some help

What happened recently but over the last year we seem to attract negative energy. It seems that we never get a break and things are just piling up on us. I think if we could find some work that it would help but really I guess I just don’t know how to state it. The world is kicking my butt and I need strength and a way ahead. I’m going to college again but I will not be able to continue of our outlook doesn’t change soon. Ty for the wish, James Lombard.

I know everyone’s life is tough at times. I need to step back and not overthink everything I do, but how can I do that if everuything is falling appart, even my college situation. I love colege and I want to finish it to go to the University in Boston. At the moment I try to walk and be outside every day, I can't do much physical trinning because I am too fat, I need also to lose weigh, but that is another problem that I can not take care right now. I need to address one thing at a time.

If I could do a spell and erase my problems, that could be the biggest dream. I know that if I start feeling positive about myself I will get stronger and will be able to make my life work… I don't want to give up even if life can be very messy sometimes. I need some help, but my friends are so busy with their life, I had been trying to meet at least one of them to talk, but they are always doing other staff.

Happy are those who have a friend whose shoulder they can cry on, well I don't I only have a priest when I go to church on Sunday. I wonder why I don't have friends, if I did something wrong to them, they never told me anything about it. Maybe I should pursue new activities to meet new people, but I don't have the money because I lost my job 4 months ago, so my finances are a mess also. I need some help here.

I will start taking time out to determine what my life means to me, what are my dreams, I wish I could know what I like most in like, I never have time to think abot it because I am always trying to fix a different mess. I need to decide what I want to do with my life, and begin to take steps to get that. I wish to get some help here, it is too much to do it alone. Can anybody help me wishing me luck? I promise I will go to the opposite way of trouble. Once my life is on track I will be for ever gratefull, I will start losing weigh, trainnig and taking care of all the things I achieve… I just need some help.

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