want love.

My wish for the well is for Love. There is someone I am interested in, her initials are LS. I have known her for a while, and I really like her and believe that we could be good together. I keep getting mixed signals, as if she is confused, or maybe she just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, I don't know. There is an age difference but we are both adults, so that shouldn't matter. I do not wish to force her to love me, just for her to give me a chance. I wish she would open herself up to the possibility. I think about her all the time. So that is my wish for the well, my dream and my desire. I have been alone for the last 4 years, I think it is enough and now I want love, I want to receive, give and share love with a good woman, which is why I have been thinking about her.

Ask her out will be my next step, but I feel so nervous. It doesn’t even have to be as a date if I don’t want that extra pressure, maybe it is better just to do something casual. She will know what it is when it’s all happening anyway.

I will just ask her if she wants to catch up with me on the weekend, or after work. I will tell her that I am happy to shout lunch because I am feeling generous, and I will ask her if she has anything she’d like to do. I will make plans as to where we are gonna go in case she says yes.

I hope I can share my life with the girl I want to be mine. Be close with her, I am in love with her, she is so nice and comprehensive, if a woman is a good friend then cshould be the perfect girlfriend, this is what I think now. I promise I won't try to hold her hand or anything, but I will begin to break the personal space barrier we have at the moment. Maybe standing just a little closer than we usually do. I will hug her when she is leaving after spending the whole day together. I want to take her to the cinema and maybe a casual early dinner when when finish seeing the movie. I have been feeling lonly I Want love in my life and she is perfect. Hopefully after the casual date she will realize that we are great together. I never felt comfortable doing magic or spells like many friends I have, so I will try using my personality. We normally laugh a lot and she loves that, and she always ask my opinion before doing important things, because she trust me. I have a good feeling but I am scared, I must admit, so I am here asking for help because I want love in my life, the good one.

Thanks for listening. /p>

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