where to begin

He doesn't acknowledge me as his lover or for any of my work as his partner. I want to be acknowledged in all areas & more $$$! I deserve it! He doesn't seem to be concerned with my business and is negative. I feel he really is trying to sabotage my business so I'll be there for his. He can't do what I do. Without me his business will fail. He knows since I left him once before-he couldn't do it. If he wants me all to himself then he needs to take care of me in all areas. 

I'm also worn out with all the comments about when he's going to marry me I do everything for him a wife would do & more. I wish he would acknowledge me as a person, his lover, his wife and take care me as I deserve to be cared for. I wish he would realize I put my heart and soul into his life ventures, yet I have my own business I'm trying to build, my own goals. I'd like to share my business with him. I can still be there for him & have my business. It would sooo much better for both of us if things weren't one sided, all about him. I wish he would open his eyes and see, feel realize how fortunate he really is and how great it would be if he just stopped being so selfish.

Ten years together and he do not even propose, he told me we would get married after we split for some time a few years ago, now I realize that he did it to get me back, but then he never proposed. Oh Lord, where do I begin. Even if I am in love and love him (do not know why) I feel depress with the situation, not being acknowledged is painful. Working so hard in all aspects of life and feel that you did it for nothing is so sad. I do not want to feel like this anymore, I want him to change and start building a healthy couple and family with me, where he and I can have space for our own goals without feeling envy or trying to manipulate everything to destroy others dream. I know he is the love of my life, the one, but he is not a child anymore, he needs to grow up soon or he will lose me, I feel it in my heart.

I tried a spell caster when we broke up a few years ago and it perfectly worked but I was thinking all this time that I want him to grow up from his own energy and not because I hire a person to help him… that is why until now I never ordered a spell for this situation. At this point I must admit that I am thinking about a spell very seriously, but first I will try with this wish list and I really hope that God responds to us.

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