what i need

What I need is to find a job fast that makes me happy and allows me to pay our bills. I am 30 years old, I am a teacher for primary school and I move from Minnesota to New York because of my husband. He had got a new job, better paid and we wanted also to give our children a better life. I did not work the last 7 years, since I have my first kid, because we did not need it and I wanted to focus on my kids. But now that we are living here, everything is more expensive but also I feel ready to start working again. The problem is that as I didn´t work the last seven years, it is very difficult now to get the chance to start working again. What I need is the chance to show any school how good I am teaching. Kids always love me a lot and I know to have fun with them. I used to be the favorite teacher in the school.
And I know I can be that woman again, what I need is the opportunity.
If I get a job I will also help my husband and we will live better, we will have great holydays and everything will be easier. He agreed and supported me 100 percent with my decision.

Having a new job will also bring some fresh air in my life, I work since I was 18. I always did both things: studding and working, normally in fast food laces like Mc Donald’s, because that wasn´t so many hours. It was hard but I could help my family too.

Andrew and I met in 2010, love came immediately to our hearts, and we feel in love instantly and started dating. He is a good man, a family man that always respect and he was very respectful with me too. We both come from a hard worker family and know the value of working or having a good job. We take care of each other family and also we take care of our self-goals, health and wealth.

What I need is to find a new job that will not only help us win more money to have a better life, but also to give me pleasure, teaching is something I always love and I was born to do it, that is why I feel so confidence about the way I do it, I know I am a great teacher, I just need the opportunity to show the city the good things I can do for their children.

I am happy and glad about my life, since I ordered a spell for luck about 3 years ago, my life changed so much, everything started to come easier and good things flow. What I need is to get this job to complete my happiness. Once I get it I will feel so good that I will be even a better mother and wife, I promise, I just need this little push.

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