to lose 30 pounds

I wish I lost 30 pounds to gain more confidence in myself and have more of a social life. My best friend recommended me to get connected with others who are in the same boat. People whom are fighting to lose weigh…

Sharing and bonding over a common interest does a lot to boost motivation. Not that I can't do it alone, but it's always fun to have others by my side with similar goals. Anyway, I have been trying the last 3 weeks and didn't lose not even one pound… I feel sad and not motivated at all now. Even if I did not eat exaggerated portions at meal-time, and started to go to the gym 3 times a week, it is not working yet. I feel I should lose at least 2-3 pounds already.

I know It's a process that takes time but I need to lose 30 pounds. I don't want to be the fat girl anymore. I am taking the first step and each day following focus on that day's step… I am doing a big effort here, the biggest of my life I must admit. It is so hard to start the process of losing weight, but once you put yourself on diet you feel amazing, even if now I am sad because it is not working I know I will soon find something that will work. Even if I have to order a weight loss spell like my friend did, with great results I must admit. I used to feel attached to food, eating always made me feel better, but not anymore, I want to change, I need to change, to lose 30 pounds. I am very clear about the way I want to see myself! I just need to achieve one goal to feel great and have the energy to move to the next one. I want to walk 1 mile a day. I want to make more food at home, all healthy and sugar free and my secret is to go to sleep earlier to avoid late night snacking.

I read that if you decided you want to walk a mile a day for a month, and you do that, it will probably become a habit after a month. I never go out, not even birthday parties, because I don't know what to wear and I always see myself ridiculous wearing dresses or jeans, I always look fat, I hope that because everyone look at me with pity or talking about how bad I look with the outfit. Most of people is evil when they see fat people, it is like they think we enjoy eating a lot or being like this. We are suffering here, please noticed and realize that fat people don't feel good with their bodies. Have some mercy. We deserve it, and in many cases the overweight is because of an illness… but no one care about thinking about this possibility.

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