who started as an internet friend and a bit of fun. In a very short time we fell in love and we have such happy times together.
  • I wish, I wish
    I have lost a lot of weight in the past. I've kept it off for years and plan to keep it off, it's no biggie.
  • All I want Is some peace of mind
    Continuing on, what i mean in he does not believe in privacy is that i am not allowed to be alone for more than 15 minutes with ought him checking up on me.
  • My Heart aches and I long to be back together
    This was my first love- we dated in HS and he was the first man I was ever with-we parted ways and then 20 years later we reconnected at our reunion.
  • I wish the man I love
    I wish the man I love would stop letting others get in the way of our being together even if it's only as friends. A year ago I was on top of the world due to finally feeling truely happy for the 1st time since I was a teenager.
  • Lost love
    I have been in love with the same man for 2 years. It has been obvious to me from the start that we are meant to be together forever. We are soul mates, there is no one else out there for either of us, we are the two that belong together.
  • Lost my Soulmate
    As a child I was greatly connected to my psychic side and had many dreams of the future, or atleast snippets of something. In quite a few I saw the face of the young man [Chris] that I'm in love with.
  • Lost Soulmate
    My soulmate has driven himself from me and is opening himself up to darkness. He has pushed everyone away so he wont hurt them.
  • This is my wish so mode it be
    I am just learning the power of Witchcraft and what a positive influence it can have in my life, at 49years, although I have always had an interest I have never explored the avenues as I have now.
  • Love for my dying heart
    We had been in love for a long time. He even proposed marriage to me but soon enough within a span of 15 days he said that we had to break up. I was given no explanation and he simply stopped talking to me.
  • Love is all i need
    I have been loving this young married woman who is also a mother of 2 kids. Her husband doesnt treat her well and i reallve and care a lot about her and kids.
  • Love Spells
    His D.o.b is 4/1/63 and mine is 12/10/65, I was seeing this man for 19 months, We have the most amazing relationship, We connceted on all levels. Ive now had to write this 3 times and its long and im scared i will get it all wrote out again and it wont do me no good.
  • Make a wish
    get a ensensce and a white candle. you can get a bowl of warm water not hot then take a quarter and hold it over the candle so it becomes hot(dont burn it)
  • make her pack her bags and go now
    Things between me and HR have become much much stronger. Our relationship/his relationship with the children is going from strength to strength- He has started to get our house in order.
  • Music miracle luck spell
    I call upon the quarters; Earth, air, fire and water, And spirit to heed my call.
  • My Brother
    I have an older brother who's always annoying me for no reason. He often thinks that he's so perfect in playing chords, having the perfect pitch, while criticizing that I have no ability and talent in music.
  • My Dream/Wish
    I've been told and have read about balance in the universe and have seen Jimmy and Linda together.this is truly an unbalanced pair.
  • They need to go there seperate ways
    She is disrupting our relationship because she does not want us to be together she has tried everything to stop even sleeping with him when she went back home to India and he followed her as his son had been sick.
  • Open his eyes
    I have a desire to have the man I love to come back to me he is going through some tough times but he will not talk to me or confide in me we were really good.
  • Please bring him back to me
    I have a desire to have the man I love to come back to me he is going through some tough times but he will not talk to me or confide in me we were really good.
    I am Linda, and would like spiritual help to reconcile with my former real estate teacher, SUSAN. I have had several psychic readings. Some psychics have said positive things, and others have not, but i'm beyond that point now.
  • Please help anyone
    i was seeing him for 19 months, He hasnt spoen to me in 6 months. i trueely love this man very much, I really would like to know what happen to us
  • Please help me -I don't know who's harassing me- Make it stop
    I desperately need your help. My retarded ex-boyfriend has been spreading nothing but horrible lies about me (lies which even I'm surprised to hear
  • The connection
    Chris worked by my house and had wanted to ask me out but I was with someone so I never spoke to him. About 3 months after my relationship ended...
  • The love I have for Antwon
    won and he doesn't love me at all
    he acts like he doesn't want to talk on the phone with me or even see me.
  • Please let us come together, wishing well!
    He always left me. Even when he was in this city. He always ran away from my love. I feel hurt, yes.
  • Please open his heart again
    one that resonates with me in a way that shakes me.there's this deep feeling that resonates between us, and I'm wondering if I have actually found my twin flame.
  • Please please please make her leave
    I have to say he is much more active getting things done in our house and taking a huge interest in the children. We are a family unit.
  • Return of his love
    I love him so strongly and need him back to my life. He hurt me and I hurt him back. I want so much we both be able to forget all bad things that were between us, put them behind and forgive each other. He is far away from me now, in his native country, with his family and his friends.
  • She still hasnt caught that plane
    She needs to leave and go back to her home country without the child - Clearly this arranged marriage was not meant to be.
  • She is still around
    Im nearly there and she is toohttps://spells4free.netJust about had enough though.Me and my other half ( H.R) are very happy together and want to get on with the rest of our happy life together but his wife.
  • She must leave now and I hope im pregnant
    She is taking a really long time to leave she needs to go She is not going , not because she loves him.she does not.
  • The only One I want or need
    I met a man from Europe over two years ago we have been in constant contact ever since. I fell in love with him and cant get him out of my mind and heart alas he is involved with someone else.
  • soul mate
    I have met a soul mate.I wish for us to get back together. When we are together I feel the world is complete.
  • Still struggling - Get this women out of his life immediatey
    Posted on here a few times - (Same Issue) - But I have to say its def had a positive effect on my relationship with what appears to be my soul mate.
  • My Wish Will Come True
    I run a small business in my home town. Currently, everything is just enough, not much extra. I have 3 workers, and they are not wealthy either. By next year, I want my business to BLOOM to the extend that everyone under me will enjoy a GOOD and WEALTHY life.
  • Life will be good
    Three years ago my family and I embarked on a life change. At the time we were the best family in the world. Loving, caring and happy.

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