want a dream to come true

Hi. please help me in making my dream a reality. I really want it to be come true. I always and all the time think about it. In day light or at dark night I always dream to be slim with hairless and fair body fine thin eyebrows no pimples no scars no marks and no unwanted hair on my face extremely beautiful friendly helping a very good girl and sexy brown hairs I want to be rich. A very famous and popular girl in my city. Every one whether a boy or a girl every one wants to be my friend. Please help in making my dream a reality and also please give me that spell in which I don't need something much. Because I can't buy anything. Do it as soon as possible and also whatever spell you will give me should work out in less den two or three days please help me please I would really really really thankful to you  god will help you. 

I feel fat. It’s become a reliable refrain in my friendships with people who are smaller than I am.  And as a US size 28, many people are smaller than me.  

But when friends who don’t wear plus sizes tell me they “feel fat,” I find myself deeply exhausted. I know that I am expected to reassure them that they have escaped the terrible fate of having a body like mine. After all, I don’t feel fat, I am fat. No, fat is not a feeling. Having scars and being short is not something that I imagine, this is what I a and I don´t like it. I wish I would be like the girs in the magazine, whay can not be me! Who decided that! To be happy I want my dream come true, I want to go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow being and feeling like another person, a nice person with great body, beautiful skin, no scars, taller, thinner, and beautiful breat.

My legs will be long and beautiful too! I would love to wear short skirts… I want my nose to be nicer too, smaller, and my lips bigger, and no hear in my face more that eyebrows of course.

Nobody wants to be a monster… neither do I. I wish my dream to come true NOW, I need it, I need your help to feel fine, to be happy. I tried working out with a friend who is a certified personal trainer but found it to be too hard on my knees especially since I was over weight. She says that it takes time, but I don´t want to wait longer, I don´t have the energy to do all that way of months to get that, maybe years. I want to live like I always dream now. So my wish is to be rich and have the body I always dream about. Help me please! THANK-YOU!!

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