wish to win lotto with spells

Winning the lottery can be a dream, but only if you actually win the Powerball lottery, for example. Although you're seriously stacked against the odds, the fact is that some people win at some point and usually have no idea what to do after that.

I am not like millions of people that buy lottery tickets every week, but they don't expect to win anything back, it's just a game for them. I need to win, I am tired of being poor. I have 2 children to feed and a wonderful wife that deserves only the best.

I asked already 2 loans to pay my mortgage and school for the kids but they are finished and now I canīt pay them… The bank already called me to say that I have to fix the situation as soon as possible or they will take my house. The house were we life with my wife and kinds, they were born here, we live here since we get married. I canīt imagine losing my home. And where are we going to go? She does not have family, I have my parents but they live 5 hours form Los Angeles and the are living in a very small apartment of 30 meters square.

I am devastated. I donīt know what to do with my life, our life, because they depend on me. My wife is so sad that she cries all day, only looks quiet good when my kids come back from school but when they go to sleep she starts crying again.

I canīt face to tell them, I donīt have a heart because mine is broken. What would I say: “Ok guys, the bank will take our home and we donīt have a place to live unless your father find a way to get big money in less than 90 days…” My God, that will just ruin their life! My younger son is 4 and Mike is 12. I can't buy them clothes so my friends help me giving me the clothes that their children do not use anymore. We wash all and then with even sometimes simulate it is brand new and give to them as a present. I am tired of being poor. I need to win the Lotto, Powerball, Lottery or something fast. I want to buy new toys and clothes for them, not the old ones that my friends do not use a

nymore. I did not take out my wife for dinner in the last 3 years. Never, not even for our anniversary because we canīt afford the Restaurant or nanny. My life is so sad. I need help I need money fast.

I believe in God, I think something better is waiting for us, I just can find the way out of this situation, even if I pray every night. I hope all get fixed soon. My wife and kids deserve it. I dream about a good life, not necessary to be rich, just enough money to leave in peace paying my debts, it is not so much to ask, right? Spells to win the lottry should help me fast, right?

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